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Do you think that the Seventh-day Adventist church should allow hip hop in the church to draw the young people in? What do you think.

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So is classical, jazz, and every other genre of music. Some of the hymns in our SDA hymnal are to the tune of very secular folk songs. One example is Hymn 255 "I Do not Know" to the tune of the Irish folk song, "Oh Danny Boy". Rap music can be used for good and for evil just like every other genre. This is what i am trying to say.

I fully agree to you sister....
You are correct. Some music that is played in church goes to a lot of the worldly songs. We have to understand also that "Rap" and "Hiphop" are two different things. One is the way you relate music to an audience and the other is a way of life or a culture. Mostly all the songs we sing can be rapped or have been rapped already.
I know that there is a difference - but very few people make this distinction - certainly many church folk see them as one in the same - at least from my experience.
You got that right. That is why it is so easy for things to creep in the church now. Our churches are no longer trying to keep informed about what is going on in the world. God says, "Be watchful and waiting". Our churches today are just waiting.

Rap music can be used for good and for evil just like every other genre. This is what i am trying to say.

Rap uses heavy syncopation. Syncopation elevates the rhythm. This, results in pulling the flesh. How can this be used for good? Just an honest question :) 

You said it.
By all means, you are correct. That is why Jesus always referred to the young people in the bible. They are so real and true. They will tell you when you are being fake. In order to understand them, you must sit with them to get to know them. So many of us sometimes get afraid to sit because we feel we may get back use to the same type of music. I have learned that young people respect an adult who is true to them and come to them correct. They love to do things in church but we often in the church tell them they have to wait to they get older. Once they are older, we have waited too late.
I also agree about the way we sing in church. I sing with the praise team and sometimes it seems like we have to give cheers to get the congregation to respond. I have grown to understand that everything good happens to people when they allow the Holy Spirit to come into their lives.

AMEN....and GREAT USE of Spiritual Common Sense!


Hi Gregory,
Before i answer , let me ask you , what do you think about the following five videos of the same song by Emmanuel Lee Lambert whose stage name is "da T.R.U.T.H":
I couldn't really get into his message. I hear what he is trying to say, but I believe that most people are not getting the message really about Christ because there is too much going on for their minds to comprehend the underlying message. Somebody may have picked up the message, but I am not a person that chooses to get into that style. Now someone may come away and really get a message, and I would say "Praise the Lord". All I can say is "His ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts". At first, it does seem like he is saying lies about Christ, but he comes back later and corrects it.
If you would stop and think for a moment about what you are saying you would answer your own question. The Lord does not want us dressing up anything to draw a crowd. If the truth cannot speak for itself as you testify to the world then there is no reason to corral people with false pretenses. What you are asking is if it is okay to lie to people to draw them into the Church.
Music was around during the time of Jesus, and I do not beleive that He used or would want us to use anything that is showing psuedo- Christianity. Always be true to the word of God and it will be true to you.


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