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Should a Christian listen to secular music? Is listening to secular music harmful to a Christian? .

In the church manual it says that any music pertaining to rock, jazz or any hybrid forms should be shunned. Are there any Bible texts or biblical principles, or principles from the writings of Ellen White, to help us understand this issue of music?

Where do we stand on the issue of Music?

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Music was in heaven, before it was 'defiled', and And as we know Satan uses music to influence us greatly. Music can just has that certain effect on the mind, and so much influence... that is one thing that I'm sure we all agree on. But every time I see this topic, or it is discussed in church, there tends to be no definite resolve. There are always opinions, logical and great biblical points.

I personally, I don't know for how many other people, when I hear a song... especially Christian music I listen to the lyrics. I don't just check to see if the lyrics have God once or twice in the song. That doesn't always define a Gospel song anyway in my opinion. The songs I listen to are contemporary Christian or Gospel, Christian songs mostly. I rarely listen to other types of music But for every song I listen to I have sermon, imprinted in my mind. I list to anything which give me a positive message, a scripture. I even go as far as searching for the intent of the song, what the band name means, where the inspiration came from, the message. I treat each song like a sermon. Well there are always a few songs which have contradictory belief's such as death, and people looking down on us after they are dead etc, but for the most part, I know some really inspiring songs. And as a brother said earlier, there is even Rap (ok I'm really really picky when it comes to Gospel Rap, if I can't get a message out of it I don't listen to it. If I know you can't understand the lyrics, or much less hear them, I won't listen to it with those who can't understand it. Beats and noise in music are one thing, but If I Genuinely feel I Got something message, some verses, which are still imprinted in my head from the song, I'll listen to it. And I honestly use those scriptures on a daily basis, to get through the day etc.. Thats just the effect it has on me. Some people have no problem with it different types of music. But I think that music is one of those things which really splits up the church, and thats why there are so many churches with different worship styles to favor each one's preference, and belief's... to me its Sad, but thats the reality.

There is also the effect of desensitizing your ears, or adjusting to the music. I know that certain things in music i've gotten used to, there was a point where I didn't listen to any gospel music which had a fast tempo and even 'slight beats'.But even so, even with all of the different Genre's of music, I could never adjust to hearing ppl scream, and imitate heavy metal Rock groups. It just hurt my spirit, and I never got into it. Everyone is different. The word stays the same. But Surely you have a conscience. God gave you one. Everyone has a different extreme true, but there are some things you just know aren't appropriate.

Now there are songs you play in church, and there are songs I don't think are appropriate for a church setting. Thats just me.

There are alot of contemporary artists, especially nowadays who write their songs so that they could be interpreted by anyone how they feel like it. This is done basically to increase sales to the secular world, and officially, used to get a secular person to get interested in the music, look up the artist, and their background and I guess be a 'witness for Christ.

In the question... Jazz.... isn't Take 6, considered as a Gospel Jazz group? Do we consider their harmonies bad as well? (forgive me I don't think I read ALL of the previous entries to this topic, if that question was answered), or is it just the instrumental part of music we are concerned about?

Well this was just a little bit of my view on music.

I like to compose, and sing, so music means a lot to me. I usually listen to and write, Christian and contemporary Christian music.

This is a big topic to me, so i'm still rtying to learn all I can about music and how it really affects people and how to use it as a witness. as I sad earlier, i've heard the scripture...

1 Corinthians 9:19-23 - Though I am free and belong to no man, I make myself a slave to everyone, to win as many as possible. To the Jews I became like a Jew, to win the Jews. To those under the law I became like one under the law (though I myself am not under the law), so as to win those under the law. To those not having the law I became like one not having the law (though I am not free from God's law but am under Christ's law), so as to win those not having the law. To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some. I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings."

