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I notice the tendency of some of the members to do their posting in capital letters. Please be advised that in the world of the Internet it is considered SHOUTING when you do so.

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Wow. I thought you guys were talking about shouting in church, when you are overwhelmed with the thought or emotion of how good God has been to you. Sorry and Nevermind. I SHOUT but not at people. :0)
LOL, no worries.
i use capital letters for emphasize only...
I do too, when typing. But writing like that comes natural.
I doubt that anyone is doing it knowingly and intentionally. A little Christian charity is always in order. Education is good also.
Perhaps you misunderstand my reason for starting this thread. Doing something knowingly or intentionally has nothing to do with the issue. You can type capitals or lower case all you want..but you must understand how it may be perceived by the majority of the people who use the internet.
"A little wisdom goes a long way"... Don't shoot the messenger..'nuff sed
A little education goes a long ways ... yes.
Capitals have their place for emphasis..With this I have no quarrel. BUT NOT THE WHOLE MESSAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'NUFF SED

I want a dancing banana!!
You wanna dancing banana?

I must first warn you that this might stigmatize you as one of them liberalized evangelized, secularized and even Obamaized members on this forum.

Do you really want that stigma?


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