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I am consumed by the way this presidential election is going. But one of the things that really stands for me is the fact that Obama has received over 500 death treats already and assacination attempts so far. Some of them are so because he is black.

I am also looking at the that polls that puts him so far ahead of John McCain. Obama's goal is unity and change. Not just a change of government but a change of mind sets. The fact that he and his family is willing to die for changing the USA, also speaks volumes.

I will believe that for these reasons and the fact that so many whites are backing him proves that even if he looses the election or even if he is killed, He has already showed the world that we can achieve unity. That having a black presedent it not so bad after all. That blacks and white and other races can come together for a common cause. We can live and work and have fun together. We can love each other.

I should also add that this has happened in because of many reason including that he is also the right black man to run for presedent. As a black guy, I do not vote for just any black man. Obama has the education, the steadiness, the knowledge and the he also not too black. I think that when people are too black or too white in their thinking, it causes problems and people tend to run away from them. Barack Obama has the right mix.

What are your thoughts?

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Is anyone in the Senate more liberal than Obama?

Did you know that he campaigned for a socialist? He also helped campaigned for Raila Odinga, a socialist in Kenya.

I was in the socialist movement and have studied Marxism/ socialism extensively. In August, I went to the demonstrations and protests in Denver during the Democratic convention and photographed the marches there. The socialists all favor Obama. If you analyze Obama's speeches and his voting pattern, you will see that he thinks and talks like a socialist. In any case, whether you want to believe he's socialist, the fact is that he is the most liberal Democratic candidate for the presidency in modern history. Kennedy was a conservative Democrat. Obama is more liberal than McGovern (1972) and more liberal than Gore or Kerry.

I just think Americans should know this before they vote. If they want a socialist, they should know what they're getting before the election, and not afterwards.

Some people don't care if he's socialist. They would vote for him anyway. Like I say, I believe all Americans have a right to vote for whomever they choose. They should just know the people they're voting for, so there are no surprises.

Obama shrugs off charges of socialism, but noted in his own memoir that he frequently sought out associations with leftists.
If he walks and talks like a socialist....

Just remember he said he thinks it's his job to redistribute your wealth.... if you think he should and don't see anything wrong with it, go ahead and vote for him. But I don't think our government was formed in order for it to take wealth from Americans who worked for it and give it to others. If I did that, it would be robbery. If Obama does it, it is still robbery, but if you elect him, Americans deserve whatever he does. He'll enjoy spending all your money.

I know a socialist when I see and hear one. I used to be one myself. All of the socialists in Denver had pictures of him and were dreaming of him winning. None of the socialists wanted McCain. Wonder why.

I'll post some of the pictures I took in Denver at the demonstrations.
That is a bit disingenuous Jim. He never said he'd redistribute wealth. He said he'd spread the wealth around. That statement can be interpreted in any fashion, but in all fairness the best way to interpret such a statement is to see exactly what Obama meant by it initially. go check it out for yourself and be 100% sure about the facts.

Your argument is based on a party slogan. In other words, if Obama weren't accused as being a socialist, would you have come up with such an absurd idea that he was?

I don't think so.
"From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs" ~ Karl Marx

Spreading the wealth around punishes the hardworking people for their success and encourages lazy people to remain lazy.

Yes I believe he is a socialist even before the McCain campaign started branding him as a socialist.
Let me ask you about Bill Clinton. What major accomplishments did he achieve before he decided to run for president? Please don't tell me he was What did Arnold accomplish before he decided to run for governor of California? I could go on.

As for labeling Obama as a socialist, that is so off the mark. Who is a socialist incidentally? What are the implications of socialism, versus capitalism? Not that I am arguing for one or the other, because it really matters not to me personally, but, what has capitalism done for poor people in the US? Do a historical and economic survey and establish the facts. Don't just talk from the top of your head, or don't just repeat a slogan simply because your candidate says it.

Are you an economic expert to be arguing against the virtues of socialism, since you know very little about it?

Allow me to create a situation for you. Let us say that you made 1 million $, and I made $50,000. If I happen to have experienced difficulties somewhere down the road, and I approached you to assist me with some of your revenue, would you have helped me? What would be the Christian thing to do? based on your argument probably you wouldn't.

Look at the greed of those private sector establishments? Look at the millions of disenfranchised workers that run in the millions, who can only watch their hard-earned resources slip from their grip. How will McCain's tax cuts that are geared towards the top 1% of the richest help people who are losing their jobs? McCain doesn't get it.
The majority of the world like Europe, Africa, Asia and South America, where I am from, prefer to have Barack Obama as president of the USA. Although the colour of his skin and his descent seems to speak to the imagination of lots of people around the world, the main reason for their preference is the change Obama wants to bring in the foreign policy of the USA.
The world got tired of 8 years of the bush administration and the war in Iraq that had no solid reason. The economic crisis that we are facing now made people and world leaders worldwide question the supreme position the USA claim to have in the world and they are looking for president who will get them out of this crisis and avoid the mistakes that the Bush administration has made.
At first I was really excited to see a person from a minority group reaching this far in a USA election, but now I really wonder if Obama is experienced enough to get the USA and the world out of this mess.

I also look to those elections from a biblical perspective. Based on the Book of Revelation and the spirit of prohecy the USA will play a major role in enforcing the sunday law on this world and actually I don't like the idea that such a wonderful and warm person as Barack Obama will be part of this.
Let me ease your fears for a minute shiningeyes. Based on the American political system no president can run the US all by himself, or herself. Think about it for a minute. Why appoint Advisors, or Departmental Secretaries if any president had all the answers?

I might add what sort of experience does McCain have either? How much difference would John make anyway? Are people confusing John's ability to endure torture, with how he would handle an international crisis, God forbid, if one should occur? Listen John got shot much for being able to evade enemy fighters. All this gloating about John McCain is all a big ado about nothing.

Obama would do a better job than McCain anytime, any day, any how, if the US would experience some crisis within his first months in office. Why do I say that? Just look at how John is conducting his campaign? If he cannot take control over a campaign, how does anyone expect him to act in crisis? His campaign is in a crisis. As a matter of fact John will become a lame duck president under a democratically controlled senate, and congress anyway, so why waste time? John is 72 years old. Do you expect him to be able to survive the rigours of the presidency? And if he cannot, do the American people desire to see Sarah Palin assume the presidency?

I don't think so.
the top 50% of tax payers pay 97% of the total taxes. The top 1% pay 40%. How do you only raise takes on the wealthy when they pay most of the taxes?
I think that Joe the Plumber is right.
When the terrorists attack the US again, who would you want to stand up for you? Obama or McCain? I don't especially like either one of them but I do know which one I would prefer "guarding my back". 'nuff sed


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