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I am consumed by the way this presidential election is going. But one of the things that really stands for me is the fact that Obama has received over 500 death treats already and assacination attempts so far. Some of them are so because he is black.

I am also looking at the that polls that puts him so far ahead of John McCain. Obama's goal is unity and change. Not just a change of government but a change of mind sets. The fact that he and his family is willing to die for changing the USA, also speaks volumes.

I will believe that for these reasons and the fact that so many whites are backing him proves that even if he looses the election or even if he is killed, He has already showed the world that we can achieve unity. That having a black presedent it not so bad after all. That blacks and white and other races can come together for a common cause. We can live and work and have fun together. We can love each other.

I should also add that this has happened in because of many reason including that he is also the right black man to run for presedent. As a black guy, I do not vote for just any black man. Obama has the education, the steadiness, the knowledge and the he also not too black. I think that when people are too black or too white in their thinking, it causes problems and people tend to run away from them. Barack Obama has the right mix.

What are your thoughts?

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I am not understanding your analysis. Break it down a bit for me. Is it taxes, or revenue you're trying to say? Remember that the tax system in the US isn't fair right now.

If I make US$1m, and you make US$200M, and we both pay at 35%, who wins and who loses?
Win or Lose .... Obama has shown that we in the US are not racist.
and win or lose that there are thousands of us that are easily duped. /nuff sed
Agreed. The guy has NO experience.
And just LOOK at his friends.
I am almost more afraid of those who are behind Obama pulling his strings than I am of him.../nuff sed...
Which Friend? Are you talking about these people? He denies his relationship with all those friends right? The question is can we believe his words?

Obama is dangerous ... not doubt. He AND his friends.
Why is he dangerous versus you? You are dangerous for trying to divide this forum. Am I fair in saying that about you?
This forum is no different than this country ... Divided. Did you think this forum was united for Obama? Surprise.
Who is at fault regarding the Financial Crisis in the United States.

There's lots of finger pointing between the republican and the democrats but what actually happened in the congress?

Watch the conversation here and know the truth.


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