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Over the years I've seen many grown ups gave up being a pathfinder. Those who were actively involved in Pathfinder ministry have now become totally against it. What could be the reasons for them to do so? Is our material outdated in today's ever growing technology? What can we do to ensure that the current pathfinders dont give up Pathfindering in future?

Do share your thoughts and experience.

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In Malaysia,

We have 4 class of uniforms. Namely A1, A, B & C. A1 is the coat type of uniform which Master Guides wear for official ceremonies. A is the shirt and pant type of uniform. B is the Pathfinder club T-Shirt with blue pants and C is just ordinary white T-Shirt with blue pants.

The Adventurers wear white shirt and blue pants for boys and skirt for girls with Adventurer Neckerchief

The Pathfinders wear blue shirt and and blue pants for boys and skirt for girls with Pathfinder Neckerchief.

The Master Guides wear white shirt and blue pants for boys and skirt for girls with Master Guide Neckerchief.

Wow you guys have a band. Thats really great.

God knows your wish and need. He would surely grant them. I particularly loved your last statement "God said to teach our children delligently". Delligent here does not only means sending to school/tuition or some school extra-curricullum activities. It also means teaching them about God and I found that the best way to teach young ones about God is through Adventurer & Pathfinder Club only.
Yes Bro, I agree on your statement. You have to fully take part in it then you'd be knowing the joy and happiness in it. I love to wear my Pathfinder uniform. It makes me think that I am a soldier of Christ. Whenever I see Pathfinders do marching, I always remember Mrs. White's words whereby she saw young people marching towards heaven in one of her vision.
I agree with Steven. I do not think that the material is outdated. In fact, it is quite revelant. However, when clubs do not become involve in any out reach activities, pathfinders will become boring. I personally think that Pathfinder directors should follow the pathfinder manual. Every Pathfinder club should have atleast five outreach programs each year. These programs should be planned and executed by the pathfinders.
Yes you are a very good point. There is no point in just reading the scriptures only. We have to be an example to the world. The only way we could be one is through the outreach programs. Just a month ago we had a Health Screening organised by our church youths. Most of them are Pathfinders and It was indeed a moment of truth as there was two politician came as Guest of Honor for the program and both of them were really impressed by our uniform and our program.

Moreover the people who came to the program was asking about the uniform and our club. I feel we did our best part in reaching them.
I can never accept your statement, "Pathfinder is Boring."

Let me first tell you the background I come from. During my childhood days, I was involved in pathfindering for two years in Pune, India. Then my parents were transfered to South India, where I could not experience pathfindering again. I was so actively involved in it, that I started missing them. Since, my husband is very active in it, I instantly decided to follow his footsteps.

It was in pathfinder that I learnt many verses in the Bible, to be independent, to cook my meal, to share and care for others, honesty, punctuality etc and etc. These values form your character from the very young age. So, if you are in the pathfindering, you learn to pick them up very fast, as we are rewarded, if we practice those moral values.

It would be boring for those who think they have nothing to learn. It would be boring for those who think they know everything. Hence, always keep your mind open to learn. It is by learning, you gain in knowledge and experience.

May the Lord continue to bless those who learn everyday and also those who try to teach and practice what they have learnt.
Yes Anni, I must say that I myself do not agree and accept on the statement "Pathfinder is boring". This was the statement that most youths say to me when I invite them to join us. I feel very sad when they say this and all the while I am trying my best to promote Pathfinder ministry but its just too hard to change their mind.

I really loved you last statement "It would be boring for those who think they have nothing to learn. It would be boring for those who think they know everything. Hence, always keep your mind open to learn. It is by learning, you gain in knowledge and experience."

If there is anything that could pull the trigger out of them, I'd be the first person to do it. Its just saddening for the fact that I'm enjoying Pathfinder but they are not.

Dear Steven,
I'm glad your mom went along as I'm sure she had a good time and this training will reaffirm her commitment and encourage her along in Pathfindering.
Please let her see the photos attached. I have somemore pics of her but will show her when she wants.

She is one of the most honored senior warrior, as I coined our 'women commando having our covert training in the jungle'.
It was a great APST we have had in Bukit Cahaya. It is indeed a beautiful and lovely place and for many of us who are there for the first time, we are really glad for the experience.

The training is indeed invaluable but more so, it brought many of our Pf officers together, thus reaffirming our Pf ministery especially when we may be so far and few in our own church. The spiritual message through the many devotions are also very meaningful, and we indeed hope to be the Elijahs of our times, also attending to the many 'Pacos' who are so lost in the world.

