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Over the years I've seen many grown ups gave up being a pathfinder. Those who were actively involved in Pathfinder ministry have now become totally against it. What could be the reasons for them to do so? Is our material outdated in today's ever growing technology? What can we do to ensure that the current pathfinders dont give up Pathfindering in future?

Do share your thoughts and experience.

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You got a point...but in my church when adults and senior citizens are involved in pathfindering, all youngs and seniors are happy...
Yes bro Steven, this is what wonders me as in some places like Penang for instances, both the adults and youngsters enjoy being a pathfinder where else in some other places its vice versa. What could be the reason for this? If you can share your knowledge and experience, I think it would definitely help inspire and help others to make a change in their own club.
When pathfinders or even ordinary SDAs do not prioritised the saving ministry of Christ than any spiritual activities are boring.. The worldly activities are more fun. The youth rather go for PSP, online chatting , cinema about seeing the latest Indiana Jones or Nardia.. Coming back to Christ...following Him and praying+griefing that non of any souls should be lost! I personal am very happy when one non-christian finally find that pathfindering is meaningful to his/her life transforming into baptism in my church.., Yeah our SDA life can be boring too...
Yes the outside of church activities are so tempting that at times it makes a feeling that the church activities is boring. This is very dangerous as there are lots of trap being set up by you-know-who. If we are not equipped with the skills and knowledge, we will end up in the trap and would be lost forever. The only place where we can learn the skills and gain knowledge is through Pathfindering.
A lot of people in the SDA today do not see nor believe the importance of Pathfindering. It is now being revived here in Barbados...It was always here but a lot of parents were not supportive at all.

I am a part of this club and enjoy it. I teach Helping Hand in the Adventurer Club. My daughter was an adventurer and is now a Ranger in the Pathfinder club...she has come up in the club and enjoys it immensely....she is always eager to do her homework and stuff like that. She is also in the Barbados Pathfinder Band. I have a cousin who says all the time that being a Pathfinder has kept him in church...I am currently doin a master guide course.

What I can say is that there needs to be more promotions of the Pathfinders...get past pathfinders to testify about the benefits of the club..parents to talk about how it has helped their children..specially single moms (like me).

Pathfindering is a disipline and we need all the help we can get in raising our kingdom Children.
Yes sis CJ, I truly agree on your opinion. I used to be in the Pathfinder club when I was 8 years old and continued to be in it till I was 14. It was then that the church Pastor banned the Pathfinder club and the members stood with him. We were helpless at that time and so it went that by the age of 21, I left the church completely as I found it really boring and its kinda no-gain thingy.

The path I took, made a huge gap between me and Jesus. I always long to make a comeback but things were the same in church. I found that my soul is longing for more. Truly God is ever loving and He gave me a 2nd chance. When a new Pastor who is also our Mission Youth Director came into the church, I knew this was the 2nd chance God is giving me. I gave in and here I am, testifying. There are many other young people like me who is still out there looking for something to satisfy their soul. Some who is trapped, some who is struggling. Now I'm trying my best to revive them by being an example.

I've completed Master Guide last year and also Pathfinder Leadership Award. I'm currently the instructor for the Master Guides in our club. Yes we need more promotions to ensure that Pathfinder is not a boring thing. There are lots of stuff we can learn from being a Pathfinder.

All the best in completing Master Guide.
I grew up in Pathfinders and was very active in the club until I went away to boarding academy at 15. I was proud of our club and it was fun to be a part of. I enrolled my children in pathfinders at our church and was disappointed because most of what they did was like school work. When I was in pathfinders we did lots of hands on things. I don't think kids should go to school all week and then go to a club where they have to study and take tests just like school. I am not saying that all clubs are this way. I know many are not but this one was. When Pathfinders uses hands on learning and teamwork, it is a very valuable tool for our children today. Kids want to be part of some thing and what better thing than a group of Adventists who learn about God through experiences and working together.

Our church is building a new church and the plan is to resurrect our pathfinder club. I am hopeful that we can restore this group to the beneficial group I remember from my childhood. Even kids from the community can become involved and then they learn about Adventists. It can be a great things for our children today but it take grown ups who are commited to young people and helping them learn and grow in a fun way.

I hope that you have not misunderstood me, I believe in Pathfinders and can't wait to see it revive back to what it used to be. Our youth need it!
Yes sis Becky, I must say that the big mistake that the Pathfinder leaders make is to make the club as another school kinda activity. Pathfinder club should never be like that. It is a fun filled activity whereby less paper and more activity. Most of the requirements have been revised from time to time. There are lots of new Honors introduced to ensure that the curiculum is not outdated. Pathfinder leaders around the world are trying their best to come up with new ideas of making their club session both interesting and in the same time learnable.

I'm very much happy that you would be getting a new church building. I'll surely pray for your Pathfinder club. I understand what you've said. Its sad, but thats the truth. We need to revive the Pathfinder ministy.

Fun at pathfindering... leadership APST training held in Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam,Malaysia.
Thank you bro for this nice picture. I really had a great time there. Learnt so much of new things and recalled many of the skills I learnt before. I want to share the joy of being a Pathfinder but it seems not all likes it. I'm trying to find ways to recruit them back to the wonderful Army Of God
Whoever said Pathfinder is boring does not know what it means,actually it is the most influencial part in our church and the most interesting part if only you participate fully.I grew up as pathfinder and enjoyed it so much then joined masterguide class which i left it on the way when i enrolled for my studies.
Its interesting to be in uniform as an army and it is fun to be one and that is a place i have ever had to enjoy myself especially in camporees.
I mean u have to fully take part and make sure u are one of the to make it lively.This club has a lot that it teaches and the young ones grow in chirst up to maturity,its activities are interestinting and healthy.
Thanks for the pictures an
I love those pics the pathfinders wear khaki tops or white....and green skirts.

The adventurers wear blue skirts with white tops and burgudy scarves. de eager beavers wear orange scarves.

The pathfinder band wear khaki tops with green skirts. I am also in that band...I play de cymbals. my daughter plays de flute.

She has learnt so much in that history, doctrines, God's love,..she learnt how to write sermons and to is remarkable..I'm not as privaleged as she by eing in the movement from young and for so long and I can see the benefits of that with her.

If I was gifted with anymore children from God its to Adventurer club and then Pathfinder Club. I've never regretted sending my child there and never will..

God said to teach our children delligently...I believe that those clubs apart from the church and school serves to help in doin that.


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