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I believe kissing by unmarried Christians is wrong as it is likely to lead to lusting and other wrong acts and we should shun the very appearance of evil.

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let us understand that in ma cultures kissing is a greeting, so do want to convince me that the type of this cultures r committing sin?

Wow I'm impressed! Seriously that takes a wild amount of self control.
What abt hormones? I know some people who need to take hormone replacement just to enjoy and pleasure their partner.

Although I think you, personally, have carefully guarded the line and it's easier for you. SOME say once crossed it's easier or next to impossible to restrain self after that. In fact, somewhere in the New Testiment, Paul suggests that YOUNGER widdows should marry and get involved with family life and concerns because of their lack of self-control. Just an example of the principle..
Actually that is true... Once you have the experience you do lack a certain amount of control.... Unless it's a bad experience... If it is not a good experience it can actually have the opposite affect and leave you felling indifferent about the whole subject..

I agree. And those who claim to restrain from it are only fooling themselves and not being honest to others.It is nearly impossible and even abnormal. Unrealistic and possibly unhealthy.

The answer is "self control."

I believe kissing is to be judged by the individual who is engaging in it. The Bible does not say kissing is wrong. Even there were man kissing another man in the Bible. It all depends on the purpose of the kiss and how, when, where you do it. It can be right in many cultures but not all.

I live in a country were kissing publicly is strictly prohibited. Going against could end you up in the hands of authorities but then we should see it in a Christian manner. There can be many meanings for kissing someone. If our intention is correct, then I believe there is nothing wrong in kissing.

I agree that temptation of lust is very high in teenage time especially when you are in a courtship but bear in mind that when you are in a courtship, try to things/activities that would make both your relationships stronger this include activities like going dating, kissing etc. The Bible says that an act of lust over things that does not belongs to you is a sin.

If its not from a mutual consent, even a kiss is considered a sin if you interpret it right. Again as I said earlier, it depends on your intention. Positively, a kiss can really make your relationship stronger and steady but its not the only thing that could make it strong and steady.

This is just my opinion. If you find it wrong, please forgive me. God bless all of ya.
I agree to what you said my brother. It depends upon the motive, and yet there is great danger in kissing, esp. in unmarried individuals. It's a no-no for us Christians.
I was blessed upon reading "NOT EVEN A HINT" by Josua Harris. Though he's not an SDA, the principles incorporated in that book is Bible and Christ-centered regarding keeping the heart from lust. Prov.4:23, Ps.51:10, Ps. 119:11, Ps.19:14...It's far better to abstain from appearance of evil!
I think people should wait until married to kiss because it can lead to intercourse especially if they dont have self control also they would have nothing exciting to look forward to when married.
I agreed to what brother Daniel commented and yet what is more important is the heart? Why engage in kissing? Is it because of love or lust? Ca it glorify God? 1 Cor.10:31
Yes what you have asked is a very good question. I think that is what we should always ask ourselves before deciding on our action. Can it glorify God?

For un-married individual's the temptation is that high that just a small step away would make you fall for lust and completely ruin your love. The power of lust can destroy ourself but the power of God's love will always protect and make us strong in Christ. Amen.
I really don't see anything wrong with an unmarried couple kissing.

It really is a personal conviction and control over one's own self. We need to take respoonsibility for our actions.

A person can still lust without kissing. Just by looking a man or woman can be aroused so I really don't agree with the statement.

You have to know what you want for yourself and be committed enough to God and your beliefs.
Hi Cherylann,
Thanks for responding to the discussion. The Bible says everything we do should be done for the glory of God. My conviction is that kissing by unmarried people is an act to gratify the flesh and not and act to glorify God.


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