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how w can improve our faith many of us r falling away frm god many of us r spend time doing what we want and not what god wants how can we help those who falling away how can help theese people to return to truth and help them to cum bk to god and how we can make things look appeel to them and still make it based on scripture feel free on commnting this disscussion

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hi ,

i would say that we need to be supportive , everyone would be at a different stage in their lives but in light of spirituality we need to help each othet get to heaven . No one is perfect an can do it on their own that's why we have friends and family . Many people will come in and out of our lives but before they leave you as a christian should be able to have an impact or some influence on them in relation to our christain walk , every person you meet will be different an so th esame remedy will not be applicable to each situation but my advise is to acknowledge god in everything an he will be sure to guide our path.
that true but not many people have friends espically thoose who run away or orphans we should consoladate theese the faith we have to help them to reconise that god loves them and he sent us as christians to encourage and guide them to find hope so they can become part of the family of god and not be forgotten

One of the most effective way to build the muscle of faith is working to gathner the lost soul, helping to collect the harvest... This process needs much prayers and fasting only to produce much faith.. if you don't then the work is fruitless..
Any work for or of God requires prayers that produce faith...

To the new babes faith can be produce from listening words of God, reading ....

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful. Hebrews 10:23
faith is believing the unseen and as christians we have decided to have faith in God whom we do not see, but allthat is around us proofs that God is very much present in us. many things are happening in the world now especially when we read matt 24 what haven't we witnessed? earthquakes, look at the most recent that happened in china, look at what happened in myammar, nations are fighting againast nations the case of iraq and america, people love money more than God, noone cares to go to church or even pray but for us still we believe and we got faith and the only way to maintain it is spend much time on our knees and pray. it is the only way we can improve on our faith.
God bless
that is true there so much greed and power but when tragic strikes then they turn to god it show how much improvement there is as that scripture c;learly shows about rumours wars and earthquakes in diverse places i just hope that this could be the wake up call we need to cum back to god
Hi, this has worked tremendously for me personally in improving my faith.
STEVEN said it best.
Winning souls builds faith,converting people builds faith.I can't honestly give the ins and outs on how this works but it does.Jesus calls us all to work for souls and if we are not doing that,Elijah like faith cannot be built.

As for those who are falling away pray for them and talk to them,they probaly need a support base of people to urge them on.Things will look appealing when they see Jesus in you.Jesus is appealing.

We can't just bring in the converts;we gotta keep them here.
yes that true as i pray for it and remember jesus is the back bone of our faith in is father who art in heaven the ones that are falling out , we need people to be more sensitives or caring, in prayers, in physical touch and remind them that the family of God, we care for them... these will built their faith back..
Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers. -- Galatians 6:10
yeah we should do good to theese people espeically thoose who are living in poverty and we can give them a lease of light so they can become a better person


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