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I will like to know the position of the church as regards women/ladies wearing trouser even to the point of wearing it to the church. can we say it varies from culture to culture or what?

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Perhaps you might like to add a comment there and it will keep everything under one heading :-)
We cant judge people by their appearance, there are lots of good people who wear trouser and there are lots of bad people who wear women's apparel.
This discussion is already on the forum and I chose then not to comment, but I just felt like putting in my two cents. The church's position is that it is okay, since I have seen folks from Maranatha Int'l even coming to church in their trousers. My question is though, what is men's garment? Is it just his trousers? What about his shirt, jersey, shoes, etc. In all the pictures I have seen of Jesus, there is none with him in a trouser. WORSHIP is an individual matter. Let me give you a scenario, A couple of weeks ago this very discussion took place in my church and the following week a visitor turned up in her well fitted pants suit for church, would you believe that a female member (who is the biggest gossiper in church) confronted the lady about her outfit, and the outcome, the lady left the worship service vowing never to return. The church has standards, but if a teaching is controversial and does not get in the way of your worship then leave it alone. Let the Holy Spirit do the convicting. I have seen some Sisters coming to church lately in some skirts and all I can say is, Lord have mercy, it would be better if they wore trousers. It all boils down to one's relationship with El Shaddai.
I agree with you. though I don't know the church position about it if they have any.It's very very cold here in MI and I hardly go out in skirts church or no church.
It depends on the church, region of the world(temperature -- I live in Montana and it can get to -30 plus below and we at church all wear pants) and culture.
It does, indeed, vary from culture to culture. I know of no position of the church either for or against.


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