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I can worship the lord on sabbaths being at home. I can sing, play music and i can read bible and i can pray alone at home. is it wrong that i stay back home or is it must that i have to go to church and worship? How about a person who does not go to church but spends alot of time with non believing bretheren in his community? Is he lost?

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"But I do not ask you to take my words. Lay Sister White to one side. Do not quote my words again as long as you live until you can obey the Bible. When you make the Bible your food, your meat, and your drink, when you make its principles the elements of your character, you will know better how to receive counsel from God. I exalt the precious Word before you today. Do not repeat what I have said, saying, "Sister White said this," and "Sister White said that." Find out what the Lord God of Israel says, and then do what He commands...."

"... But do not quote Sister White till you stand on vantage ground, where you know what you are doing. Take the word of God. It is full of meat and drink. Study the Bible, and you will know more of God than you do now. You will have something fresh to impart to others. --Ms 43, 1901, pp. 10-19.
Ellen White was a prophet, some of these people are condemned in the Bible as lost

"Some Millerite Adventists GC 432" really? I'm looking at the page now and it says nothing about ANYONE being lost.

"Idolatrous Israelites PP 326" t does NOT say a word about anyone in particular being lost.

"People of Nazareth DA 241" nowhere does this page say anyone is lost for sure. She is only echoing the Bible as she says some there rejected Him, that's ALL..

Nowhere does Ellen White herself take on a work of judgment apart from what God has revealed to her. If I say Hitler is lost, so what?
I get it, N Him. Sometimes we just ascribe too much to Ellen White.
Amen to that.
not really, its more like what can some do to cast the seeds of doubt. Next time N HIM, why don't you use exact quotes?
The only doubt I have is in some here who spread discontent. I have no problem with Ellen White as she intended to be.
"Guarding Against Misuse of Ellen White.--Many from among our own people are writing to me, asking with earnest determination the privilege of using my writings to give force to certain subjects that they wish to present to the people in such a way as to leave a deep impression upon them. It is true that there is a reason why some of their matters should be presented; but I would not venture to give my approval in using the testimonies in this way, or to sanction the placing of matter which is good in itself in the way which they propose. The persons who make these propositions, for aught I know, may be able to conduct the enterprise of which they write in a wise manner; but nevertheless, I dare not give the least license for using my writings in the manner which they propose. In taking account of such an enterprise, there are many things that must come into consideration, for in using the testimonies to bolster up some subject which may impress the mind of the author, the extracts may give a different impression than that which they would were they read in their original connection".--Lt 49, 1894. PM 359

Amen N Him for that insight from Ellen G white which gave a lot of insight.. THanks again

From what I have studied it is not a must if there is a true genuine reason not to go. For instance, if you are ill or the church music and teaching are so far off that your conscience will not allow you to go. If we don't go simply because we want to sit at home then we are in serious trouble spiritually. 

If a person would rather spend time with unbelievers than believers it is an indicator that they are not converted. Unless we are born again we will not see the kingdom of God.

Birds of a feather flock together. "Can two walk together unless they be agreed ?" Amos 3:3   A coal separated from the fire soon cools off.

Incidently; I noticed that early in this thread someone said that EGW did not have access to the Book of Life because she was not God. I'm sorry but while it is true that EGW is not God and no one ever said she was, she did have access to the Book of Life when God showed her in vision someone who would come up in the first resurrection. As a general rule she had no knowledge but when God showed her, He showed her. 

I think you have gotten some good responses Preethi!  I would add that going to church and hearing the testimonies of how the Lord has worked in the lives of others helps to strengthen our faith!  God bless you!

Yes Pat, ur absolutely Right. Going to chruch will actually strengthens our spiritual life and faith in Christ.. Stay blessed.

That's a very good question. Please let me know when you find the biblical answer.

 this verse is the one  most encouraging to be in  a church building on sabbath together!

And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near. HEB 10:25

and if u look closely it determines what kind of church to go to

a church that encourages you!


not many do that

what does encouragement look like?

well it looks like JESUS on the CROSS!

that kind of love where we all look at each other with unfathomable value

it shows up in encouragement



and with that comes accountabilty

give each other respect and dignity - no matter how different they are from each other

not to coerce or judge or lord over

but to serve each other

valuing  each other with infinite worth of Christs blood!

its not a church if that isnt the practice or the goal

so that verse cant apply to people who cant find that kind of church

maybe its in other places like a 12 step group or anywhere else people seeking GOD knowing and understanding theior frailities who dont try to hide but come out in the light!


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