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by Nishaun Smith
Many atheists have technical and emotional reasons why they can’t believe in God. Many of these are misrepresentations of the Bible and the real world. There is a famous argument used by atheists, it seems to have turned into some sort of mantra. They ask why won’t God heal amputees, when he causes so many other medical miracles.

This question is easily answered; the human mind is a very delicate operation, it does not like breaks in its ability to process the world, therefore it doesn’t like miracles. (Many times at a young age a child is given fiction instead of reality. It would suit children better if they read more realistic stories, instead of stories to help them “hide” from reality. Magic is detrimental to the health of a realistic mind. If children were taught the real world and some of its concerns they would not have to worry about the culture shock that most teenagers and young adults face when they are debuted into society.) When a person looses a limb their brain sometimes is unable to cope. The brain has a hard time breaking the connections that once automatically acknowledged the existence of the limb. They actually feel pain in a limb that is no longer there. This is referred to as phantom pains, the brain can comprehend no reason for such a traumatic loss. If the brain can’t easily acknowledge the lose of a limb, then the question is, what would be the traumatic effects on the brain if an amputee was walking down the street and their arm popped back into existence. One would have their arm but they would end up in a madhouse. Therefore, God does not heal amputees because he knows that the human brain can’t function if it thinks that limbs can appear and disappear without reason.

Human beings were meant to walk with God, so it is understandable that they may be confused outside of his presence. Jesus reminds us that if we have faith as small as a mustard seed we are able to move mountains. That is hard to come by as we, the ones who will face judgment day, the Laodiceans, are a lukewarm people who believe in God but deny his true power (as in saying he couldn’t create the world in six days).

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