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If i have to tell on this, its simple. jus a word answer "NO".
we talk a lot but we wont express in our practical life....
wat do you people say,?
do U agree With me.

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I think of what Paul said, I do what I don't want to do. It is about our heart. No one can truly keep the commandments 100% of the time. Only Jesus did that. But by the grace of God we can live under the covering of Jesus' perfection. It should be our desire to do God's will, and His commandments are his will. When we fall short of perfection we need the grace of God to show us our error and help us correct it. Christianity is a work in progress. We will always be growing and changing and hopefully becoming more of the person that God wants us to be. The Commandments are there to show us our need of a savior. And because of our love for God we do the things that will make him happy to the best of our ability. Where we fall short, Jesus makes it perfect in us. And if we listen, he will show us where we need to change and improve.
Can you tell me who follow all the commandments i will like to meet this perfect christian??????
True True True!
If you understood me to say that we can be perfect then you misunderstood me. What I am saying is that we can only make that our goal. It is Christ who was perfect. But because we can not be perfect, does that mean that we should not even try to keep the commandents? I don't think so. Where our abilities end, Christ's perfection begins and he makes our imperfection into perfection in God's eyes.
ya thats true,.
thanks for ur response..
Don, If I were to agree with you I will be casting an attitude of gloom and doom on myself. We need to stop trying to keep the law in order to be saved and ask the Lord to save us so that we can be obedient to all of his commandments. Everything we do in this life should be out of love and not fear. Thank God for his grace and mercy because it is only through grace we are able to overcome our limitations. When we show love to God (the embodiment of the first 4 commandments) and then love to our neighbours (embodiment of the other 6 commandments) with the aid of the Holy Spirit then our lives will no longer reflect that of a talk show. The bible admonishes us to be doers of the word. We are not perfect but when we sin we have an advocate with the father Jesus Christ who alone is perfect. This topic only requests a bit of soul-searching and then some action because I am positive that there are a huge amount of good Seventh-day Adventist Christians out there.
i think we do to the best of our ability ,as humans i thank God every day for the fact that he is God and he judge according to his will, our perfection is in Christ Jesus so as long as we have every intention to live for Christ and in Christ we will keep the ten commandments, we know that there are some that say they are Christ but live contrary to his will but there are those who do keep his commandment, i pray that you are one who do express the commandments in your life because brother it must start with you and i G OD BLESS.
Tats a wonderful thought carol. trhanks for ur reply...
hope we'l be there at the last time facing evrything for our lord Jesus.
exactly,. it is by His grace alone... we should folow His commandments by his grace n love n not of fear....
thanks for tat reply,.
yea i thinks its about our heart , because we can say that we dont murder are we dont steal are we dont commit adultry are we keep the sabbath. but do we really know what it truly mean to do those things .how about taking the name of the lord in vain we do it all the time without even realizing it .taking is name in vain is not only about using is name but also about how we live our life. what we should also note is this if we keep the commandments fully with out ever braking one in our entire lifetime . but we didnt accept Jesus it would do us no good we would still be lost. its by accepting Jesus as our saviour that we are save , now we dont keep the commanments to be save because we cant be save by keeping the commandments. we keep the commandments because and when we are save . so God saves us first by his grace and then when we are save we strive daily to keep his commandents because we love our God and we want to please him . so i thinks that if we love and trust God , if we allow him to take full control of our life he will work in us in such a way that will enable us to keep the commandments without even trying . but we have to let go of self and let God .and that is where we fail . we dont know how to let go and let God . we keep depending on self to keep the commandments thats why we are all talk and no action. and its so sad because many of us adventist is going to be lost .simply because we have the truth but we dont use it . but he knows our heart and if its our heart desire to keep his commandments we will by his grace.
Are you an Adventist and is it fair to say that YOU are not expressing practical Christianity?? I can say it is not fair to put everyone in the same catagory. Christ himself sees us as individual and will judge us as individual. Regardless of what religion or affiliation you are, you will be judged individually. I am doing my best through God's spirit to live the way he wants me to live, and I find that most times we (people of the world) don't rely on God enough to change us or we cling to things we don't want to give up. So it doesn't matter if you are Adventist or not when it comes to living practical lives, it comes down to allowing God to lead, and reign in our everything.
yup,. thou shalt not lie. dont you know...
thats wat i said. i cant keep up the commandment all the time but i try to be,.
sometimes i fail myself to keep up the commandments....
i dont want to be artificial insight of others....

anyways thanx for the response u made.


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