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How many years do you think there will be till Jesus comes again? Less than 1, 1-2 years, 2-5 years or 10 plus. I think it will be in less than 2 years.

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No one knows. Why? Because God has not revealed the time. He has revealed signs so that we can know it is "soon" but none of us know how soon "soon" is. It could be several years, or it could be decades. We really do not know.

Why is that? Simply because God is not waiting for "time." Time is not of importance after 1844. What is of importance-- and what will determine when He returns-- is the spiritual condition of the church, particularly of Seventh-day Adventists.

It is dangerous to start playing the time game.

Could He come in 2 years? Certainly. But He could also come in 25 or 50.

Remember that Christ could have come back-- and was ready to come back-- about 1895. It did not happen. Why not? Because the church refused to follow God's leading.

Are we individually and as a church going all the way with Christ in our personal lives today? That is the real question. When the church has made herself ready, God will allow the prophetic events to happen. He won't until then. Remember that the church must pass through terrible, terrible trials. Are people sealed so that they cannot be moved from the truth? Something tells me not too many are. God is waiting for that to happen-- for all of us to accept the Early Rain-- so He can send the Latter Rain.
what a question.vic Jesus is coming soon and Please stop calculating time of his coming coz he said that no one knows the hour of his coming. Peter tells us that the son of man will come as a thief there fore as you dont know the time the thief cometh then be ready at any time for his coming.

Friends it will be dangerous for us if we are not ready of his coming.we might miss that beutiful journey.
'Be ready for soon the time will come to enter that golden gate'

thanks brother
I'm not putting a time on when He is coming. I'm just not putting it off for more than a year at a time. I know some people don't think he will ever come back and they are Christians. There are others who don't think he will be here for 5 years or so. With what is happening in our world today I know that it is very soon and I don't put it off any longer than a year anymore. When the year is up then it will be in the next year because we're not going to last much longer on this earth.
It's non of our business- to calculate how soon He'll be coming back. Our business is to ready ourselves for his coming!
Let's put it another way... when will you die?

Doesn't matter when Christ physically comes, on the day that you die Christ has come for you because the next thing you know will be when you are looking at Christ's return. Either His returning for the saints to take them for a millenium in heaven or His returning with the saints to recreate this world back to the paradise it was at creation. (Pray that we are all in the first resurrection when Christ returns for His saints!)

Probation will not close until everyone has had every opportunity to finally accept or reject God. Only God can know when that time is.

Whilst it can be useful and encouraging to see prophecy fulfilling and to feel the end time approaching, our concern must be that we are prepared for His return today, now.

How gracious our God is, He will not close probation on us until we have made our decisions, fully and finally.

My opinion is that Christ will return in either less than or more than 1 year.
We might never die. We could be one of those lucky ones who are still alive when he comes.
Vic forget about the time frame and concentrate on preaching the gospel and making sure that when he returns your are among them and many of your friends.
We know not the time and the hour, just be grateful for the day the Lord has given you to advance the Lord's work.

Be blessed

Hello to all who have posted to, or read this thread.

To bring this question, and it's answer, down to it's simplest form our position should to be ready every moment of every day for the unknown time of Christ return. Not just getting read for that glorious moment. If we are getting ready when Christ returns we will be too late to join Him in the Clouds of glory.

Respectfully, your brother in Christ,
Hi Vic,

I agree with you that things are happening so fast that the signs of His soon return tell us it is very, very soon. I have wondered the same thing about how soon it will be before He will return. I want to see Him, the sooner the better.

Ellen White tells us that the final events will be rapid ones. That indicates to me that if we try to understand what is happening around us in terms of how long it takes for this and that to actually happen we will be totally surprised by the speed of things. I think that is why Jesus told us to watch for these signs and be ready all the time. I understand that you are not wanting, or trying, to know the "day or the hour", but I agree with you that it will be very soon.

With that having been said, I have also counseled others much the same way we have been counseled here, to be ready at any time, because if we die it will be the same as if Jesus had come that very instant. What is going on in our hearts, the attitude we have toward Jesus and His ways, is what matters. Doc is right, be ready all the time.

Continue to trust Him my friends.
Proverbs 3:6
In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.
I wanted to weigh in on this discussion, but you know what? You guys have covered all the bases! Excellent answers.

We should not be obsessed with when. We know it's soon because the gospel is being preached in all the world, via satellite. Jesus is coming soon. Or, our death can be in the next second. The things we need to do, are, get ready and help others get ready.
When He comes is not critical, as one of us already stated it will be soon and very soon. I think what Gods really wants us to focus our attention on is not on the time but in the preparation. Are you doing He will ? if His will is being done in your life here on earth as it is in Heaven, then time is not of essence. A God filled life here on earth will hasten His return as we will help accomplish his work. A Holy Spirit filled person will take a step into the fiery furnance as Daniel and his friends did, for in the time of trouble we have to be prepared for this.
Vic, you asked a valid question. My answer is 2013. As the Bible, says, "No man knows the day or the hour" but it doesn't say anything about the year. The closer we get to the second coming, I believe it will become ever more apparent, to those who are paying attention, how much time we actually have left. Of course, the exact time will be revealed to the righteous during the time of trouble, but until then, the only way to know for sure is to wait.

I don't believe that God is going to continue to wait for His people to get the job done. There have been at least two windows of opportunity during which Sister White says He would have returned, but for the lack of work by the church and/or unwillingness to follow His will. It's human nature to procrastinate and God certainly knows this. That's why it's going to take a lot of bad things happening in nature as well as economic and socio-political nightmares in order to open our eyes and see that the time is short and there's so much left to do. That's when the latter rain kicks in.

One of the reasons I picked 2013 is the increasing level of hype surrounding December 21, 2012. I believe that something drastic is going to occur on or soon after that date, quite possibly Satan manifesting himself as Christ. Whenever that happens, the time is very short. Personally, I wish He would return now, but there's still a lot of things, chronologically speaking, that have to be fulfilled before that can take place.


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