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Since we can read from the word of God that it is more blessed to remain is so short and we are already in the last days...

Any violent reaction ? LOL! Hope to hear your opinion here guys!

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Hello Lady Eve,
I have a married friend that offers me that very advice, (not to marry in these times) and I so think it is sound advice. But I was not made that way. I am praying and listening for instruction. If that (staying single) is what I am called to do, then so be it. But if I can find an honest God fearing wife and we compliment each other and our work, then I think two can be better than one. I think it would be ideal to find this person (lady in my case) while doing the Lords work, to know this person is dedicated, and sincere. I do worry about the problems troublesome relationships can bring, and the time that would take from service and I fear the problems that could arise with having such a close loved one at the end times... but wouldn't it be better than letting her go through it alone?
Thank you for your opinion brother.Of course you can! God does not condemn anyone if he wants to have a partner in life,better have a wife than commit fornication also.May God bless your search for your partner here at AO.
Singles for life?

An issue of not so much important for married individuals.

You see, becoming married has lots of advantages and disadvantage too! If you are planning to tie the knot with somebody whom you believed someone to make you happy, then you are a self -centered individual. Its one sided, sad to say. But if you plan to get married to help make the next generation live better than your present situation, then, you have a very big problem.

In marriage, if you think you are happy and your spouse and offspring are miserable, and the people around you are affected, then, it is better for you die early. thinking only of oneself is not enough. Thinking of the other also possess much greater problem, but it is a fact of life. YOu live because somebody lives because of you.

For us Christians, whichever we choose to have, we believe that it is God given and in His providence and guidance. Among the disciples, only Peter was married. Jesus Christ was never married. Its a part of their being called as messengers from God. Even Paul strongly recommends staying singles in order to serve God better.

It is not a sin to get married. The world needed married individuals so as single ones. Whichever we chose, chose wisely and pray for it. Surely God can use you whatever your state in life is. Just ask the Lord what is best for you. For me, at my age of 44, I may remain single or someday God will give me a helpmate to help me, it depends. All I know is that I am serving God as a church technician and a part time basic computer teacher in His church school. May God continue to use me in my humble capacity for His own glory.
May God bless you brother Fernando! Indeed we'll just put everything on God's capable hands whether to remain single or not....thanks for your input!
Sis, Acey, i can't blame you about your thoughts, cause even the Bible tells it all in Matthrew 19. If we feel like getting married do it if not just don't do it .But for me i don't plan to be staying single for all my life .I reaally need someone in my life.Like some real good christian.
I thought I'm the only one who thinks in this line. Lol!
I wonder if you ever fell in love in your life ? If you fall in love with someone you will meet in your life, the story will be different. I think what does really matter is our relationship with God, being able to be joyful and thankful anywhere and anytime. God bless you.
Acey ! I hope it is not because you had bad experiences with man. I do know some woman who lost their trust in love and man. If that is the case please don't give up. Personally, I believe that woman can live without a man but not the other way around. I have my observation where a woman will live even longer after becoming a widow, but a man will soon die not long after his wife died unless he remarried again. Ha ha ha, it is a fact that a woman's life is better when she was single or widow because she doesn't have to serve more than just herself.
If you think you are blessed, happy and can serve the Lord much better as single... so be it!

And as you mentioned that life is short and we are already in the last days,... If we, singles, still plan Not to remain singles for life, i hope and pray that we remain firm to our faith and "be not equally yoke with unbelievers" (convert your BF/GF to our church first). God bless us all.

Anyway, single or married, as long as you have a strong relationship with our Lord and can serve Him and the church in whatever capacity you have... you are still "BLESSED"
Are you still single ?. I am happily married for 25 years already, but I have ever thought to stay single if I knew long before that I could have served Him freely (can go and do anything at anytime for Him) which I cannot now because of my responsibilities with my family. Of course, I know that loving them is also a part of my worship. My opinion is that it is best to stay single if you want to be like the apostle Paul where you are free to go and to do anything at anytime you wish for God. Otherwise, I suggest you to get married because I have been there and it is really a wonderful experience both in joy and sadness. Love is an active word which is to give with no expectation for return. If you want to be able to love truly then do not be afraid to face all the consequences of being betrayed or anything else. Just pray and God will give you the best like I got my wife as my first love since I was 16 years old. Trust me that He is more than able to show you the best. But, of course, be prepared to accept if He thinks that it is best for you to stay single. Anyway, if you have the same faith with me that there will be marriage in new earth, then you have no reason to be sad because you will get a perfect husband that time. God bless you.


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