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Some of the best testimonies I have heard are those that describe how some of us became SDAs. I know people from different backgrounds have had their own unique experiences with regards to the journey.

So, please share your experience with us.

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i was born inti it and have no regrets and will never regret being an adventist
Hello Bredren and Sistren

I was raised in an Adventist home. My parents then grew to accept Christian Education so sent me to an Adventist Christian School when I was in Grade 2. I was baptized in Grade 5 and it was smooth sailing right through Primary School until I went to a Secular High School.

It was all because the SDA High School was too expensive, but little did my parents know that God would've made a way through for them. I thought it would have been a struggle at that school, but I was so well nurtured at the primary school and at church that I was still close to God as I ever was. It was only then that I knew why I really got baptized. My faith grew stronger.

Then something happened which I didn't know would change my life forever. My parents got into a fight and eventually got divorced. They left the church and my siblings followed after. Things began to go downhill from then. I was the only one left from my family going to church. My friends kept me ever closer to them (thank God for friends).

I began to sing in church and that is what really held me to this day. I found my talent and I have asked God to enlarge it to the glory of His name. Recently my father began going back to church and my mother has promised to return. Two of my three sisters are already coming to church with me.

At age 22, I now teach at the same SDA High School which I could have gone to at an early age. I am touching the lives of young people day by day. PRAISE BE TO GOD!!!

Thanks for reading.
Excellent testimony Craig. I am glad that your parents are gradually finding their way back to the church. Continue to pray and keep the faith brother, and I am sure we all will be praying for you.

God bless.
There are so many inspiring stories here. I myself grew up SDA and have kept at it since. But its so nice to hear that all of you have come through your trials so well.
So at what age were you baptized Candacey?
I'm born Adventist
Do you wish sometimes you weren't born Adventist?
I always said that my life may have been better if I was WON into the church. These people tend to have a greater testimony in life. I don't really know what it is to be converted and I think that would be a great experience. It would also make me more serious and dedicated in church (althought that shouldn't be). But all in all, God can use anyone, whether you were born adventist or won into faith.
You said you don't know what it is to be converted. What are some of the things in your opinion that have held you back? Is it that people get so distracted that they don't seem to realize that situation?
I am born adventist and got baptised in young age.
What led you to get baptized at a young age? Did you sense the Lord's appeal to you at a tender age?
True words in deed Darryl. The closest thing to the NT apostolic church is the SDA church. Let us hope and pray for God's Spirit to carry us through this time of peril and chaos across the globe.

God bless.


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