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Over the years I've seen many grown ups gave up being a pathfinder. Those who were actively involved in Pathfinder ministry have now become totally against it. What could be the reasons for them to do so? Is our material outdated in today's ever growing technology? What can we do to ensure that the current pathfinders dont give up Pathfindering in future?

Do share your thoughts and experience.

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I hear you. I am in Clarksville and we see them every year.

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Welcome brother.
Well brother, what makes you to hate Pathfinder club when you was young? There would probably something a miss that we could alter to make it better.
well my church dont do pathfinders no more for the longest while no they are tring to bring it back but no one wants to take up the responsiblty. it sucks bad because i started it and we never finsh our year.
Well all like now I love Pathfinders as well as my daughtre. Not everyone will share this love but its good for those who like that sort of thing.

We are having our anual Camporee in Antigua next month and there will be an investiture there as well.

We are in the last days and I know that the knowledge gleaned from Pathfindreing will be a big help to those days.

I think that our children need to be in Pathfinders...There is so much to learn and experience.
Boring?? i dont think Pathfinder is boring.
Pathfinders was a very great experience for me growing up. I got to join when I was 10. We had done adventurers before that in the S.D.A. school. Our leader had been a missionary and it was always very exciting and stimulating. We always tried our best at marching( although we weren't very good compared to some clubs. We did alot of activities in the community esp. during the holiday season. I remember going can collecting and canned food collecting. It was so fun and it kept us in a safe environment. I learned alot and always felt really special when I got a badge or had investment. We had things like bike-a-thons, and working for the community.
My favorite thing was the camporees! How I have thought back to those times over and over again. I would Never say that Pathfinders is boring! My mom was a single mom but she got involved and went on all the camporees bringing my younger brother with her. It was great! This was in N. Ca. and later TN in the mid 80's-90's.
What makes me so sad is that it is not happening in the church that we attend now. Now that I have children I want to be involved but I know that it takes alot of work and I just don't see the support or enthusiasm from the adults like when I was little. Is this a trend that is not just affecting Pathfinders but the educational institutes of our church as well? What do you think the solution is?

This forum caught my attention now in June, 2011.  I wonder, it this a true situation report on the attitude of our churches?  I am from the Philippines, a retired Youth director, and hospital chaplain, I retired in 1996.  I am now 77 years old, my wife with whom I had spent 43 wonderful years of happy marriage with her, passed away to her rest in 2008.  I am a Master Guide, invested in 1959, while still a college student.  My late wife was invested Master Guide in 1957.  Throughout our married life before, we have been actively encouraging pathfindering.  I am surprised that any former pathfinder, can say that it is a boring activity of the church.  

    I have remarried, to an old friend, and even now, she too being a Master Guide, we find pathfindering very interesting and we support it as a church program.  We attended the latest division-wide Pathfinder Camporee of SSD, and our feelings about it as a program is the same.  Our pathfinder age juniors will find in the Pathfinder Club program of activities much to challenge the interest of our junior youth.  What do fellow AOL participants, those of you who were members of a Pathfinder Club during your 10 to 16 years of age, do you agree that Pathfindering is NOW boring?  WE TWO, LEHCAR AND MYSELF, BEHEMENTLY DISAGREE.  What do you say, fellow former pathfinders?

I was a pathfinder too, did master guide courses but did not graduate. I taught many children who now have children of their own. We made permanent godly friendships. I know many Adventists who joined the faith as children because they wanted to be pathfinders or were ministered to by pathfinders.


Pathfindering can be boring if you go there to look for entertainment. It can be fun if you take it in faith. There are a lot of things that some people question (like lighting of candles in the dark, reciting oaths, the resemblance of PF symbols to those of certain secret societies etc). These things should be reconsidered to avoid throwing out the baby with the bath water. Alternatively, if it is established that pathfindering is based on ungodly premises, it should be scrapped but the good in it be preserved for the sake of Adventist children.

I'm a Master Guide but none of my kids were ever involved in Pathfinders (either because of my health or because there wasn't a club nearby).  When I was a leader 20 years ago, the kids hated the classwork that even some honors had.  They loved the shells and learning what they were but didn't want to learn the parts of a shell etc.  Maybe some honors need to just be hands on or have optional parts.  Cover the material but don't make them have to remember it all.  My kids love nature and learning about it, some kids don't.

In the club I was in, none of the parents wanted to be involved except on campouts.  That limits what can happen to.  If a child isn't in church school then all the bookwork has to be done at home in addition to school homework.  I homeschool now and am thinking of using Pathfinders more for my daughter's classwork.

What shouldn't happen is making it electronic instead of hands on.  Computers are great to look up info but then do things.  Kids need adults to show them life outside of computers! 


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