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A friend of mine has been married for the past 23 years. Her husband is very unfaithful to her, he even tries to beat her and is not performing the roles of a husband e.g refuse to support his family. He is asking for forgiveness yet doing the same thing, what advise will you give to her should she devorce him even though she loves him or endure the hardship. note carefully they are SDA members

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I echo your sentiments

what are the actions of womens ministries or deacony for this sister? Is there, except you, no one else she can turn to?

Further, how can a bad marriage be a "light" for the people to see? That is our commission. I guess not all the neighbours are adventist, so what example is given by that couple ? Just think about it, what would God like....

We'll pray for her!
Do not know , women ministries is not that vibrant in our church since Sister C migrtaed to U.K on diplomatic duties with her husband
There should be a "Family Life Director" to handle such issues.
He/she works hand in hand with the women ministries director.
Sammy I totally agree with you...

We need to put organizations or methods in place to help families in this kind of situation instead of the usual which is to say to pray for them..yes we do need to pray but we also have to be helpful in being there for the children the mother and the husband...I hope that you guys are understanding what I am saying..I don't agree with his treatment but he too needs help.
I agree
As much as it is expected to love your husband, it is expected to be loved as a wife. In loving your husband ,do you forget to love yourself? I would hope not! And is it not recorded in the scriptures that a couple becomes one flesh when they give themselves to each other in marriage. (genesis 2:24) now why in the name of holyness will he try to hit his wife? According to 1timothy 5:8 your husband has already denied the faith and is worst than an infidel. This is a very serious matter, your friend should seek spiritual advise from her pastor. she also need to spend quality time with GOD in prayer. keeping the family together is important. Especially when children are involve. I see GOD move mountains this is only smoke for HIM to blow away.
I'm sure God must have solved this problem by now well I'm just joining and I'm interested in this topic.

This is a very delicate issue. To deal with unfaithfulness in marriage is not a joke. If you have never experinced it, you will not understand. First of all this man is sick and needs help. It'll be unfair to abondon a sick hunsband and run away. According to you. he even tried to beat her that means he had not succeeded for once that makes it safe to still stay and help. He is asking for forgivenss-that means he is aware that what he is doing is not good you can see that he is helpless. I think divorce may not be the best since Jesus Himself hates it. If you believe in the power of prayer, then pray and fast for him to be healed. It's interesting that you still love him so pls pray for him. he may not change overnight but God will give you the strength to endure.
hard one unfaithful means divorce


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