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Do you think that health reform such as taking meat out of our diet ,is essential for us to be save .Ellen white speaks strongly about it and a lot of the churches are speaking up about it too.

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Its just an opinion :)
Dear Sister Charllah,
Having opinions is good and God loves to have us ask questions, but be careful if your opinion is an attempt to rationalize away something that ALL current evidence shows us is not for our best good. God always wants the best for us and His enemy wants you dead, so don't be overly innocent about things that will steal your physical and spiritual life.
In His Service,
Our bodies are the temple of the Lord, thus as good stewards we need to eat healthy.It is not that eating meat will not save us, and I truly agree that it is only through faith in Christ that we are saved. but the vegetarian alternative is both wholesome and healthy too. The exposure to diseases is also high. God wants us to be both physically and spiritually healthy and our choices should conform to that as much as we can.
Please bare with me as this is my first post and I have not read all the replies.

I don't believe salvation hinges on whether or not we eat meat. But as I saw a few mention, what we eat does have an effect on our bodies, that's just a fact. If you go to the extreme of fat laden junk foods you'll individuals who have too much body weight to carry comfortably, be lethargic, tired, and won't be able to think clearly. Now, that's an extreme. I myself admit to being a meat eater. I am, if it is worth anything, very picky eating only the leanest cuts of beef, I rinse any hamburger I cook under hot water to rid it of excess fat (don't do hamburgers since I can't rinse them); with chicken and turkey I only eat the breast meat (white meat), and I eat some fish.

Yes, our bodies are the Temple of God and we must care for them accordingly. I have contemplated lately whether or not I should give up the meat altogether. Overall, my level of health is above average. If I were a single girl on my own I'd probably give it up, but my hubby would not, I am certain, and this is not a point of argument I even feel is remotely close to worthy of disturbing a healthy, thriving marriage.

Oh yes, I remember what else I was going to say. . . . .
I read while scanning the posts a few folks mention that we are not saved by our works. True enough. . . .
But that is followed in the Bible that we are judged by them. A vine that bears no fruit will be cut off and cast in the fire (something like that?) We are not saved by our behavior, but our behavior certainly reflects our decisions to follow (or not follow) our Savior, Jesus Christ, which is why it makes perfect sense that we are judged by them.

We can not ravage our bodies thinking that salvation has "nothing" to do with our behavior when it is that very behavior that may drive a wedge between us and God.
Thank-you for your very nice and kind reply and your concern for the "health" of your marriage. If you are interested in a higher level of body/spirit functionality, then please invest in the book by a dear friend of mind, Dr. Neal Nedley, MD, called Proof Positive. It also comes with the availability of an excellent Power Point Presentation CD. There is not book produced in the 20th Century more deeply researched and pleasantly presented. You REALLY should know what science and the God of Science have to say about the choices we are making day by day with the way we live.
God bless you and your husband,
I also do not believe the eating meat is a salvation issue. Yes, unhealthy eating clouds the mind and that is just what satan wants. The other part of this that in the end times..which I strongly believe are closer then we imagine...meat is going to be unsafe to eat. So whether we eat it or not right now, we must prepare ourselves to know how to stay healthy without meat in our diets.

So I see being a vegetarian as a very wise choice for three reasons; 1 - Our minds will be stronger and more alert to God's voice as long as we are eating healthy vegetarian foods. 2- Our bodies will be used to the vegetarian diet and thus we will have to physical strength to carry on. 3- We will know how to prepare good solid foods for ourselves and families when the time comes that we will be growing and preparing from the ground again.

Now, I say all this but forgot to mention that I do eat the clean meats. I also know that taking meats out of our diet would cause a lot of friction in the house with my husband. As I don't want to do that, I am looking at ways of cooking good healthy foods and serving less meat...ounce by ounce. :-) It was just recently that my husband even realized that we only have lean red meat twice a week, if that. I had to laugh when he said something cause I didn't do that on purpose. It's just the way the menu ended up.
Dear and Blessed Sr. Annie,
Well done and you are on the right track. God will bring His Holy Spirit to you to guide you and give you wisdom and humor and skill. May I suggest getting some NEW COOKBOOKS following International Vegetarian Receipes. The change of diet will be more acceptable if it is in the framework of "newness" on the International and Fusion Table. Cooking is my hobby and my Korean wife and I have a blast cooking together and she is "legally blind"! I am fast and she is slow and we stay out of eachothers way and divide the jobs up according to our abilities. We can whip out a decent meal in 30 to 45 minutes or less if we have planned ahead and prepared things the day before. Sometimes if she is busy I cook the whole meal and vice versa.
Have fun in Jesus!
Truly, it is imperative to put meat out of our diet. The bible talks of the beautiful Eden where Adam's family enjoyed food from the trees and the family was a friend to all animals.
During Noah's salvation from the Rains, there was no green vegetation. God allowed them to eat flesh for a season... just like the way you can take medicine for a cure.. do you take it all the time?
Israelites in Numbers craved for eat irrespective of having manna provided to them... God gave them and cursed thir appetite and believe me it came out of their nostrils... Must be a CURSE on meat.
Us... we eat meat irrespective of the warnings from the bible and voice of prophhesy... i strongly believe the meat issue is clear but it is just because us people dont want our appetites and egos tampered with.

A very important thing to remember is that IF YOU TAKE SOMETHING AWAY YOU MUST HAVE SOMETHING TO REPLACE IT THAT IS BETTER. If you do not replace it with something better than you are worse off. There are so many options now days that that is not hard like it used to be. Don't be afraid to try new things they may become your favorites!( :
Yep, you're right about that. I've seen "health reformers" go to the hospital, because they didn't take time to learn how to cook healthfully. I've also eaten in some really AWEFUL homes where they thought that non-tasty food was a sign of "Holiness"! You can cook delightful beautiful tastful nutritious food if you just take a little time and learn how. Buy a cookbook or three and learn some international healthful receipes. Have fun with what God has given us. Eat in joy! My wife and I team up in the kitchen and make some "fusion" international food that we invent as we go along and when we eat it (or other people we invite) it is OOOOO OOOOO! Goooood! Yummy, uh uh my oh my and THANK-YOU LORD for Your great bounties and a mind and hands to prepare a tasty simple variety! God Bless you with skill and inventiveness.
Good thoughts, Alexander Botha, God is developing a genration of SDAs who are prepared to eat the original Eden diet of fruit, nuts and grains and not have to keep from slaughtering all the amimals in Heaven just because they have taste buds educated with the ignorant and perverted diet of the sinful, fallen human nature. Are we to be "harvesters" in Heaven or "killers" of the life that God has ceated. Can't you just see Jesus killing all sorts of living things, cutting down the trees, chipping out flint knives, making fires, and gleefully roasting the gentle trusting animal that was eating out of His hand a few minutes ago, and all this just so that we can satisfy the falsely educated taste of our sinful mouths. Do we expect Him to suddenly work a miracle and take away all our sinful indulgences with the "spiritual body" given us at the 2nd Coming? Just believe in Jesus, brothers and sisters, do what you want and wait for the "change" so that you can live forever without the things that you love, but that kill you here and now? If we REFUSE to give up a "deathly" life here, how can we expect God to work a miracle to take away our "freewill choice" just so that we can live as "Righteous zombies" in Heaven after everything we want and love has been destroyed in the "Lake of Fire?"
I don't think so. I think one can be adviced to stop eating meat for health reasons not because it has anything to do with our salvation.


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