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I am consumed by the way this presidential election is going. But one of the things that really stands for me is the fact that Obama has received over 500 death treats already and assacination attempts so far. Some of them are so because he is black.

I am also looking at the that polls that puts him so far ahead of John McCain. Obama's goal is unity and change. Not just a change of government but a change of mind sets. The fact that he and his family is willing to die for changing the USA, also speaks volumes.

I will believe that for these reasons and the fact that so many whites are backing him proves that even if he looses the election or even if he is killed, He has already showed the world that we can achieve unity. That having a black presedent it not so bad after all. That blacks and white and other races can come together for a common cause. We can live and work and have fun together. We can love each other.

I should also add that this has happened in because of many reason including that he is also the right black man to run for presedent. As a black guy, I do not vote for just any black man. Obama has the education, the steadiness, the knowledge and the he also not too black. I think that when people are too black or too white in their thinking, it causes problems and people tend to run away from them. Barack Obama has the right mix.

What are your thoughts?

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It only goes to show how ignorant, and uneducated some whites are about seeing a black man in the white house. American leaders over the years have always prided themselves in being the champions of democracy, yet its now very clear that that is not the case. In fact its believed that the US as a country is a poor example of democracy when it comes to its own general elections.

The republican party will do anything, including putting up ineffective voting machines; putting up far less machines in those areas that they expect a large turnout of democrats to be; to keep their inept policies in place.

If anything should happen to Barack Obama, be the first to know, that the US will see a modern revolution that would make their 18th century one pale in comparison. I hope all those whites who have any intention of preventing the people's will being exercised freely, will rethink carefully. I hope they will make a reasonable assessment of the possible backlash that would further destabilize the US's already fragile economy. For those white supremacists who believe that whites are the only capable leaders, let them be reminded that it was under their leadership over the past centuries, that led to the vast cases of injustices ever witnessed against humanity. SLAVERY.

They owe it to themselves firstly, and to those civilized peoples outside the US, to act in a fashion that defines humane behaviour. Let it not be said that the so-called bastion of democracy, and freedom, be seen for what it really is....a fake...a farce...a
Oh Brother ....
check out their voting record.



Project vote smart. And don't forget to pray God's will in this matter! :)
From all accounts it does appear that majority of Americans favour a change of the sentinel, including blacks and whites. The issues that seem to matter most are pegged on the economy. The economy seems to have crowded out the other issues that people don't consider relevant to their survival, and one such is:

1. Pro-life versus pro-rights.

The GOP is depending on the Christian vote for this issue, but as a Christian am I really being shown the real deal vis a vis the pro life argument? The same goes for the pro right argument. Of all the issues on the platform trail, I believe that next to the economy, this one will help to decide who will be the next president of the US.

You'd e surprised to know how much both parties have in common over this issue. I do not believe that the democrats desire to take life. To push that argument would be disingenuous.

Let me paint a scenario for you. What if the doctors told you that your wife's life would be at stake if she were to deliver her infant?

What if these doctors were basing their arguments on past experiences?

As Christians would we choose to operate by faith here, knowing the high risk factors in place, or would we prefer to give the mother under proper medical supervision the free choice to abort?

This is the real deal, isn't it? Here we are faced with 2 risks...that of the mother and infant. If the medical facts can be trusted then one will be forced to live, or, in most cases 2 will be forced to die.

See where I am going with this?
I'm voting for McCain and Palin. I believe in everyone's right to vote for whatever candidate they choose.

As a former member of the Young Socialist Alliance, I am convinced that Obama is a socialist. He favors the government being involved in the redistribution of wealth in America, and he campaigned in 2006 for a socialist candidate running for the US Senate. Obama was voted as the most liberal Senator. He was only in the Senate about 130 days when he decided he was ready to be President. And even his supporters are hard pressed to point to anything significant that he did in the Senate or in the State legislature.

He is a good speaker, that's for sure, but I don't see evidence of how he has been a uniter or leader. He hasn't written or passed a single major piece of legislation.

