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What is the difference from an almost Christian and a PURE CHRISTIAN???

Hey guys, i just want to ask of you what is your standpoint on this... i know some of the answers. But i want you to share some of your points... Thank a lot... May God guide you as you answer this.... Have a nice day!

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Not much.And it varies with each person. I would say that both are on a journey. It is hard to measure. And is not somthing we need to measure as far as I am concerned.
Not much??????????????????

An "almost Christian" is 'NOT' a Christian............He does not 'get credit" for being what he is not!
We are either 'in the boat' or out of it.. Does it mean that you have to be a Christian in order to be saved? Not necessarily would be the exception, not the rule. The blood of Christ covers everyone who has ever lived. Those who for some circumstance or other have never heard the name of Christ or know about Him God will take into consideration when their time of judgement comes. 'nuff sed
Sin is sin. If you commit one sin you are guilty of all. Being a Christian means that you have your sins covered. So the appearance of both ... is SIN. And Guilt. One is covered but both are seen.
You will never develop heavenly characters on earth. Just won't happen. Ellen White says that the Father will not be able to behold our characters because they will be so sinful and faulty at the second coming. They will need to have an overhaul when we see His face. But as far as the judgment ... The father will not behold our faulty characters.

Jesus says: "I will be your representative in Heaven. The Father beholds not your faulty CHARACTER, but He sees you clothed in MY perfection" Desire of Ages p.357
Strangely, the first this that came to my mind was Leanne Rymes "Almost doesn't count"; it is either you are or you're not. Basically, the pure Christian serves God diligently and whole-heartedly. The almost Christian is not a Christian in reality but one who pretends to be. What God desires of us is over full devotion and that's what a pure Christian gives.
Almost doesn't count you either are a Christain our you are not, the old things are of the past and we walk in the newness of Life and the Spirit. As Christian we let God down when we fail to trust him to strengthen us in our christian walk and give the enemy the victory. All heaven is waiting to help us so we just need to call on Jesus who is our High Priest interceeding on our behalf.
There are many times that I don't 'act' Christian. But I am still a Christian. Praise God He still accepts me and loves me as my Father ... even when I fail.
thank you for your comments and opinions friends!!!... Have a happy sabbath!!! God bless


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