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.. is same faith REALLY matters?why just simply fall in-love to anybody without minding his/her religion?

your point of view is deeply appreciated, thanx.

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Why? Because we have the sabbath in common? what about the rest?


Being equally yoked just doesnt mean religion can still be of the same faith and be unequally yoked in your differences.   

Proverbs 1


The weak part of your post is the part where you wrote: "I don't think."  "I think." 


It really makes no difference what you, I or any other human thinks on the subject, it is what has God said?  When we set what God says aside with a: "I don't think," that is about as truthful of a statement that one can make.  For to go contrary to what God has said is the epitiomy of not thinking.


The voice of experience.


Maranatha :)

You may see it as unfair but God says in 2 Cor 6:14 tha we should not be equally yoked with unbelievers as it only causes more devision. hence we have a high rate if divorces and painful relationships. if you are dating or marrying a catholic for example do not expect a miracle of him/her changing to Adventist's beliefs after marriage be it sooner or later. your children grow under an umbrella of confusion. you go to church on Sabbath and he sometimes don't, or he keeps his sabbath half day when you keep the whole day. you have engagements of parties, weddings, funerals, etc. to attend on the Lord's Sabbath what do you do or say? do you let him go on his own as if he's not yoked? are you not causing problems for yourself even more by him being vulnerable of wantign his partner by his side? now if you are married to an adventist whom you may have found already a believer whether in a small or big way chances are he's sure to find his way back home (to God) when he gets derailed. we are human and sinners by birth so no one is perfect mroe especially in the adventist family. may God bless you in the decision you shall make.
Like SAmson, who chooses to be tied with Delialah..He suffers the consequences..Its a about having different life style- He uses to do this way and mine the opposite. And definitely, we SDA, should never compromise our God just to meet our (non SDA/christian) parter to the what happen will be break up due to misunderstanding and etc... but does this sound stereotyping...Why not give chance and see if there is still hope for the Holy spirit to win their hearts - Am i asking for miracle?
I think you are asking for a miracle. And miracles can happen... but make sure your potential partner genuinely accepts and loves your faith as much as you do. NOT just because you believe it, and you are a pretty girl and they are in love with you... but because they are convicted of the truth about their need for a Savior and the truth of the Three Angels message. They must want to share your faith because it is true. Whether you were going to be with them or not.

It is too easy when you are "in love" to minimize the importance of some of these character issues. We think they will change. Reading what Kim wrote above made my heart ache. From everything I know of Kim... she is a genuine beautiful Christian woman who would be the best possible Christian influence on her husband. And yet he chose not to accept her faith and even belittle it. A lifetime of hard consequences and tears are the results. Kim is now on my prayer list by name. Do NOT agree to this same kind of heart ache because you are "in love" and you don't think it will be a problem. It will.

Changing another human being is the closest thing to impossible that I know of. Do NOT let your emotions let this relationship progress farther than God's wisdom would recommend.
I totally agree, Clark, well said.
Godfred laid it all down plain and simple. think to the future with children ... it will cause them confusion. "y does dad go church on sunday and we on saturday2 ect


congrats, is he adventist ?? do keep us posted, we all like to know more about you and uhmmmm  your plans.


sir james



The area of religion in a marriage is critical.  It is of more imporatnce than appearance, feeling, sex, family, race, or gender.  Unless you settle the question of religion and commitment to God, you can just forget the other areas.  For all they will do is help you to set aside the most important point. 


Since I have been in the gospel ministry, and since I have spent about a year in focused researchon this point.  I could write stories for some time in regards to the problems that arise from marrying someone who is not of your faith.  By this, I mean even an Advenist who has a different level of commitment to God than you do.  Please, do not repeat the mistakes that I have witnessed and the very hot tears over that bad choice after it was too late.  The hurt from that bad choice will be with you the rest of your life.  Believe me, I know!

    "Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?"  2 Cor. 6:14 (ESV) 

One time a agnostic professor was making fun of Christianity.  When a young man stood up to challenge the professor.  Some of the converstation went like this. 

     "Sir, do you believe in cold?" 

The professor said he did. 

The young man replied:

     "There is no such thing as "cold."  Cold is only the abscence of heat."

Then he went on with another question. 

     "Sir, do you believe in darkness?" 

Again the professor admitted that he did. 

Again the young man replied:

     "Again, you are wrong.  Darkness is only the abscence of light."

It did not take much longer for both the class and the professor to realize that the professor's antaganism over religion was because he had no knowledge of it, along with other things. 


So too with religion.  There are two topics that can create more heat than light.  Those two are religion and politics.

However, the Seventh-day Adventist beliefs are not a religion, they define a relationship with God. 

I am not speaking of the beliefs that many talk about, I am speaking of those the church has come to an agreement on, or God has spoken on.  Since not one in twenty who belong to the SDA church are ready to meet their maker, truth will not be the most popular thing even in the Adventist church.  So, it is important when seeking a marriage partner that:

  1. You be sure that you are that one in twenty.
  2. That the one who you choose is one of that one in twenty.

Anything else is secondary.


When I met my wife, I found out later, that she had seen me come into church when she was sitting in the choir beside my aunt.  I was new in town, so it was my first Sabbath in church.  She told me later that when I walked in, God spoke to her and told her that I was to be her husband. 


