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In one of the other discussions I read the following quote: "..the church in Europe and Americas is not so strict when it comes to searching, locating and discipline the culprits." This was in reference to one particular sin but any transgression of the ten commandments would be the same.

I shuddered to think of that horrible image of my church! Searching out sinners, finding them (of course!), and then disciplining them. My next thought of course was, "Oh no! They are going to find me!" Because I am the chief among sinners... and yet I like being a part of my church. I am on my journey toward sanctification and being Christ-like, but I am sure not there yet. I would venture to say none of us are.

Why do some believers think we need a "Spanish Inquisition" style search to root out sin (sinners?) in our church? I understand that we have rules. But that quote portrayed the least Christ-like church imaginable. Please include your basis quotes.

How does this fit in with what Christ did when zealots tried to do this same thing in Christ's time? "Woman, where are your accusers? Is there no-one left to condemn you? Neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more." (John 8)

God bless,

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Good topic Clark.

As it relates to disciplining church members, I have always believed that such measures should be done in love, but balanced with justice. We all fall into diverse temptations, and as you correctly pointed out.... you are, and I would venture to say we all are, on a journey toward sanctification.

There has to be a balance. Church members must not be led to believe that all they have to do is simply confess and be re-instated, depending on the nature of the offense. There should be proper education by church pastors, and leaders about the gravity of sin and its far reaching effect.

Too often we set the wrong precedent. One nagging issue in the church, at least in my part of the vinyard, is teenage pregnancy, as a result of fornication. Many young ladies it seems have this attitude that its no big deal getting pregnant because in time the church will come to accept them as if nothing happened. A simple slap on the wrist is almost anticipated.

Part of the problem lies in the way most of our new converts enter the church, and especially our youth. Its almost as if the local congregation has become a social club, where youth attract other youth, but the attraction doesn't so much lead them to Christ. It somehow leads them to a clique rather than to a level of serious spirituality.

This is not to say that they are not some seriously spiritual young people. Thank God for the few.

In essence my suggestion is (especially to church pastors), make sure new converts are educated properly. They should be led to appreciate that sins committed publicly should be dealt with publicly by the members of the church. Newly baptised, or those who enter upon the profession of faith, should be led to appreciate that the church has no option but to discipline open sin, and that in so doing its not because they are worse off than those carrying out the discipline.

Discipline should be tempered with truthfulness and love.

Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28

I am happy with the responses you've all given. Disciplining members is a very painful experience for both the church as well as the member under discipline. The guiding motive should be love, the purpose is to save and not to condem, like some of you have said. I've been a member of this church for over 20 years. I 've seen many members going through the painfull procedure of church discipline. And now, 20 years later, I wonder If it was worth it since more disciplined members have left the church than stayed within. Isn't it about time that the church evaluates its disciplining methods and considers its motives for disciplining members and adjust it more to the biblical principles that most of you have mentioned?
Who is with out sin cast the first stone is my answer to the topic question, but on the other havd persistent and blatant sin in the church should the heavily disciplined.
Hi. :) I read something interesting about this recently in an "Adventist classic." In it, the writer referred to Galatians, about how, when one is overcome in a sin, the brother who is spiritual should go to him in a psirit of meekness and restore him/
The writer went on though to say some really lovely things-that for one, the brother should consider himself.. consider that, I supppose, the same thing could have happened to him. And before going to his brother, he should go to the Lord, and see if there be anything in his heart that has been offensive, and maybe even see if something he may have done caused his brother to sin.
Then, the writer continued to say that by the time he actually goes to his brother, after seeing if his heart is right, it may be that the brother himself may have actually already freed himself from the enemy's grasp.
I think,in my opinion,overall it's best if we can protect the "sinner", cover them, rather than expose and humiliate them, just as Jesus does with us.

lol Clark 

The Catholics use excommunication.  We don't.  Sometimes our church  disfellowship though.

Biblically as  Ron says, we cannot retain Achans in the camp. 

with loving care and remembering that Christ died for us

If since childhood one has autodiscipline  oneself. It is a plus. But as u mention the word means that we are all sinners.. we have our weakness therefore we might be a model for one thing and a downfall for something else. Then Jesus is our model. Discipline is there just like attending church service on time or be in sabbath school just 5 mins before starting. It is a question of how much you are god fearing and how much you wish to retain from being God fearing. All goes well when there is unity in the one who died for us at Golgotha..during his stay on earth Jesus has given so many example..focusing on Him is our only way to get discipline and then we will not think in terms of a sinner but rather in term of a disciple and a followr of Christ.

A more important question is why doesn't the Church teach and follow ALL torah laws, as shown here ? - Rob


 sadly we as  christians pick and choose what to keep and what to throw away and find scriptures to back our thinking up

even from the New testament and Sermon on the mount

everyday small life or big movements



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