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Now that the state of California has also legalized marriages between people from the same sex, I wonder how we should relate to this matter. What should the church do when such a couple requests to be blessed in our church. Think about the reaction of human rights movements if we would say no. What will you do if you're invited to a same sex wedding.

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Maybe I can help in this area.

We are admonished not to claim that we are saved. WHY? Becasue of the understanding people have about what that term means. The way the world understands "being saved," is that we can never be lost, no matter what we do. However, one can be lost after they are "saved" in that setting. On the other hand, the only time that a person is really beyond the possibility of being lost, i.e. being saved, is when probation closes. Only then will our cases be closed and nothing that Satan can do will cause us to break our loyalty to God. Then and only then are we truley "saved."

A perfectly good term has been so misused that it is not wise to use it. I use to be a realtor for awhile. Here in Oregon, we were no longer allowed to advertise a seperate apartment in a home as a "mother-in-law" apartment. That was suppose to be sexist. Likewise, the same group tried, but failed, to eliminate the term "family room," because they argued that it established a concept that would not be correct if a single person lived there.

The same thing is true with the term marriage. Like the term "gay" which use to be a good idea, the homosexuals have so poluted the meaning that I have not heard the term used as it use to be, for a long time now. The same thing can and in fact, is happening to the word "marriage." To defend the proper meaning of a word is not homophobia. Besides, the term marriage cannot be correctly applied to a homosexual union anyhow. For it is not a marriage, it is only two people living in lust, nothing more or less.

Maranatha :)
"love the 'sinner', hate the 'sin'. nuff sed
No - churches have the right not to bless a union that doesn't align with their beliefs. While it may be unpopular it should not be an issue of human rights since the morals of the church are not built for the exclusion of others but rather as a definition of beliefs. It is for that same reason that (pretty as it may be) a non-catholic cannot be wed in a Cathedral.

Regarding attendance of a same-sex wedding. It's a fascinating question and a sitaution that I've dealt with:

I knew the young lady well before she decided she was Lesbian - when she issued the invite to her "wedding" we had a very intense conversation about homosexuality. I basically let her know that I don't feel it's right and that I know that on some level she and I will always have tension in our "relationship" because I have firm convictions about the implications of homosexuality, its origens and its eternal consequences. She of course held true to her own beliefs.

I attended the weddng. I'm honestly don't think I would do so now but at the time I did. I didn't feel conflicted since I knew she understood my stance and knew that if asked I would share my viewpoint freely with others. I did not use it as a venue to proactively preach my viewpoint because quite frankly no one would have listened. Who could listen beyond the rush of blood in their ears since they'd be so angry that I took that day and time to step onto what they would perceive as my Christian ideological soap box.

When the situation arises then it truly calls for us to be wise in our conduct. While she and I haven't talked in a good while we left the conversation in a way that when we meet again we not only know where each other stands but my witness is far from over. Realizing that this is for these people a question of who they are as much as who they sleep with I believe that it often takes much more than one conversation or a quote of a text to get through to them. Inciting anger just closes the door to understanding and repentance.

Those are my thoughts, thanks for letting me share.
I wonder, the origin plan GOD given for men was "Adam for Eve" and "Eve for Adam"...that its!! Same sex wedding is opposing to GOD plan...and this was a destruction made by men itself...but now the question is...How can we change this thing back to the origin plan of GOD??
2 people cannot be married unless it is a man and a woman, plain and simple.
Genesis 1: 26-28.
Alexis, my sister, you would not even be born if this principle was not upheld.
Oh My ;)

You people are way harsh on homosexuals and I'll tell you why. When it comes to homosexuality a lot of christians in my experience cant seem to separate the individual from the act. Hate the sin, love the sinner. Some people are gay, some people are murderers, some people are lying cheating adulterers. Why is it so easy to forget that 1) sin is sin and 2) every single person is loved and was died for.

Im not bothered by peoples choices in their lives because I have not walked in their shoes, I do not understand what it is like to have sexual feelings for someone of the same sex. God gave me other trials to overcome. And if all they have ever been told is that they are repulsive to society and God because of their feelings, how personal do you think that condemnation goes?

I imagine it would cut deep and that the perception of God is ruined because of the intolerant cruelty of His children.

Alexis has asked a valuable but extremely complicated question.

And its a question that only God can answer, for you Alexis. If you are sincere in wanting to know the truth about why God condemns the act of homosexuality you are going to have to ask Him personally, seek to know His truth in His Word. Study, pray about it and continue to love your friends. But do know that in asking, be prepared to find something you might not agree with. I do know though, that He will give you an answer that you will be able to accept and have peace with.

I have many different types of friends and I am friends with gay couples both female and male and we enjoy each others company. So I do understand your question Alexis and the emotion felt behind it. And I wish you well ;)
I couldn't agree more.

You know guys, why is it we like to focus on the speck of sawdust in our brother's eyes so much? We are all wretched and miserable and only the blood of the lamb covers that. Only possible because he loved us first. That means it is our duty to do the same for our friends.

Any hangups we have with our own imperfection should be left to ourselves. If it becomes the main way we relate to those who need to see the love of God we condemn them to never see that love at all. Love is more than a phrase we can throw around to make us feel good about fulfilling our duty, it is a real passion for another person.
For those of you who are interested in better understanding what the Bible really says about homosexuality, I'd encourage you to take a look at the Bible study that I'm attaching to this post. I think you'll find it interesting that the word "homosexual" that we use today has no Greek or Hebrew equivalent and that is was only about 100 years ago that it first appeared in the Bible. Also, interesting is that the Hebrew and Greek words for homosexual, refer to a form of male prostitution that was common at the time, not about life-long, committed same-sex relationships.

Also, included in the Bible study is the real story behind the destruction of Sodom and Gomorah. You may be surprised to find that it was not destroyed because the people there were homosexual, but because they were cruel and vengeful to strangers.

As Adventists, we are known for knowing our Bibles. So why are we so uneducated on this issue?

Also, for those looking for more info on this topic, check out the documentary For the Bible Tells Me So.

Jesus did associate with sinners (in fact that was the place where he could be found the most) and he is our example of what it means to love others. He stood up for those who were outcast and marginalized. Shouldn't we?
Your words are beautiful..

Click this link to see what others think.

Respectfully, your brother in Chgrist,

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Your brother in Christ,

If your parents had been homosexual you would not be here to argue this point now!

Let me assure all who have posted to, or read this thread, that I have studied this topic from all sides. Biblicial, clinical, and legal. This is not just a SDA issue, neither is it a biblical issue. It may be "POLLITICALY CORRECT", but it most certianly is not "biblicaly correct." For that matter neither is it "legaly correct." I'll explain.

Those who claim to be Seventh-day Adventist must agree that when there is debate about the observence of the seventh day Sabbath they must defend that position from both a biblical standpoint and a legal standpoint. in
view of both biblical teaching and prophecy,along with the U.S. Constition which gives us freedom of religion. Now for those who support homosexuality let me ask you this question. Just exactly how will you uphold both the Bible and the Constitution, or legistative mandates, when Sunday laws are passed and put into effect?

What is happening now with our legal system, as a result of homosexuality, is what we might call "reverse discrimination" of our religious freedoms by the minority. The minority is also attempting to overide parental rights and the teaching of
children by these actions.

IS THIS WHAT WE WANT? Click the link below for an explination.


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