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Over the years I've seen many grown ups gave up being a pathfinder. Those who were actively involved in Pathfinder ministry have now become totally against it. What could be the reasons for them to do so? Is our material outdated in today's ever growing technology? What can we do to ensure that the current pathfinders dont give up Pathfindering in future?

Do share your thoughts and experience.

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Thanks Remnant. Very useful insights.

What can we do to ensure that the current pathfinders don't give up Pathfindering in future?.. as quoted above

One way is to do away with Adventurers.  Formerly the children couldn't wait until they were old enough to join Pathfinders. Now, after having been in Adventurers, they are bored with it all by the time they get to Pathfinder age.  There is just nothing to look forward to.   Nuff Sed many of the Pathfinders play drums????  Nuff Sed

Our church runs both and they are not bored with it by the time they get to a pathfinder age.  Pathfinders is undergoing an expansion in the conference wile in fact until about 5 years ago it was in decline.

Something to look forward to is always a good thing and as SD'A's we have that.  Shorter term goals are also good.

This does not all happen by its self and takes significant time effort and expense on the part of many people.  The results are not always seen in the short term as it sometimes takes many years and you can't win them all.  Is a leader it can be hard at times.  Very hard!  Please pray for us.

Remember the greatest event is yet to come and its been millennia in the planning stages.

lead them to Christ .. He is attractive .. this is the only way

   Absolutely !  Anything is boring if you make it boring. The problem is that today many are marketing the church to make it exciting. They wet the finger and whatever direction the worldly wind blows they buy it.  Pastor Richard OF'fil has a sermon entitled, " This Little Church Goes to Market."

good day,

Brothers and sisters who went through the Pathfinder club classes in the churches can help make these clubs interesting and educative to young ones. I mean Master Guides or those who went through to some level. There is need to pass on the knowledge willingly


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