However, I was not that ready to listen.  It took another year plus before I would listen to what God was telling me.  Finally, He stopped me cold and I had to either listen or else.  For I was about to ask another lady to marry me who appeared to be a wonderful, committed Christian.  But God spoke to me and redirected me back to the girl I had met before.  Having been through one divorce, I did not want another, so I listened and were were married within 90 days, even though we had not seen each other for about a year.  I do not recomend such short courships, but when God has spoken as clearly as He did to both of us, then what is there to do but listen?  God knew both of us and He knew that we were compatable for each other.


The girl I about married, married a non-Adventist in about 60 days.  I found out later through a mutual friend that she left the church and the marriage only lasted about a year or so.  My marriage lasted 34 years until death did us part.  But, it was the desire of both of us  to marry a devoute Christian.  That had been her prayer since a young girl.   It had been my prayer since my first wife left carrying another man's child.  And even she too seemed to be a wonderful Christian when I married her.  But, God had warned me about her, but I choose to listen to human counsel rather than what God was showing me.  I did not want to make that mistake a second time, and I didn't.

Was the girl I married perfect?  For me she was.  Oh, yes, she was very much human, but so am I.  She made mistakes, but so did I.  However, our mutual desire to follow the Lord's leading held our marrage together through situations that have destroyed millions of marriages.  There is no stronger glue to a marriage than a commitment to doing what God wants you to do, even if it means not marrying someone who seems to be "Mr. RIght."  For:

    "Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart."  1 Samuel 16:7 (ESV)   

So, is it important to marry someone who is as dedicated as you in their desire to serve God?  Do fish swim?  Do birds fly?  There is nothing more important in a marriage.


May God bless you and please listen to His word and follow His leading in this most important choice you will ever make and will have an impact on your happines for the rest of your life.  Get it right the first time..


Maranatha :)


Ray thank you very much for enlightening me.

yes it is a must

be yet not unequally yoked with a non-believer

hops you heed our advice



Two Religions. One Marriage.


Two Religions.  One Marriage.  What Happened When A Baptist Married A Seventh-day Adventist 

By Lana Moline


As sunset approached each Friday, everything suddenly got quiet in my home. That was strikingly different. I grew up in the Baptist faith. Yet at 29, I married a man who was reared in the Seventh Day Adventist faith.


Well let me backtrack, I didn’t just grow up Baptist, I was born and raised in the church that my father helped to build and my mother was and still is the little hat wearing Sunday School teaching mother of the church. So by proxy, I was active in every facet of the church from singing in the choir to teaching Vacation Bible School and eventually starting an education foundation for the youth. I suppose, just like every other young lady, I dreamed of marrying someone who had a similar background and experiences. I truly never thought about whether denomination would be a consideration in choosing a mate. I will admit now that I took some things for granted. My mother was raised in the Methodist faith yet my father was Baptist. It wasn’t until now that I even thought about how different that must have been for her.


For me, I married a friend, my classmate with whom I graduated high school. That certainly helped me to feel less weirded out about the idea of marrying someone who was not apart of a church I was more familiar with. But there was still the matter of sharing this with my family and facing their reaction. At first I was extremely nervous so while we were still dating, I casually slipped on a dress, nonchalantly joined him for worship service one Saturday and worked it into conversation on Sunday after I attended church with my mother. Her face showed some confusion but I quickly shared how powerful the service had been. That calmed her concerns. Even though this approach worked this time, I knew that eventually I would have to spill it and let my family know. I rationalized with myself comparing everything that was worse. He wasn’t a bank robber, wasn’t evading arrest or a drug kingpin. He was just a guy who loved me, wanted to spend the rest of his life with me who just happened to go to church on a different day. I figured that if I explained it that way, it would go over well and it did.


After I got married, I heard all this buzz about bringing in the Sabbath. At first it felt and looked like a race against time to have everything done before sunset on Friday so that the entire day on Saturday or Sabbath would be devoted to worship. This was easy enough to do in theory but with worship being extremely personal, I desired an authentic experience. So I set out to make Sabbath worship my own and that’s where I saw some of the major differences.


What I love about the Seventh Day Adventist church is that as a world religion, it is extremely organized. My husband held a regional position in youth ministry and we travelled quite a bit during the first year. From a global perspective, I saw hundreds of churches, youth groups and organizations moving and operating by the same guidelines and with the same purpose and specificity in mind. One of the main differences is that the church believes and promotes its health message and the importance of Christian Education consistently. There are many people within the faith who attended church schools from pre-k to graduate school. That was huge for me because as a former baptist, I don’t think I ever considered attending a baptist university. The lesson that I learned from this is the consistency of values. It certainly made me look closely at the choices I was going to make for my children. Another glaring difference was the health message. I had heard that many of our illnesses are caused by the consumption of unhealthy foods so I was open to understanding a better way. I had never been in the company of so many health conscious people in all my life nor had I eaten Veggie Gumbo before now. I must admit that it took some getting use to but considering the quality of my diet now, I wish I had made better choices sooner.


As for fellowship and the social aspect, my girlfriend said it best when she visited the day I was baptized. She looked at me and said that her experience there was not any different from other first time visits. Truth is, I did marry someone who had similar experiences and background. In my mother’s effort to cook for her son-in-law, she has also made healthier choices and my entire family adores my husband. I’m happy to report 11 years later, I would not change a thing.


I relish the fact that as we worship on Sabbath, I unplug from all my cares and get some much needed rest. Again, I only wish I had done it sooner.


Lana Moline is a freelance writer and poet who lives in Fort Worth with her husband and three kids. She has been married 11 years and understands that marriage truly is a journey that is sometimes complicated by our own thoughts, perceptions and feelings. Visit her at her blog





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