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Some of the best testimonies I have heard are those that describe how some of us became SDAs. I know people from different backgrounds have had their own unique experiences with regards to the journey.

So, please share your experience with us.

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Thanks for your story Becky. What a privilege to be born in the faith. Sometimes though we take a lot for granted. I like the point you raised about listening to God. That is a crucial point, because oftentimes we get so distracted with stuff...if you know what I mean.
I was born into the faith...but consciously accepted it at age 11
Arnaldo whats up? Good to hear from you.
My testimony is not earth shattering. I grew up in an SDA family and as I grew up I decided that I was lucky enough to be raised in the church that had the most truth as far as the Bible is concerned.
I am Jacob Thomas from south India. I come from a very ancient family background where we were the first family to be converted to Christianity by St.Thomas himself in AD 52 or so. All down the centuries the Thomas family members have always been model Christians and Church planters and we have a very very long list of Church leaders right down the family tree and even now
We are very regular Church goers and our social life and activities are always within Christian and Church related people
I am in Oman for the last 23 years and became a born-again Christian in 1986 and got adult baptised in 1988. This has made me grow more and more in Christ and His teachings. But I am not a person who likes the NOISY kind of church worship and I co-incidentally met the Adventist community here as an Adventist from Fhilippines, who works as a Karate coach in the same hotel where I also work as a tennis coach invited me to take the photos and videos of the SDA Muscat Church's 15th anniversary.
I was so blessed to attend the SDA church where they sing so many Hymns and Gospel songs!! They have Bible studies in the Church worship and they have regular house group Bible studies and Gospel song singing.
I am sorry that I disappointed you americans and europeans on this site by not telling that I was a miserable existence who womanised and went into drugs, discos, etc. And then I was saved and brought to the right path. In fact this kind of testimony will "appeal" to you folks.
We south Indians are basically very disciplined and serious Christians because of the very strict discipline at home where our parents will never "spoil the child and save the rod" Corporate punishment is a must in our family lives and so we have the "fruits" in our daily lives
I am a very disciplined and domestic (home bound) person where I will never let anything get in the way of my Christian life!!! I believe in the song "Give me that old time religion" Have you heard it? If not, then it is high time you all did!!
I joined this site on recommendation from a lady from Arizona who very strongly believes that since Jesus has already died for our sins and there is no more condemnation, now we all can keep on sinning a million times, since we are humans and our flesh is weak!! An all we have to do is keep seeking forgiveness and in the end we will all meet in Heaven!!!
So that means we south Indians must be real fools to stay away from sinning as much as possible as we are taught through the generations that that is the way to go to Heaven!! Do you people agree to this "continuous sinning" concept?
Jacob, I want to answer your question from my perspective. No, I do not believe in continually sinning. I believe that we as humans WILL sin because it is our nature but that does not give us the right to do as we please and then later ask for forgiveness. Jesus said "if you love me, keep my commandments." That should be our goal. And then when we fall short we run to him for forgiveness and strength. Just because God is a loving and forgiving God does not give us the right to do all the bad or dangerous things we want to do and then go ask for forgiveness when things get bad. Jesus wants us to be faithful and love him all the time, not just when we fall down or have trouble. To go and do something that we know is wrong and unhealthy is like saying "your love doesn't really matter to me, I am just going to use you as a safety net to get out of the results of my sin but I don't really care about you." I love God too much to do that to him. It breaks his heart when we sin and I would not willingly break God's heart. But I am thankful that when I do cause him pain, he makes me aware of it and I can ask his forgiveness and be forgiven. I hope this makes sense for you. Keep pressing on my friend, May God Bless you.
well i lived in rough area of birmingham where west indians didn,t get on with coasians as i took my dog for wlk i saw young adventist who invited me into her church and over seven years i grew wiser and more strong in spirt now i have found something that as been a testimonythat changed my life and her name is jamara banson as you read this testermony i want her to know that god gav me reason to become adventist i found out why ?
that is quite a testimony! keep strong in the faith and may God richly bless you, your mom and the rest of your family.
Very good testimony indeed. What I have gathered from your testimony is that if we are prepared to search for truth with our hearts, God will lead us to the truth in its entirety.

God bless.
I did not have a choice in the matter.

My father is a retired minister. I'm a PK. When I got old enough to start doing things on my own I found it was not that much fun being a PK. Not only was I a PK but my dad was in the departmental end of things and ran summer camps for 8 and 1/2 years. So I was known by lots of people growing up and was expected to set an example. That is quite a responsibility for a kid and it broke me of ever wanting to be the president or have my father be one.

As I reached my teen years and the important thing was to become popular other things became more important. I had to prove I was just as bad as all the other kids and in some cases I was.

Now at this point in my life I'm one of those that can say with all honesty that there isn't much I haven't done or tried. Now that I am to the point I can do what I want without it being forced on me it, the church, is becoming much more attractive especially with the help of this site and all my new friends.

I am very glad I found this site and who ever put it together did an excellent job. The first time I logged into it I almost felt like I was in church. All the pictures of the happy friendly people, know you are in a safe place and it is wonderful to be on a site and know that you aren't going to be subjected to a bunch of junk. And I am loving meeting people from all over the world.

Thank God.
I too was delighted to have come across a site of this nature. Let me ask you. At what point in being a pastor's kid had you began to experience change?
I was not born into an adventist family ut i grew up in the church. up to age 16 i was an active person

in my church but not yet baptised. The youth programs were my speciality and I enjoyed it totally, but

I lost track after I got baptised at the age of 17. I started drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana,

fornicating and so many other things I said to myself Iwould never do. But through it all God never left

me and for about a year and a half I was apart of the world but God never left me. Through that

period I went through alot that has gromed me into a better person and have learnt alot. With the

help of friends who never gave up on me and the conviction of the Holy Spirit I started to attend

church again and my life has never been better and God has blessed me tremendously and

because of this I am giving my all to Him.Presently I am pursuing a degree in theology at the

University of the Southern Caribbean and the path God has chosen for me is not an easy one but

with the help of my Heavenly Father anything is possible and everything can be conquered. I am an

active member of the church focusing on helping the youths choose the right path to Christ and not

to damnation. I was a diamond in the rough and Christ put me through the fire of temptation and

persecution and destroyed my impurites and now I am a Priceless diamond that only my Heavenly

Father can pay a price and He already paid it on the Cross on Calvary. So I am headstring to to

meet Jesus and I plan to help as much people to get there with me. When God gives you gifts and

talents you should it to praise and honor Him and help spread the Gospel to the world.

"What you are is God's gift to you and what you become is your gift to God.



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