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Now that the state of California has also legalized marriages between people from the same sex, I wonder how we should relate to this matter. What should the church do when such a couple requests to be blessed in our church. Think about the reaction of human rights movements if we would say no. What will you do if you're invited to a same sex wedding.

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I keep throwing back the mud at him Michael and hopin' he will taste it and find out how nasty and childish it is. So far ... it hasn't worked. I am not sure what kind of demonstration to give him next. Perhaps he is hopeless and childish both.
Do what GOD says, no 2 ways about it!!! Decline the invitation, asked y, state ur facts and beliefs and the way GOD intended marriage 2 b. Also allow these persons 2 know that GOD would never recognise their "marriage" and let the Spirit do the rest. Choose this day whom u will serve!!
And... basically you've just told them that God hates them and so do you. Excellent!
I respect Rochelle's convictions. I just disagree. Some people don't even want to consider that they're wrong.
This has been a really happy conversation. I echo my previous statement about being able to feel the agape love emanating from this thread.
I doubt he needs to sympathy Michael. He is far too busy rejoicing.
I consider these pastors close confidants:
Doug Batchelor at Sac Cental SDA church, or contact him at Amazing Facts.
Kevin Paulson, at
Ron Torkelsen, Pastor at Carson City NV SDA church (go to the website)
Dave Westbrook, Back To Enoch Ministries, (go to the website)
Lyle Albrecht (on the web) remind him that he baptized me 29 years ago in Columbus Ga. and two years later at Venice Fla., when I ran the spotlight for him my car broke down and he rented me a car.
He won't answer you even if I did give you his email. Just type in Reno SDA.
Do you spend any time with homosexuals? Just out of interest?
No I do not think you do.
You seem to be quite vigilant on how God views them.. then you make an interesting comment: "Gays and all other sinners need to repent"

I take it you're not gay but guess what you're a sinner too.

What are you doing personally to assist your fellow homosexuals who may not know the love of Christ? Ill bet nothing. Because in order for conversion to occur youd have to get over your homophobic attitude and have a conversation. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.

I want to know Stephen, if you truly have a heart of God that grieves for all sin what you are doing for those who suffer in homosexual sin. Or do you consider that kind of ministry someone elses job?

Jesus cant come until His own Children stop being pharisees and realise that His gift of Salvation is for everyone. And the last time I checked, that included homosexuals... and the one that haunts me .. pedophiles.
Well said. Thanks Rose.
Amen, and Amen, Rose T. Thank you for your words. :)
I wonder how can anyone witness for the biblical principles of marrige during the same sex wedding. Would you preach your Biblical doctrine? It maybe offensive to the inviting party? Would you talk about the evil of same sex marraige? It may be hurting. When your're attending, it will give them impression that you favored this tradition. When you're not, they think you're mean. But whom are you living for? For your friends, relatives, or your God.
"Anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me; and anyone who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me."

Rather compromising, play it safe. Refuse same sex weeding invitation is the best way to witness...


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