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Why is it that most Adventist do not like attending Adventist Institution?

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People should never have to choose between being in an Christian environment and being able to be successful when they graduate from our schools.  They need to be able to get a JOB and provide for themselves and for their families.

Hi.. I am an adventist studying at a public university. I think Adventist Institution are not for Adventist's youth who were born to less fortunate parents.. Well, nowadays, i think ADventist institutions are not quite different from the world, so i Think it will never matter anymore to where you study, as long as, YOU StanD IN THE BANNER OF THRUTH!

Adventist institutions are not as accessible to all nor o they have all the majors that are wanted. They are not rate as highly either.

Oakwood University has one of the highest rates nationally in African-Americans that attend medical school and successfully pass the respective states nursing boards.  When I attended an Ivy League University (Vanderbilt) for Graduate School, the Department Chair told me directly that when he saw that I came from Oakwood, he wanted to have me in the program. =)

Yes, it's rated well in several departments, but not all. And the program i wanted was not there. When i was 18 going that far away for school was daunting for my parents and i. I ended up going to a small school instate.  My cousins (much braver than me) have both been able to go to Oakwood and love it there. I hope to go to Loma Linda for my PhD though. It's on the other side of the country, but the distance is negligable to the idea of having to go to a non Adventist school again.

But that is any school.

If you search, you find that even where there are programs not offered, they have partnered with A & M and UAH to allow for Oakwood students to complete those degrees.  The well-rated departments have increased tremendously.


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