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Why is that most SDA people discourage family planning methods? Don't they think that a familly needs to be planned for,inorder to meet all needs!

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Much as it is necessary to plan our family, there is need for carefulness. SDA people don't discourage family planning as far as I know but we need to take our time to know which method can best work for our families.
Most of this methods of family planning have adverse effect especially on women, am talking from experience, so I presume that SDA foresee the kind of problem that could come from it.
Thanks for your comment please view this issue from both angles I mean also on men's side for instance Vasectomy
I rate this question as a #4 because I hear a lot of diffrent opinions on it and I think it is very vital to know how to how to deal with family planning as a SDA member. I would like to see the biblical evidence speaking out against it. As Adesina says we should really do some research as some of these methods do have adverse effects so we do have to be very careful and speak to our obgyn.

I do disagree with the single SDA woman using contraceptive unless it is for medical reasons. I find that when that happens it acts as a temptation in that things can happen but the person is 'protected'.

As a woman I would like to think that I have a measure of control over my body. Having children can sometimes become dangerous for women and then sometimes after 2 or 3 children that couple may decide that they cannot afford anymore. I see nothing wrong with using contraception as a married SDA person.

I do not agree with the tying of the tube or a vasectomy though. I can't quite explain my feelings on this but I do not think a person should interfere with certain things unless it is in an emergency.
I think it will be wrong if we have a lot of children and cannot provide for them. It will not be pleasing in God's sight. indeed family planning methods are important because when we fail to plan we plan to fail.
Personally I think God is a God of order and so applies to His people. SDA Church is not against Family planning at all.
What husband and wife decide to do with God in their midst is always successful. Just like my fellow friends said here before, it depends with the method.

I've read abit theoretically about what Oral Contraceptives do, and For an Adventist if I'm to go to into details it's sad. I understand now they have introduced Oral contraceptives for men.
The whole thing is about redesigning what the Lord had designed in perfect before.
Actually people have got cancers, failed to conceive because of the extensive use of Oral contraceptives/ hormone based birth control methods.
What your local GP/ Pharmacist won't tell you is the adverse effects, which by the way are life threatening.

Besides vasectomy, there exists other reliable methods although not 100% reliable but they are effective such as using CDs for the part of men.
It's true that family planning must be observed,but what matter more is how you do and what methods and equipments are you using.Don't forget that your body is the tamble of don't need to defile it since you will be accountable for family planning is concerned,then abstaining in due time is recommended,hence you will live long and enjoy more.


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