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UnAnswered Prayers: would God give a 'NO' answer to some of our petetions and prayers?

God said: " whatever your heart desires, ask with all your heart and if you have faith, believe that it shall be given ",... but there are some prayers that are seem left unanswered!!..or maybe God have allready given the answer..and the answer is no!, but we just refuse to see and accept it?..will ever God Say 'NO' to some of our petetion and request?

Glad if you can contirbute your ideas..thanks and God bless!!

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Yes mah friend Mark. THe Lord sometimes says NO to our prayers. It is true that we are blinded by what we aspire that we tend not to hear what God is telling us. I've been through that. An answered NO to my prayer yet I still continue on things I want to do. But I have no regrets. I've learned so much from that experience. I guess it was meant to happen after all. So I still praise God for letting me experience such! But Im not telling u that we must refuse to accept a NO answer to our prayers.hehehe But we have to face the consequences if we want our own way. Rest assured He will still be there to help us.. Just know the lyrics of the song "Jesus will still be there". Know that? we will be singing that in ur church..hehehe wait till u hear it. God bless
Thanks Iv's!
I can't wait to hear that song..hehehe...
beautifull points bytheway..
I say this because I don't know how God actually see things before He makes a decision.

I think His answer is always a Yes. Why? Because, as Jesus said in His prayer 2000 years ago "not My will but Thine wilt be", we always use that in our prayer. But may be (just may be) because we are lack of faith, we see it as a NO. Reason? We see the Yes answer not in a way we want to see the YES to come.

Just an opinion


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