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Do you think that health reform such as taking meat out of our diet ,is essential for us to be save .Ellen white speaks strongly about it and a lot of the churches are speaking up about it too.

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well in some case the stuff we ment to eat is also bad for us so it not just meat alone
I belive eating meat wil not keep us from being save, for we are save by grace through faith in Jesus christ.
True, we are "saved by grace, through faith, not of works....".

However, I was either reading or listening to the tv or radio ...(I tend not remember my sources. I just keep the information, if I think it makes sense.) Anyway, it mentioned how the consumption of meat, plus junk foods, etc., tend to cloud the mind, and it make it difficult to make sound decisions, especially when it comes to matters of right and wrong.

May I add that I distinctly remember that it was not a christian source?. But immediately, I remembered about the sda teachings on vegetarian lifestyle. I can see now,why God would instruct us in these last days, to desist, as much as possible, from eating meat, because we need our wits about us now, like never before. Satan is so subtle, that we can be easily fooled to think that right is wrong.

Pray for me, because I still eat meat, but what I heard really struck me. I will pray for you. The question is, how much do we really want to be able to resist temptation?

Though we are saved by grace, whether or not we remain saved has to do with the choices we make, moment by moment, of each day.
James 2:20 But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?
it true sister that we are saved by grace by God's mercy for us that is why Jesus died on calvary for our sins that we may an everlasting is God's grace for us, to us that He sent the message of Health Reformation.And health reform is the RIGHT ARM of the 3rd Angels message.if you are a believer of the 3rd Angels message and who also believes that this message is that last message of mercy the last message of grace from God to us then there is no reason for us to disregard the light about health reformation in which eating meat is totally taboo.if you say this because you are justifying because you love to eat meat don;t fool yourself from what the inspiration tells us.How can you be saved from or by grace if the message of grace is now you neglecting.Once in for all sister if you have faith the have also work for faith without work is dead.
Awesome what you have said is so moving . I was a vegetarian i started to eat meat recently and i was feeling guilty , but i comforted myself with the fact that God gave permitted us to eat meat . but like you said its not his ideal meal plan for us your comment really hit home for me . Thanks

“Wherefore do ye spend money for that w/c is not bread? And your labor for that w/c satisfieth not? Hearken diligently unto Me, and eat ye that w/c is good, and let your soul delight itself in fatness. Incline your ear, and come unto Me: hear, and your soul shall live ; and I will make an everlasting covenant w/ you, even the sure mercies of David.” Isa.55:2,3.

To appreciate the importance of the Divine counsel one must first fully realize that in the beginning God created man in His own image, male and female created He them. Yes, in God’s own image were they both to live forever as He himself lives, never to experience pain or death.

To eat understandingly, “that w/c is good,” and to keep well, however, is to eat only that w/c the creator sanctified for man’s use. “Behold,” He instructed, “I have given you every herb bearing seed, w/c is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the w/c is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”Gen.1:29.

Although given a variety of foodstuffs – every herb and every tree bearing seed – the sinless, holy pair, being tempted, and inexperienced, reached for the only forbidden fruit in all God’s creation, the fruit of the tree that was in the midst of the garden. Having eating of it, they became subject to that experience w/c was to exhibit to them and to their descendants the results of both good and evil- joy and sadness, health and disease, redemption and damnation,- all these were henceforth to be the lot of humanity. Consequently, while going through this experiences, death passed upon all men and upon all else that was subject to Adam’s rulership.

Thus, as descendants of father Adam, we naturally came into the world as first degree sinners, subject to all the good as well as to all the evil in it.And now if we choose to practice the good, we shall add no other sin, and eventually our sinful nature will be changed and, guided by Divine Light, we shall be brought to the Edenic sinless state. But if we continue to do otherwise, then as a result we shall acquire additional curses, curses w/c result from our own sinning. And if we never turn from pursuing such an evil course, we shall suffer even the “second death.” Rev.20:14.

Now the fact that early in the history of mankind, men were not subject to so much sickness, disease, and suffering as they are at the present time, and were capable of living nearly a thousand years, proves that the nations of today have not chosen the good, but rather the evil course- the course w/c leads to destruction of both body and soul.Thus adding sin to sin, evil to evil, and pain to pain, they are running full speed to ruin in this life, and except they repent, to final destruction in the life to come to the second death, a death from w/c there is no resurrection.
Well, dear Lady Eve, very well and excellently said. The diet question will be one of the deciding factors as to whether we are among the "Translated" generation (144,000) or if we will have to be saved through being members of the "Resurrection" generation. It is also one of the deciding questions to be addressed by the leaders of our SDA Church, as per EGW's instructions to A.G.Daniells in the early part of the 20th Cent. "to sign and circulate" a temperance "Anti-meat-eating" pledge. Elder Daniells REFUSED to sign and this is one of the reasons that we are still lingering in this sinful and dying world. The SDA President's signature will begin the act of corporate repentence for the rejection of the 1888 message of Righteousness by Faith brought by Elders Jones and Waggoner. This is something that the President of the SDA Church is yet to do, even thought he has signed the "Anti-Alcohol, Tobacco, Drug." As you probably know, diet is a hotly debated subject and Sr. White says that "meat" is not to be a test of faith. We will not be saved by whether we do or don't eat meat. Only Christ's Infinite Sacrifice saves us from death, but meat-eating will probably be one of the dividing lines for the "Last Generation" for the decision-making process of who will be among the Translated.
Just a couple thoughts and thank-you for your in-put and God bless you.
You could have been describing me here, except that I eat meat occasionally (like once in three months, and in really modest quantity). What struck me is the difference I feel in my mind. It's worlds apart from the time I ate meat regularly. Thanks for the testimony.

I must add however that there are places in the world where meat is the only food available at certain times of the year. Famine is a common occurrence in some places, especially in Africa. As an SDA I do not condemn eating meat in such places. I urge the people to do their best to preserve plant foods when in season to use in times of famine.
I'm sure that God will look with mercy upon ALL who are doing their best to obey the Laws of Life and the Universe. Thank the Lord that He is a MERCIFUL God and Judge of all life and ALL circumstances. We don't have to solve every little problem in order for us to make an intelligent decision for the best and healthiest life that is available to us. There are very few of us living in civilization who are FORCED by circumstances to violate the health laws of optimal physical function in this day and age. What they do in the midst of starvation and want is reason for prayer on their behalf and is NOT a justification for our continued indulgence of our taste buds to the detriment of our mind, body and spirit, not to mention our usefulness to society and our Church. God bless you, Br. Dan, you are on the right track! Just don't get tired, but rather ask God CONTINUALLY for the Grace and Power that He gave His Son Jesus so that we may share in His Victory! Amen...
I agree with you completely. I eat meat and i think i love it. But really i do wonder about the health of the animal im eating. God help me.
But truth is, i dont think i can be a vegetarian, meat, i can stop but fish I wonder.....
Don't worry Anie. EGW had the same issues. And thus ... it really doesn't matter what you eat or drink. EGW ate both flesh foods and fish.


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