used alot. So How do ou use this scripture in music.... without compromising? And How to be the best christian witness, with music?
Dear and Blessed Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Sr. White said that music can be a wonderful blessing or a terrible curse. That's quite a range and danger also. Here a a couple very general guidelines.
1. Music sould be balanced between Rhythm, Melody and Harmony. If one is too heavy or lacking then things begin to get out of balance and that becomes dangerouse to our mind and spirit.
2. Music goes STRAIGHT into the brain WITHOUT going through the Frontal Lobe (where our conscience is). We can have mental and physical effects from the music hit us BEFORE we even begin to think about whether it is right or wrong. That's why "listening to the lyrics" is NOT a good way to divide "good" music" for "bad" music. Actually much so-called "classical" music is does not pass the "balance" test. It is choppy, filled with disharmony, the melody is lacking, so it is NOT uplifting or restful.
3. "Romantic" music turns your thoughts to "love" and focuses on the "physical" aspects of the love relationship. If you are single, BE VERY CAREFUL how you focus on the physical part of the love relationship. Don't get led into the "Adventist" courtship where you do everything to each other that a husband and wife do, except make a baby.
4. If you have a "License" to drive the "physical car" of your partner (marriage that is) then you can perhaps listen to some romantic music together, because you don't have to "hold back" and get all frustrated as a single person.
5. As we all know, much of the Sunday-keeping world used the same rhythms, harmonies and melody styles as to the pagan spiritualistic and shamanistic or anamistic belivers in their ceremonies to call the "spirits" so BE CAREFUL what "spirit" you call up when you choose, play, tune in or listen to modern music.
6. Watch carefully how you feel and think after you have played your music. Are you closer to Christ? Are your thoughts on Heavenly things and themes? Are your sights lifted above the "earthly" and focused on "heavenly" things? Or are you aggitated, love sick, "horny", depressed, angry, sad, etc. Where is the focus of your attention?
7. Music is entrancing or uplifting. Are you "caught in the web" or are you drawn upward by the "green cord of faith"? Ask God ON YOUR KNEES what HE wants you to listen to and then ASK Him to give you the strength and wisdom to make the choice that will make you the GREATEST soul winner and helper. Music should make you MORE valuable to God and should NOT endanger you or your neighbor.
God bless you all!
Thank you so much My brother for this information. God bless
Wow I just stumbled across this post and Wow oh bwoy Wow. Well just thought I would add my two cents worth. I am a gospel recording artiste and I utilise various genres of musical style to promote the gospel. From Reggae to Rap from RnB to Extempo, now I was born an Adventist, Grew and Adventist Baptised an Adventist, Backslid an Advenist and Rebaptised an Adventist. I have heard all the arbitary arguments against so call secular music. I minister to Adventist, Sunday people and also non christians. I understand the theology of SDA so I would never use a genre of music that I know would offend SDA's in a SDA church. Infact when I do SDA functions I mainly do poetry I tend not to use any music at all.

When I minister to my Penty brothers I know I have a little more liberty so I might make use of a reggae tune or RnB Tune and when I am doing my thing for the unsave I might even drop a tune on a secular rhythm. On my last album I did a sont on the "drop leaf rhythm" called come home using the words of the Hymn "Softly and Tenderly".

I realise that to a lot of people it is scandalous to merge the two and we are told that we should not merger the sacred with the secular. But if the truth be known 75% of the songs in out hymnals are a merging of sacred writers and secular composers. Yet we sing them thoses songs in Divine service as if they came directly from the throne of heaven. Folks say we should not isten to secular songs so I guest we should not sing folk songs either.

I grew up listening to Jim Reeves who sang country and western with Gospen music, but country and western is not a Gospel genre. He simply added his gospel words to the tunes and hey presto it becomes sacred.

For those who think you you should not listen to RnB Rap gospel etc I owud very much love for you to furnish me with a genre of music that is sacred/ heavenly untouched by secular influence.

Respect to you my brother.... Thankss for taking time to share your comments on this topic... God Bless you as you continued to minister in songs..
you can try it!the music not must be remember worldly one!
I have so much to say about the proper music to listen to. First ask yourself especially young pople if Jesus were sitting right here with us would you be listening to the music your liesening to now? If rhe answcer is no then we shouldnt listen to it at all.
I do like southern gospel, but not all of it, it doesnt take the place of the old hyms though. The christain rock, should be ban in our churches, and our kids should be taught that that kind of music, is rock only the names have been changed. Dont you know that The Lord is sadend by the disrespect our Adventist people show Him with the music we have in our churches? Music is the most wonderful expressions of how we feel about our Lord. I agree shun the rock, jazz, and some of the hard rock music that kids say is worship. If we accept this then were telling our kids that we dont have to reverence the Lord at all.
Thank you for sharing with us your opinions. After all ... that's all we have. But I was curious as it where in the Bible we might find some of your thoughts on this issue.
I agree to the intersments being played in church. What I think is wrong is the way its played. When you put the hard rock, or rap type music not only in church but anywhere we arent respecting God. Our minds should be stayed on Christ at all times. All this music does is cause people to think of where the music came come from to start with. I think that if God were to be here now as He really is, then we wouldnt be listening to this type of music. Denise
I dunno. Jesus ROCKS.
How can you take God so gradually. My Lord is awsome and deserves the highest respect, and If there is any kind of music that doesnt do this then it shouldnt be listened to. Whats wrong with the Old Rugged Cross, Amazing Grace, etc. You know that most of those songs were written by people who were being put under severe trials. I love Southern Gospes, but when it goes beyond this then I think its wrong. Denise
the church already has other orientations on this subject and just who was baptized in one year or less,is entitled to have doubts about this, or the local church is guilty about it!
there is a book compiled from Ellen White on this issue in several languages which makes the matter as clear as possible!
to praise GOD, the music must be sacred, (separate) special and not copied, imitated because he deserves or does not deserve?
about music for the day to day christian, we can hear secular music, whom according to medicine, the rhythm of the music, not damage your neurons, and that does not appear words against God, against Christian morality, as well as authors whom do not are blasphemous misconduct or moral exemplar or drugged, homosexual etc.
in 1972, GC decided to something about music in a council, and also as divisions south Amerian, among others decided a final vote on music!
a simple search in any language about "Adventist Philosophy of Music" can also help!
today ,the biggest mistake according with the church, is an inordinate increase of soloists!
Antonio Benetti
On duty and on call White researcher and Conductor


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