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I believe the issue of anger is one of those that some times is overlooked by fellow Christians, or taken at ease, but taking a more careful look on how the word of God puts it, it needs pondering. Christ said in Mat 5:23, 24 if you bring your gift to the altar, and there remember that your brother has anything against you, leave there your gift before the altar, and go your way, first be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift. The other on the Lord’s Prayer FORGIVE OUR DEBTS AS WE FORGIVE OUR DEBTORS, implying that if we don’t forgive will not be forgiven.

There are few things, friends, I would like us to discuss on this.

How does anger and grudge affect our spiritual life.
How it affects our physical, psychological health.
What can we Christians work on this

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You know I would really like to see the responses cause Anger and grudge are to me very dangerous to us as christian..human beings on the whole. You cannot serve God to your fullest when you have a grudge against someone or is angry with them.

The bible says its ok to be angry but you must not sin. To me this mean that God created us with that emotion but we must not let it control us at all. We must control the sinning in this instance is the holding onto the grudge.

I have seen the physical effect of anger and grudge. The person's physical appearance changes so much and its so much stress that you can become ill..high blood pressure..the works..bad heart..and a very unhappy person. An angry unforgiving spirit is a very sick person. I can personally attest to that as my mother is the perfect example...from seeing her hurting and denial about it cause she wants to hold a grudge has helped to be more forgiving...but alas I'm not perfect but try very hard to overcome any grudges as a result of what has happened to me at the hands of others.

i have gone to church angry with people and if they have to preach or teach a sabbath school class I gain nothing cause I'm just to angry and unforging. I have had to put that in God's hands..

That is all that we can do and I also think of how Iwould feel if I knew that person was angry with me and had the same feelings I had. Thas not good. I usually approach the person after I have calmed down and have thought through it so that we can do it the biblical way. Failing that I would talk to an elder but I usually go to the person and admit to my part in the situation cause face takes two to tangle.

All in all God must be in there to help you deal with it..We have to let him take charge.

I hope this helps....its just my view...
hi , i really like your discussion question and how it really captures your attention to think about attitudes and habits we have that can be of danger to our well being as christians. the bible says in Ezekiel that we are not to be angry and let the sun go down on our wrath - we don't know what tomorrow holds and to go to bed with anger in our hearts is a perfect recipe to disaster what if we don't wake up. the bible also says that love conquers all.. i think that as Christians we are to learn to be humble.. read the rest of Matt 5:38-42. when we have pure hearts and lives it is only then the holy spirit can dwell and live. i am not a doctor but i have learnt that it takes less muscle action to smile than to make a frown so smiling is good for you the more smiles and the less anger means less stress and happy days for you........

God bless.....
I acknowledge the scripture mentioned that we should not let the sun go down on our wrath. But honestly, it is sometimes difficult to forgive at the instant. Think of it, someone kills a family member, rapes a sister, has broken your heart and refuses to come and apologise (that is when he or she has cheated etc), am i to just forgive and instantly greet the brother or sister the next day? Honestly i think its a bit hypocritical. I believe that there should be a healing process. One needs time to get over the hurt. It is not easy to swallow in pain and forgive.
In addition, what do you think of the text, 'If we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us of our unrighteousness'? Scripture says if we confess, meaning we have to confess first. So im thinking, wouldn’t the same apply to us here. If GOD is telling us to confess first, why isnt the same rule applicable to us as Humans (weak beings)?
Awaiting your responses. One love
I love this discussion because these are the types of topics we need to consider in these last days…
What happens if while we are taking the “time to get over our hurt” Jesus comes back? Would we really want Him to find us at a point where we cannot “instantly greet the brother or sister the next day?” Do we expect God to understand our inability to forgive a person because of what he/she has done to us when on Calvary Jesus asked The Father for forgiveness for the very people who had hung him to a cross?
Yes we will feel the pain and God never said we cannot feel the pain but He did say love your enemies! He says how can we say we love Him who we cannot see if we cannot love those around us.
Regardless of the sins they have committed against us.
Unconditional love!
At the same time we mustn’t be hypocrites we must really in our hearts forgive and proceed with love. We must release and allow God to carry the pain and hurt that we feel.
Also we must recognize that sometimes we harbor hatred or anger against someone who has already asked the Father for forgiveness. How terrible it would be for us if that person was saved because of their repentance and we were not because we harbored anger in our hearts.
Or better yet what happens in heaven will there be a section for people we were able to love and forgive and a separate section for those we hadn’t quite forgiven yet?
Good Questions ...

My one thought is that By Beholding we become changed. So we need to dwell with Jesus.
One thing that I have found is that whenever someone hurts me and I have trouble forgiving them I think of all the things that I do on a regular basis to hurt God. After thinking of how unworthy I am of His forgiveness I gather the strength and courage to forgive. It only becomes easy for me when I remind myself of the sins that I commit. Maybe that can work for you too.


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