I'm voting for McCain because he best represents my views, and I'm not voting for Obama because he has many views I don't share.
Thats your right. One of my problems with John McCain is his health problems and his age. And with that brings up the point of Sara Palin. I am just scared to have her as president. She will make a very good Vice-President(not the one in her head but the real role of VP) VP's have nothing to do so she will be fine. I think that the fact that he chose her because of her body parts... trying to pick a female to match Hillary Clinton, scares me about his judgement. If something happens to Obama, Joe Biden will do just fine.

I do not believe that Obama is a socialist and everyone knows it. He has top class advisors who will not stand for that anyway. People are taking what he said to Joe the plumber out of context. John Mc Cain is also giving Obama some free advertising by saying that Obama will share the wealth around. Hmmm, maybe 95% of the working class will love to have some wealth shared around... especially in these hard times. There are many people out there who do not even know what socialism is so to them its like who cares! I am getting some wealth from this guy.

I also think he just used poor choice of words. Also, he will bring restore the good name of the USA back in the eyes of the world. Right now we are looking too good. :-)
What I wish Obama will say to those who don't know is that in order to create jobs and new energy sources, health care, etc. you need to use taxes among other things to do it. In order to help the middle class ans small business he is raising taxes for the rich. By allowing the middle class to keep more of their paycheck, then the more they will spend in the small businesses that do make more than $250.000 and the small ones also.
It's great if he will keep his word that only people making over $250,000 will see a tax increase. However, he previously voted for a tax increase for people making over $42,000 a year.

Now let us see how fast he and his running mate reduce this amount.

1. During the debate period, he was telling people that only those who earn $250,000 will see an increase in their taxes then...

2. On Saturday, Obama released an Ad and reduce the amount to $200,000. Watch his own ad.

3. Again yesteday, Joe Biden redefined this earnings and lowered it again to $150,000. Watch Bidens interview.

At this rate, it won't be long before it goes back down to the $42,000 a year earning will get a tax increase from the Obama administration.
I wonder where these people live anyway? LOL

Do you know of a country that pays its bills without taxing the rich? You see what most people need to perceive is that the $250,000 is gross revenue. A person who makes US$250,000 and under will not be taxed the usual manner under an Obama's administration.

They will be taxed alright, but not as much as when they were under president G.W. Bush's administration. They will receive a tax credit, or reduction in taxes, and that is what the blind followers of McCain isn't seeing.

You see Obama plans to give a bigger tax break to employers who create jobs for people. I can't see how socialism fits into that picture at all. Obama is particularly addressing working class people. The Republicans are disingenious in their description of Obama's plan. Obama didn't plan to give a tax break to people who don't work, but he plans to create jobs for people by using the tax resource garnered from those who are greedy and heartless, who feel they can rip off poor people in order to hoard their wealth.

Well, if this is how they define socialism then God bless
We can agree to disagree. I believe that Obama is honest and sincere about his plan but I also believe that his plans will lead us to become a socialist country.

Check the radio interview he has 7 years ago and compare it to his "Spread the wealth around" comment on Joe the plumber. Socialist idea is always on his record.

God Bless!
Ok that is another example of taking things out of context. He was talking specifically about the unfair treatment as it pertained to civil rights.
So, you are OK with the government getting into the business of redistributing the wealth of Americans?

Ever read Karl Marx and Engel's Communist Manifesto? That is one of the main ideas in it. Progressive taxation for the purpose of redistribution of wealth. Government has no business doing that.

I'm an Adventist and a pacifist, and I believe we need to put Christ first and not get involved in fighting. But if Obama tries to make this into a socialist country, people better get ready for civil war. I'm serious. There are millions of Americans that will take up weapons and go into the streets and mountains to keep the US from going socialistic. This is especially true because Obama is being elected without telling people straight out that he's a socialist. In fact, he is denying it, but anyone who has studied socialism and looked at Obama carefully knows he's one. He campaigned for two socialists. Why would he campaign for socialist candidates unless they are similar in thinking to him? When did a presidential candidate on on a major ticket ever campaign for socialists before? Never before. This is the first time. But I don't think many Americans care. That's the strange part. This never would have happened 20 or more years ago. It's a different country.


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