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I want to go in to the mission field but i know there are allot of difference in cultures. I don't want to offend anyone by trying to spread the gospel; there by loosing the chance to tell others about Jesus. So if you have the time and are willing to not only help me but anyone who else might be seeking the same calling. Tell me about your culture, the native culture, not the things that is know about through the SDA church. But the culture that is outside of the church, the one that makes your country unique to that of any other country. Like the in Thailand were the head is sacred and no other part of the body should touch it. Or in India were men put there hands together and raise it to there heads. How to say "no" politely. People's design for living affecting every aspect of life. So no matter if you think its big or small, culture is life in your world, your country or community. Please share this with me and those whom want to answer the call of the great commission as in Matthew 28: 16-20. And tell US about your culture. God Bless and may our Lord abide with you always!

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Hey there Aaron!
I will try to share few of the most prominent cultural practices of Filipinos. and since there's lots of filipinos in this site, I'll let them add the others.

some of culture practices which philippines are known for: "The strong or close family ties" the reason why most even after the children are married they still stay/live in their parents home, filipinos are Renowned for being so "hospestable" specially with foreigners, and Filipinos "value with high-esteem" Women, in the old times man should walk behind the woman all the time, a sign of respect and that women should be protected. adding to these Filipinos have great respect for the Elderly persons, in the old times and even today(although not that quit anymore) if a young man saw an old man though He/She doesn't know the old man He/She must bless to it, a sign of respect.

those practices are still in the filipino's daily lives, though the practice of such may vary from the influenced of the person, Family and praticular society.. from lots of elements such as the mass media the strong western cultures etc. there are lots of other cultural practices in different islands of the philippines, different ethnic groups means different practices. in my City alone Davao city, we have like about 20 ethnic native groups each has its own dialect each has its own tradition and cultural practices. so, learning them all would really be tricky hehehe..

well, I wish those little information can help you my Friend!! Goodluck to your pursuits in ministry.. I too have a dream to one day do the same thing....

God bless..

God has different ways of working, and He has different workmen to whom He entrust varied gifts. One worker may be a ready speaker; another a ready writer; another may have the gift of sincere, earnest, fervent prayer; another the gift of singing; another may have the special power to explain the word of God with clearness. And each gift is to become a power for God, because He works with the laborer. To one, God gives the word of wisdom, to another knowledge, to another faith; but all are to work under the same Head. The diversity of gifts leads to a diversity of operations; but “it is the same God w/c worketh all in all.” (1Cor.12:6).

The Lord desires His chosen servants to learn how to unite in harmonious effort.

It may seem to some that the contrast between their gifts and the gifts of a fellow-laborer is too great to allow them to unite in harmonious effort; but when they remember that there are varied minds to be reached, and that some will reject the truth as it is presented by one laborer, only to open their hearts to God’s truth as it is presented in a different manner by another laborer, they will hopefully endeavor to labor together in unity. Their talents, however diverse, may all be under the control of the same Spirit. In every word and act, kindness and love will be revealed; and as each worker fills his appointed place faithfully, the prayer of Christ for the unity of His followers will be answered, and the world will know that these are His disciples.

In loving sympathy and confidence, God’s workers are to unite with one another. He who says or does anything that tends to separate the members of Christ’s church, is counterworking the Lord’s purpose. Wrangling and dissension in the church, the encouragement of suspicion and unbelief, are dishonoring to Christ. God desires His servants to cultivate Christian affection for one another. True religion unites hearts, not only with
Christ, but with one another, in a most tender union. When we know what it means to be thus united with Christ, and with our brethren, a fragrant influence will attend our work wherever we go.

The workers in the large cities must act their several parts, making every effort to bring about the best results. They are to talk faith and to act in such a way as to impress the people. They are not to narrow the work down to their own particular ideas. In the past too much of this has been done by us as a people, and it has been a drawback to the success of the work.

No human being is to seek to bind other human beings to himself, as if he were to control them, telling them to do this, and forbidding them to do that, commanding, dictating, acting like an officer over a company of soldiers. This is the way the priest and rulers did in Christ’s day, but it is not the right way. After the truth has made impression upon the hearts, and men and women have accepted its teachings, they are to be treated as the property of Christ, not as the property of man. In fastening minds to yourself, you lead them to disconnect from the Source of their wisdom and sufficiency. Their dependence must be wholly in God; only thus can they grow in grace.

However large may be a man’s claim to knowledge and wisdom, unless he is under the teaching of the Holy Spirit , he is exceedingly ignorant of spiritual things. He needs to realize his danger and his inefficiency, and to place entire dependence upon the One who alone is able to keep the souls committed to His trust, able to imbue them with His Spirit, and to fill them with unselfish love for one another, thus enabling them to bear witness that God has sent His Son into the world to save sinners. Those who are truly converted will press together in Christian unity. Let there be no division in the church of God, no un-wise authority exercised over those who accept the truth. The meekness of Christ is to appear in all that is said and done.

Christ is the foundation of every true church. We have His unalterable promise that His presence and protection will be given to His faithful ones who walk in His counsel. To the end of time Christ is to be first. He is the source of life and strength, of righteousness and holiness. And He is all this to all those who wear His yoke and learn of Him how to be meek and lowly.

The duty and delight of all service is to uplift Christ before the people. This is the end of all true labor. Let Christ appear; let self be hidden behind Him. This is self- sacrifice that is of worth.-“ Testimonies for the Church,” Vol.9,pp.144-147.-GW:483-485


Hope this article i copied from the pen of inspiration help you to handle with wisdom any situation that may arise when you are already in the mission field brother.May God bless your plans to support His work.


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