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Why is it that after Jesus was ressurected, He no longer was viewed in public except to HIs disciples?

Jesus spent more than 3 years in His earthly ministry. The priest and pharisees were responsible for His arrest and crucifixion. He was crucified by the Romans according to their law.

Is it but fitting that He would show Himself to these people after His resurrection so that they would know that their efforts were of no value and He is really the son of God? His disciples would no longer have a hard time proving to them that Jesus was really alive.

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The priests, etc. needed no more proof that He was risen than having the guards telling them what they had just seen happen at the tomb. I think that the dead who were raised may have had an effect on the priests as well:

Matthew 27:53
and coming out of the graves after His resurrection, they went into the holy city and appeared to many.

As far as Jesus not appearing to anyone except His disciples, He did appear to over 500 people at one time. Doesn't that count?

1 Corinthians 15:6
After that He was seen by over five hundred brethren at once,
Thank you, Danny K.

However, In Matthew 27: 53, it was not Jesus that was seen resurrected. It was still Friday. He was resurrected on Sunday (Mathew 28). See vv. 51- veil of the temple was rent in two when Jesus died. In verse 52, saints were resurrected (take note of the word 'graves' )and show themselves to people in Jerusalem after Jesus was resurrected. Not Jesus himself.

In 1 Cor. 15:6, take note of the word 'brethren'. They were still Jesus' believers, not the general populace. There is no account that Jesus' accusers and murderers ever saw Him after His resurrection. Remember that the priests crucify Him because they did not believe His teachings. And do you think that the priests believe the account of the soldiers in the thumb? Priests and Romans are in conflict with each other. They were only united in the Jesus' issue, even though Pilate disagree.To Pilate, his position matters most than the truth.

The sitings of Jesus to his disciples were a living proof that their faith is not in vain and that Jesus is really alive. That keeps them going until the very end of their lives. They became most ardent in proclaiming about Jesus. It helps them to go farther without fear of whatever lies ahead. Also, additional instructions were given (john 21:25), now that they are most receptive to the words of Jesus. Much receptive than before His crucifixion.
Thank you again Danny. Sorry that I cannot always open my mail. I have more important things to do.

The saints who were resurrected in Matthew 27 appeared to many in Jerusalem after the resurrection of Jesus. The discussion in Matthew 27 pertains to the resurrected saints who appeared in Jerusalem after the resurrection of Jesus as pointed out by the word 'they ' in the statement - ', they went into the city and appeared to many.' They demonstrates plurality (many). If it is Jesus, it should be 'He'.

Again, in 1 cor. 15:6,the passage said that its the brethren of Jesus that saw Him. I have no question with that. What I mean was those responsible for the death of Jesus.

In your statement, " the priest need no more proof that He was risen than having the guards telling them what they had just seen happen at the tomb. I think that the dead who were raised may have had an effect on the priests as well". That's what you said.

The priest were just being told by the guards. The priests were not there in the first place. Do you think they believe on that?

For more than 3 years Jesus perform miracles in Jerusalem. The priests, etc have seen it and also thousands of people. Did the priest, etc. believed that Jesus was the Messiah? They have seen miracles happened in front of their eyes. Did they believe? Then just a word from soldiers- then they believe what they have not seen? What a believer they were! Believing of what they have not seen.

We really have a nice discussion here. Thank you and advance happy Sabbath. Its Friday in the Philippines this moment.
I think it's really of now use for Jesus to appear to them. They (priests and pharisees) were witnesses of the miracles that Jesus performed. They already rejected Him and already sealed their fate when they crucified him and to think that they were masters of the law.

You can lead an elephant to the watering hole but you can not make it drink and that's what they are.


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