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A church sister confided in me and said she has a boyfriend who is not christian and they are having sex and she does not believe it is wrong, because she does not believe that you have to be married by a pastor etc to be married. (referred to Adam and Eve) What can I really show or tell her??

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Adam and Eve were married by God Himself not the way we are today.
Her first mistake is that she does not believe what she is doing is wrong, What is she thinking or rather with what!!!!

Christ ordained marriage and it is a life long bond, so she is not only committing fornication but she is yoked with an unbeliever.

There are many who join together in "Commom Law" relationship but in the eyes of God that union is not sanctioned. Christ ordained two institutions and one of them is marriage and the devil has succeeded in offering a counterfeit to those who are blinded by their own lust and desire to please themselves.

Christ told Mary Magdalene, go and sin no more , i say the same to her , get up and get out of that situation it is wrong and if you continue in that way you are sure to win a place in hell. Sex is a gift from God for those who are married and outside that it is sin and wrong

Blunt but true... this is no time to spoon feed people with baby foods......
This discussion certainly has some legs or energy. It just keeps going and going.

Marriage, in truth, involves the union and commitment of two hearts. It is not really the signing of papers. The signing of the papers is a legal matter. But remember we are admonished to give Ceaser what is his and the Lord His portion too. So both genuine commitment and legal papers ( if the culture demands it) are required before a couple makes good on the benefits of marriage life. Otherwise, something doesn't seem right.
To hell with sex before marriage, it is condemned in the bible. Please style up. what dont you know?




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