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Do you think that the Seventh-day Adventist church should allow hip hop in the church to draw the young people in? What do you think.

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We have to remember that the enemy was a musician and he still is.Keep hp hop out of Gods church.Theres enough of the world in the church.
No way I don't think that you can compromise God's truth its God way are no way.
Very helpful to decide which kind of music is acceptable for Christians, is to understand how music influences our spiritual life. Dr. Wolfgang Stefani is a specialist for this topic. If we study earnestly this very important thing, we can fend Satans attacks on this area.

For downloading some of his lectures in MP3 or OGG follow the link: Lectures of Dr. Wolfgang Stefani

God Bless! :-)
NO NO NO NO NO. the Bible says we are in the world but not apart of it. this is the devil's world and incorporating hip hop into the church well you might as well send an invitatiion to the Devil as well and say 'WE' worship you. If hip hop finds its way into our church all is lost. Furthermore there is no need to incorporate nothing of the world into the church to bring and keep young people cause God is in control and once you have a close relaionship with Him the Holy Spirit will move so greatly you will bring and keep the young people in the church because of God's love and grace nothing else.LEAVE THE THINGS OF THE WORLD IN THE WORLD DO NOT BRING IT INTO THE CHURCH!!!!!!!!
I think that if we start putting things like hip Hop in the church it will lower our standards. The Best way to do things is to keep things the way they are according to the owrd of God of course. We musnt change our standards for anyone because like with what is happening in church theses days ..... we are called a confused church.

Plus Phil 4:8 whatsoever things are pure ect........ is Hip Hop pure, lovely ect???? Hmmm
I grew up in an Anglican church background and I have always fancied the Gospel and Hymns sung with a piano or a Church organ in the background!!! The impact such music has for me is so Heavenly.
I have been to many different denominations as I am also a professional photographer and videographer and this has given me the opportunity to see different kinds of worship and singing styles.
From what I see, these pentecostal and born-again people have a king of TRANCE or TANTRIC ways of moving and swaying their bodies and hands and I dont find it a blessing at all!! It all looks like a dramatic and sensationalised type of Christian worship. It might appeal to some but not to me!!
I believe in the song "Give me that old time religion which was good for my Pappa and Mamma"
Won't Jesus hear and bless us if we keep a very disciplined and orderly kind of Church worship?
A church needs discipline and order and such modernised kind of things should never be alowed inside a Church!!! By doing this we are indirectly dragging worldliness into our churches and will dilute our Christian values and virtues!!
I have been raised all my life to love MUSIC. When I was younger I went to sleep with Sons of the Pioneers and 101 Strings playing in the living room. In other words good clean music. As I got older and was able to make my own choices I started hearing and liking other types of music.

Then the Rose City Singers started showing up in the churches and because of some of their music there were discussions. I could not understand why some people were upset. It was pretty music and had wonderful words and people had a hard time sitting still cause they felt the need to move to the music. Don't get me wrong I am related to members of that group so I loved it when they came. And to this day I love it when the Heritage Singers are around {they are supposed to be in Bend, OR, in December} for the same reasons. The main one you can understand what they are saying.

Now my point to all this.

When Hip Hop is being played what is it you are really thinking about? Do the people that are doing Hip Hop look like a Christian? If Jesus walked in would you be comfortable staying there listening to it or would you want to run hide? And here is the biggy: Are they showing reverence for God's house?

My youngest daughter has some Christian Rock {personally I find that and oxymoron} and has had me listen to this or that song. I hear noise. If I can't hear the words then how in the world can I possibly know it is praising God? {clanging cymbals}

Personally if I heard my church was having Hip Hop at the service I would not go. I find it very irreverent and I don't think it makes God smile, I think it makes him cover his ears.

I was brought up that when you are in church you do not run & you talk in a quiet tone. That is or should be one of the real issues. REVERANCE. How is Hip Hop reverant?

As far as asking the question should we as a church do this--if you have to ask then I think you already know the answer. Someone else said we are supposed to be different. If we have Hip Hop in the House then how long before we have the gansta along with it?

If we allow this how long before someone will be asking: Should the Seventh-day Adventist church hold dances to get the young people to come to church? or half a dozen other things that we as a church do not believe in doing.

Just MyPointOfView
I argee 100% well said
I went to a church in Omaha Nebraska, the Bethsheba SDA church on Aimes st. wow I never had such a good time in church if having a good time at shurch is wrong then maybe hip hop is wrong I personaly don't know what hip hop is so I'm not giving an educated answer but with the average age of the North American SDA member being 58 we should do what ever it takes to get the young people in church that's my stand on this subject. your brother in Christ Billy Jack
It depends ..But here in our place we do not allow that rap/hiphop..But some SDA Churches accepted that already.MY ADVICE is,before we offer a song to the LORD,ask each member of the singing group if they think that SONG pleases GOD..Then pray for it.Consider the message it brings to the listeners.Above all, we have to respect the decisions of the board members in our designated CHURCHES,if they wont allow that...
I dont believe hip hop should be used to bring young people in for the same reason I dont think the Sabbath should be changed to sunday in order to attract the pagan sun worshipers and increase church attendance. bottom line is does hip hop glorify God or does it glorify Hip hop .if young people are coming because of hip hop they are coming for the wrong reason. i recently left a church with this type of YG program.granted it was entertaining but i dont come to the Cross to be entertained ,hip hop christian rock , whats next christian porn , please !its just a compromising of values for what ?extra change in the collection plate .hip hop is not winning souls and should not be a mediator to God .1 timothy 2 :5 for there is one God and one mediator between God and men the man Jesus Christ
Personally I'm not a fan of hip hop/rap. And in church I would much prefer to listen to nice hymns rather then hearing music and words that you can barely make out. However I do think that perhaps people need to be a bit more relaxed in what is played outside of church, ie/ at church functions. I have a brother-in-law that is in a christian heavy metal band. Does that make him a bad person because he prefers to play heavy metal to the classic style hymn? Outside of church it should not make a difference if you are listening to christian rap or christian metal. As long as you use your life and talents to show others the love and wonders of god and spread the word of god to people out in the world.


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