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Ok, in one of my groups someone brought this up & I wanted to see what people here have to say.

His question was: What interesting stuff are you planning on doing, achieving, creating, etc. after the Second Coming? What do you want to do?

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I want to hug Jesus! I picture him being a certain height & build & I also can imagine the hug. It’s like the greatest hug one can ever get from their dad or something. I also want to hang out with the animals. I want to take a nap with a lion so I can rest on their mane. They seem so snuggly. lol I want to explore space because ever since I was a child that’s been my dream. I want to meet the people on the other worlds. I want to experience a true sabbath, the way God intended.
This is one of my favorite subjects and would like to add as much of this kind of stuff as I can from another forum I have been posting to.

I love hearing what others have to say about heaven because no matter how awesome they make it sound we all know that it will be much better. That's one reason I have no problem with talking about it or making strange comments about what we might see or do.

Years ago I asked a co-worker (non-SDA) what she thought heaven would be like and her reply indicated that she did not expect heaven to be real, that is was only a metaphor. So I asked her the same question I have asked several others. Where is your favorite place on earth? Where do you like to spend your time? Her comment was that she loved waterfalls, but added that she loved the ocean.

We talked about Isa. 65 telling us that we would be building houses there and that maybe she could build a home over a waterfall that fell into the ocean. (I know that there will not be large oceans there, but there must be some kind of salt water ocean/lake.)

I get excited about talking to people about what they want to build and have gotten a few interesting ideas. One wants to build a glass dome under water so that she can watch the otters, turtles, fish, etc. Another wants a glass floor over a rose garden.

By the way, I have placed a PowerPoint presentation on www.BibleTimelines.ORG on this subject. The HTML version can be found at

Just a little food for thought tonight. I'm all ears!
Someone posted something about God and His living area in another forum. It said, "In HIS world (not a physical world but in HIS realm of existence)..." This made me start thinking about Heaven again.

People really have different ideas of what heaven will be like and what we will do there, don't they? I heard on the radio years ago that we will have stores there where we can go in and never have to pay for anything that we want. We just ask for and take whatever we want and need.

I love to grow things so I know that part of what I will be doing will be landscaping where I live. I am also into learning the untechnicial side of astronomy and plan to do a lot of traveling to other planets too. When you stop to think about how many suns there are just in our own Milky Way Galaxy (maybe 200 billion?) and how long you might want to visit on each one it will take a long time to get around. Then think about how many billions of galaxies there are with almost as many suns, or more even, and I see that I have a lot of traveling to do. (Not so sure I will have much time for gardening. ;) ) And keep in mind that we are just talking about suns (stars) here. How many planets are you wanting to visit are orbiting each sun?
Hey, is there a "group" that talks just about heaven?
Yeah it's cool to see what others' takes are on it. I wanted to make a list a long time ago about what won't be in heaven. I usually think of it after I've been in traffic or walked by someone smoking a cigarette. :P

I'm not sure if there's a group that only talks about heaven. I am in an adventist group on myspace & someone brought up the subject.
The fact that no one else has posted about this seems to indicate to me that not many people care to talk about it, so maybe a "group" is not warrented here.

I would like to know though, what is your take on what heaven will be like? You said that you want to hug Jesus. What else?

I will post this and add a second one in just a few minutes (I hope).
Here is one of my posts from June 5, 2008 placed on the other forum (

Hey! I had such an amazing thought yesterday and could not wait to share it with you all.

You know how the Bible tells us about the Tree of Life having 12 different fruits, one each month?

Revelation 22:2
In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

Well, yesterday at work a co-worker commented on how good it was to smell the lilac bushes (It was great even from a distance.) but that we probably would get tired of the smell, or would not appreciate it if it was there all the time.

It made me realize with the Tree of Life having a different fruit each month maybe there will be blooms and maybe the blooms will be a different color, a different shape and a different smell each month. And the aroma from those flowers will fill the air! I had not even thought about there being blooms at all.

Just kind of a neat thought. And to realize that our Lord can even do something like this!

He is so AWESOME!
It is amazing how one person's thoughts will create a picture in another persons head and that picture is what I would love to hear about. Please, as you read about something here or wherever and get a picture in your head, tell us about it. Even if it is just a sentence! (Can you imagine how our picture of heaven will grow?)

As an example of how one persons "stupid idea" can make a BIG difference I will share a story of something that my father told me happened during World War II. I was told that a ship had attracted a mine which was heading toward the ship and soon everyone on board would be killed if something was not done immediately. So the commander of the ship ordered everyone on deck and told them that he wanted to hear every idea that came into their heads, even if it was the most stupid thing in the world. One sailor piped up and said that they could all blow on the mine to keep it away and that was exactly what the commander needed to hear. The fire hoses were all brought out and the mine was pushed away with water.

There are no "stupid" ideas, funny maybe, but not stupid. I want to hear what everyone and anyone thinks, PLEASE!

Help us learn about our new home. It is not just a spiritual home. It's for real and is where you will live someday. Please do not spiritualize away the very truths that make it real.
There are so many people I want to meet and talk to and tell thank you! I especially want to meet Eljiah and Paul and John and Ellen White. She went through such suffering, although I am sure she will say, "Aw, think nothing of it-- heaven is cheap enough!" I know she did it for Jesus anyway, but I want her to know what her sacrifices meant to those of us who lived after her.

One thing that people will have a hard time adjusting to is time. You will be able to sit and watch an animal for a million years if you want to, because after a million million billion years, you will just be starting your life. There will be no end to the many million trillion years.

I plan to have Jesus be a personal guest in my home for as long as he'll stay. I have a thousand questions to ask him. These are just a few of the things I look forward to doing in heaven and on the new earth.
Hi quite intrestingMy no one agenda when i get there,is
a)I'ii want to see Jesus and the hands where the nails that brought my salvation bore.
b)what next Praising God in the most High
c) Singing songs of praise.
d)Meet with my new friends in the pearly gates

Wow it will be good friends plan not to miss there.
I cannot imagine what heaven will be like. A place without pain and sickness, distress and so on. A place where our Saviour lives. First of all I would like to have a long personal conversation with Jesus. I am really looking forward to meet Him. Furthermore, I want to become friends with most of the Bible heroes like Adam, Abraham, David.
Since I love flowers, I will try to blend their colours and forms and create a new one.
Have not thought about blending different flowers. Neat idea! (I'll be watching.)


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