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Should adventist christians observe christmas?

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I don't see a problem with celebrating Christmas!!

it's an individual choice...............
the world see this as a time to give gifts.......I know that there are a few sda churches which will go out at this time and witness.

I feel this is a great time to witness and even though ppl will say it's a pagan festival at the end of the day it's what you make it.
Excellent post. We should turn the bad rooots of Christmas into something good ... like the birth of Jesus. No need to observe the old pagan ways ... observe the birth of Jesus. So, YES. Celebrate Christmas as our prophetess advised us to do. Put a tree in each and every church. This was what she instructed us to do. Obviously we don't know the day that Jesus was born so why not pick on to celebrate as His birthday.?
And since our Prophetess celebrated it ... I think it would do no harm to have a quarter of venison:

In 1878 ... "Christmas morning we all took breakfast together--James Cornell; Florence and Clara, their two girls; Brother and Sister Moore and their three children; Sister Bahler and Etta, a girl living with them; and Sister Daniells, our cook, Father, and myself. We had a quarter of venison cooked, and stuffing. It was as tender as a chicken. We all enjoyed it very much. There is plenty of venison in market." 14MR 318
I have struggled with this Holiday after I learned about it. My husband is a Catholic by name and he got real upset when I had decided not to do the Christmas tree and I had let the children open there gifts when the received them. I still don't know what to do. I have gone back to putting up the tree and letting the children open gifts on Christmas morning. I just make sure that What I got for them are practical things, things that I know they need and will use. My husband on the other hand likes to go crazy and get them toys and such. I know it makes him happy and I know that this doesn't break any of the ten commandments. But am I wrong for doing this? I make sure my children know that there is more behind Christmas than just gifts.
Recently has had objections to the commecialism and paganism of the holiday. In response my step-mother has tried to make all decorations more natural than what you'd see in a store. And I think the idea of giving your children practical gifts is a good one. Perhaps you and your husband can compromise on what you give and how much you give the children on Christmas. And maybe start a family tradition where on Christmas Eve you read the story of Jesus' birth to your children and explain that you are celebrating a symbolic date. Another idea is for your children to make presents to give each other or also donate one of their gifts to children who are less fortunate. I believe that all of these things will help them understand that the greatest gift was already given to us by God when Jesus was born.
What do you mean by your step-mother making the decorations more natural? I do like the gift exchange idea and the giving away of a gift to some child who is less fortunate. I have never tried to bring up the subject about the 25th not being the actual day that Christ was born. My husband would totally go (Nutso) on me. He already thinks that many of the things that we do (like the way we keep the sabbath) is way out of his league. He had a hard time understanding that my children would no longer go to parties or down to the beach to have a "good" time on the sabbath. Even the little things like no housework was hard for him. I truly appreciate the input though. Thank you very much.
Should we ? Only if one as an individual wants to. The church should not dictate one way or the other.

It was the opinion of our prophet that each church should have a tree displayed at Christmas. But that does not mean that I have to personally. It is up to me. Some think it has pagan origins. IF that interferes ... then fine . Don't celebreate the birth of Jesus ... or find a new date to do so.

Let each person decide.
I agree.
If we can do it in a way that doesn't add the commercialism of the holiday and find a way to Christianlly (I'm not sre that's a word) celebrate the symbolic date for the birth of our savior then... okay.
Thanks to you all! These are some great insights!
Here is something interesting. Lets look at how we as Christians celebrate Christmas on Dec 25th even though we know its origin. Now take a look at how halloween is gradually creeping in the Christian world as "Fall Festival". In the next 20 years how will we as Christians accept the ever increasing popularity (the norm of that day) of celebrating Halloween in the CHristian churches? Changing its name does not change the origin and real prupose. I can only imagine that back then when Christmas started graually creeping into the Christian world that some folks were rationalizing just the same like we are doing now.

Folks, let us be mindful that we are in a war (spiritual) and compromising with the enemy in any form undermines our ability to fight effectively.
Yes. I agree that we should fight it effectively. But I think that turning something bad into something good ... is a good way to accomplish that. Don't you?


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