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Hi everyone-thought to copy and paste this here. About the economy and such..thought it might enocurage someone :).. someone from another Adventist online site had put this up there, and thought to share it. :)

"This is an email sent to me today about the economy and EGW views on the end.
It was written by Ty Gibson.

Article by Ty Gibson on current financial situation in US

"The shortness of time is urged as an incentive for us to seek righteousness and
make Christ our friend. This is not the great motive. It savors of selfishness."
By Ty Gibson

"Although you are receiving this
article in October, I am writing
it in August in response to phone
calls and emails inquiring about
whether or not the United States
economy will collapse in September
as some are foretelling. From the
first time I heard this prediction
earlier in the year I have been
responding with a confident, "No,
the US economy will not collapse
in September." This article explains
why I’m so sure it will not and why
such predictions should not be made
by anyone claiming to represent the
gospel of Christ.
In Revelation 13 we are told that
the day will come when the United
States will use its financial leverage
to coerce the world to comply with
a papacy-like governmental system
that will legislate a particular form
of worship. Those who refuse to
submit to the demands of America
will be punished with economic
penalties: "that no one may buy or
sell except one who has the mark .
of the beast" (verse17, NKJV). This
will constitute what Ellen White
called "national apostasy, " which
she goes on to say is "the signal for
national ruin" (Selected Messages, vol.
2, p. 372). If the enforcement of
the mark of the beast is the "signal
for national ruin, " then we can be
certain that national ruin will not
occur prior to that legislative action.
To pull off a "no-man-can-buy-or sell"
maneuver of the magnitude
envisioned in Revelation 13, the
US economy will need to be strong
enough for such an achievement.
In the light of Revelation 13, it is
inconceivable that the US economy
will collapse this Fall, for the simple
reason that the prophetic scenario
demands that the United States
be in a strategic financial position
during the time it coerces the world
in false worship.
Those who suggest a collapse
of the US economy prior to
the enforcement of the mark of
the beast are not allowing Bible
prophecy to guide their predictions,
but are rather yielding to a general
sense of coming trouble without
biblical controls on their predictions.
Adhering to Bible prophecy is our
surest safeguard against making
inaccurate predictions. Speculation
on such a grave matter is not safe
nor is it wise. We have no counsel
in the inspired writings that would
encourage us to speculate about
when the economy will crash. There
are too many variables involved for
us to make such predictions with
accuracy, not the least of which
is the fact that God has promised
He will hold the "four winds" in
check until His people are "sealed"
(Revelation 7:1-4, NKJV).
All is definitely not well with the
US economy, and we can expect the
situation to get worse. This is no
time in earth’s history to be lulled
to sleep in complacency and self indulgence.
But neither is it helpful
to abandon the clearly marked
out prophetic schedule God has
revealed in favor of predictions that
have no basis in Scripture. Every
time a preacher announces that the
economy is going to crash and the
time passes, the spiritual vigor of
those who believed the forecast is
drained and their confidence in
Scripture is weakened. Inevitably,
those who make time-definite
predictions, once the time passes,
simply come up with an explanation
to move the time out further in the
future with a new prediction. But
the entire prediction game is a false
premise for motivation. What we
really need is to have all our powers
of mind and body aroused and
motivated by the beautiful love of
Jesus. "Christ’s love compels us" (2
Corinthians 5:14, NIV), not the fear
of financial ruin.
Here are wise words to keep in

"The shortness of time is urged as an incentive for us to seek righteousness and make Christ our friend. This is not the great motive. It savors of selfishness. Is it necessary that the terrors of the day of God be held before us to compel us through fear to right action? This ought not to be. Jesus is attractive. He is full of love, mercy, and compassion. He proposes to be our friend"
(Review and Herald, August 2, 1881).

Right now we have time and opportunity
to impact the world with the gospel.
How much time, we don’t know.
But this we do know: In the light of God’s great love for us, we are called upon to "carry out great exploits"(Daniel 11:32, NKJV) to advance the knowledge of His saving grace to the
nations. Whether or not the economy is going to crash next month or next
year, we already have all the reason we need to place all we have and are on the
altar of service to the Lord. If it takes a prediction of financial ruin to wake
us up, then our awakening is false at heart anyway. We are still fatally asleep
and don’t even know it."

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Hi Karen, Excellent post!

In view of the current world economic conditions may I suggest that all who may read this thread also read Rev. 18:9-24.

Your brother in Christ,
Thanks Country Doc,for your kind reply...
I think what I really liked about this, for one, was the part write above the last quote-about why we seek jesus. Sometimes fear can prompt us to, or other worries of the world. But here it's emphasized that that need not be the true reason of seeking Him.. Jesus is beautiful. He is kind,tender,full of love and compassion. It is who He is that can make us come to him,want to come to Him, not what is going on aroud us.
He lovesus so much, so when we are afraid His heart is touched, I believe... But I think He wants us so much to see him for who He is, to love Him for who He is, and to come to Him on that basis... :)


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