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Do you think that the Seventh-day Adventist church should allow hip hop in the church to draw the young people in? What do you think.

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Love not the world ; neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world the love of the Father is not in him. 1 John 2: 15-17. No, I do not believe that we should have hip hop as a part of any of our worship services or functions that the church hosts. This kind of music is only going to draw the youth superficially if at all. It will not help them to SEE Jesus. Music was made by God to be a blessing and to bring glory to the Lord. Satan knows how to use music in a very cunning way and hip hop is part of that plan.
Joe and Katrina
I agree 100%. The devil is using music more now than he has ever used it before, but we forget that the bible says that the time in the end is going to be worst than man has ever seen before even since the days of old. If the music in the church is not bringing members closer to Christ, than it is not music worthy to be song in church.
Does this apply to all kinds of hip-hop-- no matter what the lyrics are? Let us suppose someone puts several Bible verses to hip-hop, would it still be wrong to use it in the church context? Is it the music itself that is wrong? If so, why?

What do you believe is in either the Bible or Ellen White's writings that clearly condemns hip-hop per se?
Well, from the study of music that I have done I believe that it is the music that is in the wrong in this aspect. If this were not the case then we could just say "the music doesn't matter we can use any kind just change the words and that makes it Christian". But clearly that can not be because there is a true and false in this issue just as in all others. There is nothing in the Bible or S.O.P. that says something about hip-hop specifically just like it also does not say anything about Meth or ice etc. But there are principles that God has set in His word that we are to follow regarding every aspect of our lives and our walk with God. My study of music has brought me to the conclusion that it is the beat that the music is set to which makes it or breaks it among some other things. A song set to the beat on count 1 and 3 such as Onward Christian Soldiers does not do the same thing to your mind, emotions, body as does a song set to the beat landing on counts 2 and 4. 2-4 beat makes you want to use your lower body to sway and move in a sensual way even if that is not what you are thinking about at the moment. Music is very powerful. If anything these days in the history of the world should convince us of that. The book called Notes on Music goes much greater detail on all these things. It is written by Louis Torres. Check it out.
I have to take exception to this, sister. The word teaches us that when Jesus was casting out Jesus, they accused him of casting out demons through the power of Satan. When he rebuked them, he said that a house divided against itself cannot stand. You can't be controlled by Satan and be bringing people to Christ and casting out demons and operating in the true authority given to us by Christ through the Holy Spirit. As a Christian Rapper, I have been a part of concerts, and have myself, brought youth to Christ and seen demons flee. We must understand that Hip-Hop is nothing more than words over instruments like any other music. It can be used for good and it can be used for evil, just like any other words. It's like saying we shouldn't allow speaking in the church, because some people outside of it use words to disobey the Lord. Most of your current praise and worship music would've been unacceptable 100 years ago. Christian Hip-Hop is a new form of honoring God, and who are we to determine what is acceptable for honoring Him to that degree? If more churches supported Christian Hip-Hop, then we could combat the REAL enemies of the youth. The 50-cents, Kanye Wests and Jay-Z's that preach and anti-gospel that send the youth to hell. Currently, they remain unchecked! We not only should support Christian Rap, we MUST in order to stop what's happening to our youths! (Sorry...I get passionate about this topic. LOL!)
Hey Bro, I would like to point you to Power of the Lamb Ministries with Ivor Myers. You can google either of those names and it will come up. Check it out. Let me know what you think.
Let me repeat what I said in an earlier post... you cannot pick Christian fruit off a tree nurtured by satan.

What you are suggesting is the same rationale as was used by the Catholic church - baptised paganism. Why do we need to copy the styles of the world, especially when those styles are firmly rooted in unchristian conduct and attitudes.

God's design was that music was to be the responsibility of the priesthood and they were not told to go to the heathen nations and copy what they are doing in the name of popularity. Why does anyone need to hear the hip-hop beats in church? Hip-hop is a form of dance music and dancing has no place in church worship. You may put "Christian" lyrics to the beat but all you are doing is saying that the beat is an acceptable vehicle for worshipping God and also encouraging people to listen to the "non-Christian" version.

Does this attitude of absorbing into Christian worship the styles of the world also extend to: bashment, drum 'n bass, death metal, grime, dub? Sorry, but just because you put the tag "Christian" on something doesn't make it right.

The Church was never told to go to the world for inspiration. All that is being suggested in favour of hip-hop in the church will ultimately lead to a dilution of pure Christianity and foster an air of compromise with the world.

And... to reverse another question, can anyone provide one Bible or SoP quote that tells us that we *can* use hip-hop per se?

(Read my previous posts in this thread for Bible and SoP quotes.)
I posted this question to see how many Adventist Christians are even aware of what is being discussed in the back of the church. There are young and old people in the church that may not care because they have these songs on their cell phones and we know because they go off in church. Don't get me wrong, I am against hiphop in church. I have watched Pastor Myers in our church during AYS one time. You all have some excellent point of views, but we must be patient and diligent like Paul in the lesson this week. He gave the people the truth but in a manner in which they could digest. Many of the young people do not listen to us today because we come across them harshly. We can get a point across and do it in a tactful manner. Hip hop does not belong in the church and never should ever be allowed, but that goes for anything else that does not glorify God. We have to guard the avenues to our heart or the devil will come in and destroy everything that was built up. We really have to stay in constant prayer with and for each other.
AMEN....and well reseached!
What style of music did not originate in the world? God uses sinners and cleanses them to shine His light. Are we saying that this is not true for entire genres of music?
Oh - I forgot to answer the question. I don't think that we need any tricks to draw young people in. (NOTE - I am not saying that hip-hop is a trick.) We need to love them like Jesus and form strong relationships with them. This means spending time with them and involving yourself in their lives outside of church (with permission of their guardians of course. This means showing genuine interest, especially since kids can spot fakeness 12 miles away.

The kids at my church know beyond a doubt that their youth leaders love them. They are some contemporary songs that they would love to sing at our church, but they understand that it would go against the culture of our local church and it would not sit well with some of our members. Still they come in droves to rehearsal, because they love to sing, minister, fellowship, and push themselves vocally. They do not need a style of music to draw them in or to keep them in. True love will keep them coming. I can testify!

BTW - Sometimes, I think that our problem is more that we don't sing the hymns we have with joy. The adults don't even look happy when they are singing - who wants to deal with that week after week. - I suppose we can discuss this in another forum :-)
well i agree as hip hopis of the world yes we live in it but we don,t want to e of the world


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