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Here's a question;;;;;;How do seventh day adventist view the pope's visit to the usa and what are the benefits if there are any?

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The carnal mind will view the Pope's visit as a "good thing" but the spiritual mind will see last day signs playing out. It will be difficult to envisage any benefits where end time events are concerned but I do know that the book The Great Controversy is a must for every Christian moreso those who are Seventh-day Adventist Christians since it entails a lot of food for thought in these last days. The Pope's visit is just a fulfilment of Revelation 13, Daniel 7 & Chapter 25 titled "America in Prophecy" in the book The Great Controvery. It behoves us to look up for our redemption is drawing near.
I agree that this visit by the pope is part of prophecy being fulfilled. Things are happening that will begin the final events in this world. I often think of the verse that says "and the whole world marveled after the beast." The whole world is marveling about the pope right now. Christians from many different faiths look at him with a sense of awe. He is acting gentle now to win favor with the people. One of the things that was requested of the pope was to help the growth of Sunday worship in this country. The pope is happy to help with that. The world needs to watch and be ready. Jesus is coming soon. The signs are telling us that. Take care my friends. Watch and be ready.
Last days events are unfolding... Prophecy is fullfilling.. all we need to do is to keep focus .
This is prophecy being fulfilled my friend right before our eyes. We therefore ought to live right and share God's truth more fevently.
Good concern fellow bretheren.
I may not know what he went to do there, I may not know what he spoke about, what he ate, drank, or to whom he prayed... I may not know a thing, but one thing I know, and that is we have to watch and pray every day so that when the time comes, we may not be found unaware.
My friend,the seventh day adventist church is the last church and yes we believe strongly in prophecy.We have seen through history how God spoke to the prophets and even more so he blessed the seventh day adventist church with one so we have no excuse.God has chosen us to take the three angels message to the world and if you want to sit back and think about logic the truth will stand.Most religious organisations will not even think about touching the prophecies.We are living in serious prophecy fulfiling days and its time we take these things as a matter of life and death.
I pray that you would keep your eyes open and take a good look around you and see whats happening and so doing you would come to realize that christ is coming soon.Its not by guess you are here and theres something in REV 1:1;2 for all of us may God bless you abundantly.
Thanks for your response, Elmore. Yes, we have heard these things for years about all the signs. But if we really look at what is happening today we will see that things are changing. The frequency of these signs is increasing and becoming more intense. Like labor pains. The time is getting closer. We can not predict the time that it will happen but by watching the signs we can know that the time is near. We need to watch and be ready. If we ignore the signs we will be caught unprepared like the foolish virgins. We can not just go on with life as usual. We must attend to these signs and make our hearts ready for the struggle ahead. Each one of us will be tested. We need to make ourselves ready. Praise God that he told us ahead of time what to watch for so that we can be ready.
I agree with some of what you are saying. We should be ready always, I agree. But if you truely look at scripture, you will see that all the earth events that have happened in the past have been part of what has lead to where we are today. And each historical period can be seen in prophecy up to now. Every detail of the prophecies have been fulfilled just as predicted. The only thing left to happen is the return of Christ. Through study of prophecy we will discover that the US plays a vital role in end time events. The US is the little horn power who will work with the beast in the last days. What do we see happening today in the US that can help us see that religious and political powers are uniting? That is something we need to watch. When religious and political powers unite to enforce worship, then the end will come quickly. In the end there will only be two groups of people, those who follow Christ and those who follow the Beast. The name of your religion is not as important as what you believe. If you are following what the bible teaches then you will be prepared when the time comes. I believe we have been living in the sleeping church and now the church is beginning to wake up. We all need to wake up and be aware of what is happening in the world today. And we also need to know what the Bible is teaching us. "He who has ears let him hear."
God foresaw all this things happened forewarning His children in the Bible. Yes, like my brethren have stated, its prophecy being fulfilled. Even so, come Lord Jesus. To me, this are signs for christians to be ready and more earnest in taking the good news throughout the world as quickly as possible.


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