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God hates divorce why is it that our church to some extent allow remarriage of those divorced while Christ made it clear that remarriage of divorces is sin,can somebody out there come with proper biblical evidence that support remarriage for the divorced.

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God's ideal is for families to remain in tact and we are nearing the end time when the devil is making a havoc of the two institutions that was established during creation week, marriage and the Sabbath, but God made provision for a divorcee in that be it except for fornication, then that person is allowed to remarry. Nonetheless in our society two cannot walk together unless they agree, therefore the presence of abuse, homosexuality, death and other ills are very rampant even in our church family. It is imperative that we pray for each other so they can withstand the devil's attacks.
thanks for your kind reply may God bless you and keep, truly we need to pray earnestly since soon and very the Bridegroom is coming to we a spotless bride.
please remember you in your prayers.
i like your question and the bible clearly speaks about divorce and it is only acceptable where on partner was unfaithful to the other. a person can remarry if they were cheated upon by their partner but their partner who was unfaithful cannot remarry ..... follow the text it is found in Matthew 5:31 and 32 and read what Jesus himself says on the topic...

I cannot recall any text that mentions re-marriage, except where it says that whoever marries someone who is divorced because of adultery, commits adultery.

I agree that because of the evil of man - and woman - legal separation, and perhaps divorce is sometimes necessary. I get the impression, however, that if you chose to divorce, you were to remain unmarried.

I do not know if God sometimes permits, or arranges for some, eg. women with children, to remarry, as it would be best for the children to have good christian father-figures in the home, or maybe for economic reasons, he may choose to have one of His sons marry that daughter of His, who is really having a hard time supporting her children, to keep her from perhaps, prostituting herself.

I do not know. "His ways are past finding out."

Maybe a divorced and re-married person who reads this, can weigh in on the discussion.
The question of divorce and remarriage is by no means simple and straightforward. God created Adam and Eve to be in a bindinly, permanent male female relationship and all that that entails. With the entrance of sin this special relationship was compromised. In OT times polygamy, which we now consider to be a sin, was not pronounced sinful by God.

You will not find a single instance in all of Scriptures where polygamy is classified as a sin. If that were the case all of the OT the patriarchs, kings and other famous individuals could not have made it to heaven since they lived and died in sin from which they never repented since genuine repentance leads to a change in lifestyle. Which raises an interesting question.

How do we interpret Sciptures? Is the Bible a code book of things to be done and sins to be shunned? Is that all what it is or is it a unique manual on how to have a genuinely loving and growing relationship with God? Are we meant to take everything that the Bible says at face value and act upon them? Of course not!

When Solomon says that there is a time for everything under the sun, even a time to hate and a time to kill, does this mean we have a licence to kill? Certainly not. Elsewhere the Bible says we must not kill (Ex 20). Yet there were killings of the worst kind that went on in the OT. To grasp the full meaning of any given passage of Scripture one has to interpret it within the framework of God's character of love, justice (fairness and righteousness), and holiness.

God's ideal for His people is one-man-one-woman-becoming-one-flesh-forever. Because of sin this ideal is often broken. So God steps in. He reminds us that sin has abounded and in the same breath He declares that His Grace does much more abound. As you compare Scripture with Scripture you cannot help but come to the inevitable conclusion that God does not turn his face against those that choose to remarry after a marriage breakdown any more that He rejected our OT heroes of the faith turned polygamists starting with Abraham. He throws neither into hell.

Read the passages that describe those that will be lost and you will see exactly what I mean. A polygamist is one who has several legitimate wives living together in his household, whereas a remarried person is one who has only one legimate spouse living with them, at a time.

Do all within God's power to stay married to one person for the rest of your life but having done this, if your marriage fails and your spouse walks out on you, there is not much you can do about it. Having given yourself sufficient time to reflect upon the tragedy and repaired yourself emotionally and spiritually,pray to the Lord to help you find the right person who will keep their promise of loyalty and love until death. This process lasts on average five years. For some it can take twice that amount of time. Others never fully recover from it.

However if you leave your spouse for the flavour of the month, you need to face the music, and undergo significant spiritual discipline, and renewal in your life to repair your relationship with the Lord and with His Body the church.

In harmony with God's Word, the Church ought to never lower the standards regarding the marriage relationship and it ought to always make room for God's Grace and mercy when marriages fail followed by a wholesome remarriage in the fullness of time.

Unless I have misunderstood you my brother I seems to me we are esentially saying the same thing. God has ideals. Sin is at the root of breakdown in all manner of relationships, especially the marital ones. The way to deal with sin is to call it by its right name, to go through a process of deep soul searching, repentance, forgiveness, and newness of life in Christ. Then one can move on and start a new life with someone else. God divorced His people in OT but he "remarried" them each time they repented. Hosea is a classic case in point of God's amazing Love and Grace.


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