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I have travelled in alot of places and found that the keeping of the Sabbath holy is different from places to places. I am beginning to wonder what does this mean? Let me give an example, in the state of Ohio, I was invited there for one weekend to a particular academy. After the divine service, the program for the afternoon was snow boarding from the top of the hill to the bottom. Students, faculty including the chaplin all participated. In the Pacific and some parts of Asia, the attitude to keeping the sabbath is that of attending AY, or having a quiet meditation with the Lord. In some places I have discovered that Adventists actually use the sabbath afternoon for exercising. It leaves me with confusion. Can anyone enlighten me?

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Greetings. Sorry for the late reply.

Is hiking on sabbath, nature walk, swimming doing God's will on the sabbath? Do we hike and just add the singing and the devotion just because it is sabbath?

Clearly, Adam and Eve did not have a church to attend because God always fellowshipped with them in the garden before the fall. Were they hiking? No. The garden was their home!

Sometimes it may not be as clear cut. If we go to the Jewish interpretation of what is holy on the sabbath day, we are jumping to another extreme.

However, it is clear that the standards we uphold our sabbath keeping is as different as night and day. If the principle keeping the sabbath holy is to be our guide, how do we keep the sabbath holy?????

The application is not clear to me at least and a little enlightenment on this will help greatly!
My husband is an elder and I have a hard time with him regarding this subject. In fact I gave up last week.

They always have meetings on that day, board meeting, Elders' meeting, meetings about anything regarding the church. Even the business meeting can take place on that day.

He justifies it by saying that they are discussing matters of the church.

I do not believe that the way to keep the sabbath holy.

It is the most tiring day for him as well as for me and our baby. Sometimes I want to cry when I see the effect it has on our son. We barely see my dear husband, sometimes we may have 5 or 15 minutes for our lunch together. We leave home around 8 in the morning and can come back around 7 ior even 9 in the evening.

I do not want our son to grow up thinking that is what keeping the sabbath holy means.

I would like us to go to the service in the morning, then to go back home for our lunch, spend time together, rest, because we do need to do so and then do some activities in the afternoon as a family: bible studies, walks, etc. I do agree that some sabbath afternoons, we can meet for some activities with the brethren.

We should not do whatever we want on sabbath days. The day is holy and we should keep it holy according to what God expects. It is a time for worship with the brethren, a time for family. Most of all. a time to get a closer relationship with God. And all activities done on that day should have this goal in mind.

And when one keeps the sabbath holy: what a blessing!


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