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Do you think that health reform such as taking meat out of our diet ,is essential for us to be save .Ellen white speaks strongly about it and a lot of the churches are speaking up about it too.

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The health reform is the right arm of the message that the SDA church has for the world. It should not be taken lightly. Logically, being vegetarian or not isn't salvivic in, and of itself, but if God has given to His people relevant knowledge that pertains to our health it is tantamount to sin if we fail to head such knowledge.

Of course one important factor would be if church members believe in the testimonies that were handed down through the inspiration of EG White. If we claim to believe in the revelations surrounding the health reform messages, then our faith will yield positive lifestyle reforms. Only our actions will tell if we truly believe.

With the profound knowledge that we possess concerning the lifestyle diseases that are developed by virtue of the modern diet, it behooves us to take heed to what God is saying through the testimonies. More and more, medical and nutrition scientists are confirming that the use of meat, and especially processed meat, is detrimental to good health. Population studies around the world are confirming that a vegetarian diet leads to better health and longevity.

Apart of those studies are SDAs, who it is believed out live their contemporaries by an average of 11 years.
Yes i believe strongly in what Ellen White said about health reform. let me ask you are you a vegetarian .
I am presently.
May I correct, with all due respect, that SDAs don't do NOTHING on Sabbath but dedicate the 24-hour period during Sabbath to prayer, Bible study and worship. There is a difference between doing nothing (idleness) and worship. I've had a discussion in the past few weeks with a non-Adventist where the distinction between doing NOTHING and dedicating the Sabbath to prayer, Bible study and worship needed to be made.

Have to agree with that, Br. Dan, God bless you always with a TRUE Sabbath Rest and Re-Creation.
Thanks, i live in Florida could you explain what you meant by ''eating meat will take into the Sunday law . i know what the Sunday law is , but what does eating meat have to do with it. Happy sabbath.
I was a vegetarian for a long while i just recently started to eat meat again. but i am going back to be a vegetarian.But didn't God gave us permission to eat meat.are what.
I am also a semi-vegetarian. For 6 months i'm into a plant based diet but sometimes i could still eat fish. we grow our vegetables and fruits here. it is so nice that we adventists are being noted as health concious people. however here in our place, adventists are eating beef, chicken everything. that's why they are also having lifestyle diseases. but i believe that by eating these stuffs would not make us disqualified from acquiring the gift of God which is SALVATION. but we should always remember that the Lord loves us so much and that He just wants the best for us. It is like a Father telling his son what to do. However, people right now would never learn until they fall into bad things.
Dear and Respected Sr. Paula,
A couple thoughts:
1. Sr. White never said that if you eat meat you won't be saved. What she DID say was, "Many of those who continue to consume the flesh of animals will go from us to walk no more with us".
2. Eating the flesh of animals makes our human fallen physical nature stronger to over come our spiritual nature of character. The question: "Do we want to emphasize our sinfull fallen and more animal-like nature?" If the answer is "yes" then by all means eat the flesh of animals and have more degenerative diseases, die harder, die younger and take longer to die AND have your ability to understand the deeper spiritual truths of the Bible and SOP interfered with.
3. If you are "striving to be among the 144,000" of the Translated at the 2nd Coming (as Sr. White says we all should strive for), then you won't have the physical stamina, nor the spiritual discernment to make it through the time of the NSL without seeing death, if you continue to eat flesh.
4. If you "kill" animals to delight your tastebuds, then the "animals" will kill you! The toxins, cholesterol, fat, homones, carcenogens, protein overload, etc. and more, will ALL conspire to shorten your life and interfere with your ability to understand the Truth about Jesus' Love and the Plan of Salvation.
5. Your efficiency to share Salvation with others will be lessened by the burden flesh consumption put on your whole system, but mostly your spirituality will be weakened and you will be less discerning of Truth, the difference between Right and Wrong will become dimmer, you will be more arguementive, you will become angry easier, and you will tend to rationalize and excuse wrong-doing.
6. The refusal to except Christ's Victory over appetite and let the power of the Holy Spirit make His Victory YOUR victory will lessen your ability to understand the full scope of the Truth of Righteousness by Faith. Christ's Victory CAN and WILL become YOUR victory as you ask for it in the Infinite Sacrifice of the Blood of Jesus Christ shed for YOU and me on Calvary's Cross.
7. Will you be lost if you continue to eat meat? Your choice! And ONLY God the Father knows what you will choose and He isn't telling anyone, not even His Son. BUT you will not enter Heaven without "sharing" the death of the animals that you took into your body to give you enjoyment.
8. If you eat a diet that is like the diet of Eden (fruit, nuts, grains, + vegetables [added after the Fall and before the antedeluvian "flesh" permission[), then you will give an example of LIFE to everyone who sees you and you will give "permission by choice to live" to God to bless you with a special blessing of health to enable you share His Message of Life with others.
9. If you think you "can't live without meat" then how are you going to live in Heaven? "Hey! Where did my sweet little pet deer go?" Well.... you know....Tom was hungry and....ehhem....Ah, God can always create another critter for lunch of supper, right?" "Where is that little lamb that was sleeping with the lion?" "Well.... Jilly got this craving for stew.... and.... well... thank the Lord for His "new" creation of more lambs for the pot, eh, right, right?"
10. There is NO re-creation of the human character that cannot be made at our request for Christ's Victory to become REALLY our victory. What is PERFECTION? A BAD word or an IMMOVABLE relationship with Jesus by His RIGHT to excercise the Power of the Holy Spirit in your behalf. A constant asking, as Jesus asked His Father for Power. He said "I do NOTHING, except by the will of the Father", so it is to be with each one of us for now and for Eternity. A FREEWILL choice to live by the constant presence of the Life of Jesus in us throught the on-going work and presence of the Holy Spirit. A FREEWILL choice to let Christ do for us what it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to do for ourselves. That is the "secret" of Righteousness by Faith! "Ask, and it shall be given you"
i think its depends on which part of earth we live too.. mb
Dear Sister Charllah,
Scientifically, no matter where you are the physical, mental and spiritual laws of life still apply. If you eat the flesh of anything once living, then it will shorten your life and interfere with your ability to have the sharpest discernment and spiritual insight. God has the best answer to all that seek to live obedient and surrendered lives. And, of course, I am willing to leave it up to Him to decide.
Where people eat a lot of meat they live shorter lives and where they have very little meat they live longer and have less degenerative diseases. Of course, if you live on vegetarian "junkfood", then you will probably die sooner than if you ate a little meat and a lot of salad, grin!
Besides, remember that I didn't say that if you eat meat you won't be saved.
God bless you as you make your best decisions for Christ,


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