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Do you think that health reform such as taking meat out of our diet ,is essential for us to be save .Ellen white speaks strongly about it and a lot of the churches are speaking up about it too.

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I do have to say this.

I live in a country where there is a wealth of natural fruits and vegetables. There is no want for any type of natural organic food right at my doorstep and I am grateful that I live in a country that gives me so many varied options.

Im sorry if I have sounded insensitive to those of our Adventist brothers and sisters who subsist on a limited diet due to either an economic crisis or famine like conditions that would naturally restrict what foods they would have to eat.

I seriously cannot believe how cheap it is to buy junk food where healthy organic food is always so expensive. Not everyone can afford to eat as healthful as they want to and I understand that. There are cultures where their main food source is the sea. I understand that. Villages that have been ravaged by storm and famine with no natural resource. Do we think we have seen the last of natural disasters? Of course not. How will these disasters affect the eating habits of vegetarians?

Though the recommendation for healthful living is evident in medical and Biblical fact beyond argument, it has to be said that there are those of us who do not have the luxury of eating a meat free diet without possible serious health consequences as well. I have to say that.

All we can do is our very best in whatever circumstance we live in, and trust when we pray a blessing over our meals that God in His infinite love and wisdom will truly bless them. Only He can judge our reasons for doing the things we do. The beauty about Him is that we all have a choice but then again understanding there are those of us who do not have a choice.

Im sure He get's that too ;)
Dear and Respected Rose T, fortunately we only have to worry about our own health in the situation in which God has presently placed us. If we have the means of living healthfully, then we are extremely unwise if we continue to violate the laws of health. God HAS told us that our "bread and water" would be sure. He didn't say that our "fried chicken and hamburgers and a coke" would be sure. I don't think that our prayers for sustainence to a Merciful God would or will be answered by the carcass of a dead horse, pig or even a very nice crispy fried chicken. The Cross has saved us inspite of what we eat. Whether we ACCEPT that salvation - Ah, there's the rub!
Yep Trench99, you are certainly right, as you have always been on this issue, NOTHING can keep us from the benefits of the infinite sacrifice of the Cross, except our own freewill choice. Christ does NOT reject us if we eat meat and He DOES NOT accept us BECAUSE we DON'T eat meat. WE are the ones who decide whether we accept or reject Him (which is the samething as the "sin against the Holy Spirit"). Fortunately, you and I are NOT the ones who decide the salvation of anyone except ourselves. Even then we must realize that Christ has already saved each and every human being on the face of the earth. Will they all accept that salvation? Sadly, they will not. The issue of the health of the human organism? That is the "house" for the "computer" that decides to accept or reject the free gift of salvation. It behooves us to keep the mind and body in the best condition to be able to make the best decisions about accepting or rejecting the free gift that God has bought for us at such a great price to Himself. About the people who have no alternative but to eat meat or starve? God knows their hearts and what their decision is to accept the gift of life or not. Thankfully, we can leave it up to Him and only worry about our own "accepting" relationship which allows God to continue to share His Life with us now and for Eternity!
She does speak strongly about it but she doesn't call it an issue of salvation.
Clear thinking, Adina, and we should not be so defensive that we think that every time someone talks about some "health habit" that steps on our toes, they are talking about our salvation. We CAN say this, though - If we consistently reject the scientific principles and laws that prolong our life and maximize our health, EVEN when the "proof" is clearly presented before our eyes, then it is difficult to envision a situation in which the "gift of life" from God will be embraced in full acceptence. If I consistently say "No!", "No!" to the laws of physical life that God has given to preserve us, then how am I finally going to say "yes!" to His Gift of Spiritual Life? Maybe I will, like the thief on the cross, but we can see that that was only a 50/50 chance of responding positively to the free gift that Christ was dying to purchase for us.
What are you saying? "is essential for us to be save". Did you mean to be saved or safe?

If you meant Saved, Then the answer is NO! But if you meant Safe, then the answer is a BIG YES!

Salvation is not earned by works or what we are able to do, for instance, abstaining from meat; but on the contrary what God has done for us through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ on the Calvary Cross.

But it is a fact that when you are saved your life must reflect that of a saved person, new creature and that affects your diet. Whatever you do, do it to the glory of God. Whether you eat or drink.

This may include eating clean meat to the glory of God, knowing that your body is the temple of God and should not be defiled with any unclean thing.

With regards to the counsel on health reform, I think if you read carefully, the reasons are given. Your health has a direct relationship with your spirituality. Any doubt? Read 3 John 2 "Beloved, I pray that in all things you may be prospering and having good health, just as your soul is prospering".

If you actually appreciate the relationship between health and spirituality, you may be able to reason with these proponents.

Nevertheless, of what profit will it be, if you abstain from all meat claiming health reform and yet irreverence God by disobeying His commandments. The whole duty is to fear God by obeying Him into righteousness.

Best Wishes

Godfred Kwesi Ataburo
Sorry Brother Godfred, I think that you jumped in at the end of this discussion and I'm sorry that you haven't read the preceeding comments. I can't understand what you are asking, since your question is not clear and is not based on my comment. Who made the comment that you are addressing? We are ALL saved by the Cross, but we are not "safe" until the deliverance under the Death Decree by the Voice of God, when He gives the day and hours of Christ's Return. God bless you and keep reading. It is a loooooog discussion!
Hi all!

Sorry im also just getting in on the topic and i find it very interesting.

Genesis 4
1And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD.
2And she again bare his brother Abel. And Abel was a KEEPER OF SHEEPS, but Cain was a TILLER OF THE GROUND.

May i ask; if meat eating strated after the floods why was Abel keeping sheeps?
Good question, Sister Mathi, I'm sure that there was some meat-eating before the flood, but God didn't give permission to FAITHFUL people to eat before the Flood. They needed sheep for the sin sacrifice, for clothes, for the wool, etc. and probably not for food at that time.
God bless you and keep thinking about things and asking questions! God loves to have us ask questions in the spirit of learning the truth and learning about His Love for us and all creation.
The Bible never said we have to take meat out of our diet, so why should we? Romans 14 comes close, but no cake and 1 Timothy 4 warns about people who tell us to abstain from certain foods that God has made for us.
Dear and Respected Proverbs 1, Please read through ALL this discussion and I think that you will find your answer. In short, God gave us permission to eat meat so that we would die sooner, but now that the last generation of SDA Christians is being made up we have the CLEAR evidence of science AND the CLEAR word of God's Latter Day Prophet, E.G.White, that the time has come to remove meat from our diet. In fact God began a program of removing meat during the Exodus from Egypt, but the people chose flesh eating and refused to follow. God wanted to bring the Great Controversy to a close between 1888 and 1901, but the SDA people chose flesh-eating and refused, NOW the cycle has come about again and we have a chance to FINISH the work in OUR generation. This is short and a little "shocking" to you perhaps, but ths is what history teaches us. Read the back comments and see what you think. It is not a matter of salvation, but rather trust and safety. God bless you as you seek answers to the questions that will make you MOST valuable in sharing the Love of God in the healthiest and happiest way to FINISH God's Work.
Dear Brother Anders, Just read about what they ate in the wilderness until they "cried out for meat" and God gave them quail and also "the desire of their heart" and they died and they could not enter in because of unbelief.
Dear brother, do you see NO evidence in the world of today that the 2nd Coming is near? You can't see any signs of the near Coming of Jesus? We have been living on borrowed time since 1844 and especially after 1888. But if you can't see it, then who am I to convince you, when the evidence is so powerful. God bless you and Happy Sabbath.


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