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where are the men that are not married in the adventist church, why are they looking for the women outside the church?

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They can also find trouble within it as well.  Finding a woman with a heart after God has become a narrower and narrower field for young men.

Don't worry too much on this concern because God did not say that we have to be married before He comes...Just keep on looking around. Lower your standard. Hmmm, perhaps men see you in the church as a woman who has a higher standard. Just a thought.

They are right there in the Church taking their spiritual matter seriously.

They are not easily seen, because they are not looking like worldings.

They may not have no degree nor master, but they have the sure word

of prophecy. They may not have no car, but they are in one accord.

Yes! they are looking for the women outside the Church so that they

may come and be adorn with the righteousness of Christ.

lol love this
I wouldn't worry about where the adventist men or women are. You stop looking and and just pray, and believe, and then next thing you know they will fall into your lap at just the right time. I think because the Lord knows the very desires of our hearts theire is a compatible person out there that was raised under such circumstances to become the perfect other half to compliment each other as a whole. To that end, i hold out.
carol how on earth did you know we were looking outside the church,  did one of the guys get caught?

I am single black man who loves God and currently super single, any ladies want to talk?

Anyone single?



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