Writing to my classmates who have been away travelling during this Mid-year holidays, some who are still in Japan for the Spring Sakura flower blooms etc etc I wrote to them that my closest to any spring flowers was this 4 Seasons garden in Bukit Cahaya forest reserve in Shah Alam, Selangor. It's very local and I'm promoting domestic tourism, ha ha ha. You KLites are so lucky to have such a lovely place. We camp ('Woman Commando Trainin') there in Kampung Idaman (with an assortment of kampung houses design from different states, like the Perak house, Johor house, Trengganu house, Rumah Negri Sembilan etc etc) I stayed in Trengganu House, went to the spring garden green house, spice garden, ornamental garden etc etc. Just will attach a few pics lah so you KL ites can go visit too. It's a cool cool place nestled in the forest, with monkeys and squirrels.

Don't take the "commando training" and all for real as it was just a jest to spice things up as I joke with my friends!

Then I have also attached pics of the Spring Garden. It is actually a green house and its air-con and cold inside as we were not prepared with our thin tropical outfit. If we go later in the year, it will be white and icy with the winter garden. So I guess we were there at the right time, spring with all the flowers blooming. Off course as usual, I'm the great photographer, taking such nice pics for everyone, except for myself. Thus you see, my maid's pic at the Spring Garden is the most beautiful.
Please show the pictures and update your mom that there are better pictures of her too (can't attach so many)

Have to go and continue packing. It's crazy, this morning I was moving boxes to Lost Paradise, my kitchen glasses and stuff as well as all the toys boxes. Also did some planting of plants to prevent erosion of soil into my outdoor Kitchen. Now I'm going to Melacca and will be back by Saturday to continue moving house again.

Oh yes, our fuel price went up by 78cts per litre last night at midnight. So last evening, friends were sms' and calling reminding me to pump up full for my cars. Haiyah, the queue I heard was crazy at every petrol station even causing traffic jam to catch it before the 12 midnight dateline for the increase of price. A friend of ours, Fiona sending her maid back to Indon was really caught in the jam and so late for the airport that she couldn't check in any luggage but was fortunate just managing to fly. Even Yugee said he wanted to join in the "lau juak" crazy but off course was too lazy to even drive out last night to save a couple of tens of dollars. Now we're driving to Melacca and his Merc is the one that will be guzzling all the petrol at the new hefty increase of price!!!
Love and bye,

This is a real testimony of how fun it is to be a Pathfinder. Thanks bro for sharing this. Like I said earlier. The APST training was really great. We all learnt something new that day.
We have a thriving pathfinder's organization in our church. As a matter of fact, we are getting ready to go to another adventist church in alabama and help them get theirs started. I believe most of the adults are leaving and giving up on pathfindering because most of the youth today are disrespectful and defiant. Most adults don't understand this is the time they need us the most. I use the pictures we take during our adventures in my classroom. I am a seventh grade world geography teacher. The kids in my classroom enjoy the pictures more than most of the kids we have in pathfinders. We are sticking by the standards and not deviating. Our moto is "A club where discipline is not an option". All of the kids participate in Pathfinder's day and all of our camping outings. To help ensure that the current pathfinders don't give up Pathfindering in the future, we need to give them more of Jesus and less of entertainment. Some clubs are trying to keep their youth in by doing more drum competitions than drilling. You have to take them back to the basics.
Yes brother, that should be our goal to create new Pathfinder clubs / revive old clubs. This is the only way we can be sure that our next generation would find the joy and happiness being a Pathfinder like we did.

Unfortunately some leaders think that giving more on entertainment pulls them in but they are wrong. We should always use a Godly method to pull them not worldly method. Godly method would like soulful positive activities etc. There many sorts of Godly method we can use in this technology world.
As a Master Guide I will tell you this the reason pathfinders is falling off is that the parents of the young teenagers do not try to get their children into Church activities and off the couch. The essence of pathfinders is to teach the children many different things and it does keep up with technology. Maybe the people that are not pathfindering anymore need to visit the Alabama pathfinders in any of the Federations and they wil se that they are not only happy but competitive.
Yes, Parents play a very big role in nourishing their kids. Encouragement from them is what makes the young pathfinder to continue being a pathfinder and when he/she reaches a certain age, Pathfinder becames his/her passion and from then on, he/she would take the path of a Pathfinder to become the Soldier of Christ.

Being competitive is indeed good. I remember a few years ago. There was three pathfinder club in one of the state in my country. Three of them are very competitive in all the activities and there result was tremendous as almost everybody in that area knows them very well and also of their Pathfinder club. The number of members of these three clubs increased drastically and whenever there is a camporee held, they was a testimony to all but sadly today they are of no more.

The leaders are not to be seen and the old Pathfinders took a different path. I hope one day, God would touch them and revive them.


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