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Now that the state of California has also legalized marriages between people from the same sex, I wonder how we should relate to this matter. What should the church do when such a couple requests to be blessed in our church. Think about the reaction of human rights movements if we would say no. What will you do if you're invited to a same sex wedding.

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Yes. I agree Rose. You and Michael have stated it well. It's good to see that some are Gospel/scriptural focused.
Criticism? no sorry dont know that verse ..
Thought this was good from our president:

"“The cross has made us all into brothers and sisters with no one of lesser or greater value,” Paulsen declared to a packed auditorium in a service which also was broadcast globally via the Adventist Church’s Hope Channel satellite television network."
1. They didn't know that the angels were angels. They weren't exactly bright and shiny with wings sticking out of them.
2. Sodomy is named after Sodom, not the other way around.
They called the angels "men". Apparently they couldn't tell the difference.
N Him, Of course, isn't he(Paulsen) a politician as well? In the sense he won't say anything that offends any Christians? I would like to see him say publicly that the sea beast in Revelation 13:1 is the papacy.
When you say 'love' ... would that be in the Biblical sense or another?
Well ... we SHOULD love everyone ... if you get my drift. But, I am not sure that is the same kind of love he had in mind.
Does God love people of all colors, nationalities, creed, gender and status? Of course He does. Why else would He go to such lengths to salvage a really dismal situation. Just imagine a world without Him in it. What might that be like?.............

Lets think about this for a moment. Let's say you bought a vehicle, and printed on the gas tank, it indicates using unleaded fuel, would you think of putting diesel in it? Of course not. Would you argue with the manufacterer about what's best for the running of the car or would you attempt to understand the design, what promotes good performance, keep up with the maintenance and of course the cosmetics of keeping your vehicle clean and functioning at it's peak.

I think most of us would agree that to argue with the maker would seem ludicrous and to put in things contra-indicated would be utterly foolish! But seems at times this is preciseley what's being advocated in the spiritual realm. If someone is ill and goes to the doctor, finds that they have a tumor of some sort, would you want him/her to only remove a part of it or heaven forbid not remove anyof it at all because it might be painful. Wouldn't the pain of healing be preferred to the pain of not doing anything and dying instead? So would you be mad at someone for removing the problem, however scary or worrisome this might be at the time? And would I be acting out of love if I advised what could save your life even though their might be some discomfort?!

We are told that the wages of sin IS death. There are no 'ifs', 'ands', or 'buts' about it. So does showing love in any way mean endorsing something by my silence, association, words, or actions that I know is certain to bring an unwanted outcome? What do you think?
"So does showing love in any way mean endorsing something by my silence, association, words, or actions that I know is certain to bring an unwanted outcome?
What do you think?"

I think as I stated .... you share with them as appropriate ... then you go about the business of loving them. Which means that after you have said your peace ... you GO to their wedding. And that is the time for silence. They know how you feel. But by going ... they will also know you love them as a Christian brother should.
They will know you approve of their union. So will other church members you may cause to stumble.

Do you stay and toast the bride and groom too? Or is it the groom and groom? or is it the bride and bride?

It all will be recorded in the books of heaven.
John, what are you saying here? Did you mean evil?

Mat 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.


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