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Ok, in one of my groups someone brought this up & I wanted to see what people here have to say.

His question was: What interesting stuff are you planning on doing, achieving, creating, etc. after the Second Coming? What do you want to do?

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Cooking???????????????I doubt seriously whether we will be cooking anything in heaven/New Earth.

What we 'cook' mainly is vegetables and we will not be eating vegetables after the Second Coming.The original diet was fruits,grains, nuts. Why would we have to cook anything that came from the Tree of Life?? 'nuff sed
You certainly wouldn't HAVE to cook. But I'd really like to know how I'm supposed to make muffins without cooking.

And why won't we eat vegetables? I thought that herbs (a.k.a. vegetables) were also part of the original diet.
I am sure that if you ask Jesus for special permission ... he will allow you to cook your muffins.
Oh, good. Pizza, too, I hope. The dining room will be as big as a stadium; I hope you can all come over sometime.
I just want to see Jesus first of all and then ALL the Prophets and Kings in the Bible. Also, I want to meet the Waldenses and thank them for standing firm for the Lord. Also the reformers (Martin Luther, and everyone else). And also Ellen G. White. Also, I want to meet all my friends here on Adventist Online. Also, my family and friends who are dead. I am looking forward to seeing them all and living forever, walking in the streets of gold.
I was in a K-Mart this last week looking for shoes and walked past a small water fountain that had little streams of water with colored LED lights shining on each little spurt. (You know, the kind of fountain you put on a shelf and plug in?) It was amazing to me to see how the light played on the water's surface.

I have been trying to understand and imagine what the River of Life will look like with light from the throne of God following it. And I imagine that there will be waterfalls and rapids that will catch the light in different ways.

Do you suppose that the "earth/rocks", that the water falls over, will be transparent as well as the streets? Light could flow through the rock and into the water as it falls and sprays. (I have always enjoyed seeing the rainbows in the spray around waterfalls anyway I guess.)
You know, something else that crossed my mind is that we all will be working for God & for ourselves. Not for other people in the sense that we all work for some company or another. It won't be like that in heaven.
It's funny I guess, but years ago I heard someone on a Christian radio program talking about heaven. They said that there would be stores of all kinds and that when we needed something we would just go in and get it. Sounded kind of like what you just said, only just the opposite.

I agree, we will not have jobs as such where we work for someone else. There will not be carpenters and plumbers. There won't be cooks and dish-washers, just people helping each other and doing whatever their hearts desire, which I see as learning more about the One who made all of heaven and life possible. I also see their (our) hearts as wanting to make others happy as well. (What that means I don't know.)

I use to think that after I have discovered something new I would love to go to another planet and tell people there what I had just learned. I suppose that while I am there I would learn something else new and be off to tell someone else what I had just learned.

Kind of like a little child in a candy or toy store for the first time, wanting to show every little thing to whomever will listen and look with them.

Can you imagine the excitement we each will have? Imagine the thrill of finding out about some special and new music that no one has ever, ever heard! Or finding a new bug or sea shell or ...

Can you imagine being able to actually walk and talk with Peter, James and John? Or King David and King Solomon (will he be there?)?
I guess I kind of see that looking at and studying the things Jesus has made, learning about Him is like looking at Him constantly, but I think I know what you mean.

Can you imagine what it would be like to visit or to live on a planet orbiting one of these suns? What would your sky be like?


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