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Do you think that the Seventh-day Adventist church should allow hip hop in the church to draw the young people in? What do you think.

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We have to remember also that it is not our duty to draw men into the church by any means. Our job is and has always been to teach and preach the gospel. I do believe we need to really look into what the hip hop culture is doing to our youth and doing for them. We need to stay as close as we can to what Jesus used while on this earth that drew so many multitudes toward him.
Hi Gregory,
I agree with what Ken said. We need to look at new avenues to meet people where they are. Not with music with immoral lyrics. But a certain style of music does not automatically have immoral lyrics.

I'm also confused by your posing this question (without giving us your opinion on the matter) and then appearing to quickly disagree with someone who does give an opinion. So was your original question not a question that you are actually considering? Because if your mind is made up... don't bother even reading the responses to your question. You already know what you believe and we aren't going to change it.

I like discussion on issues. I believe that we all have room to grow. And everyone does not have to come to the same conclusions. But if you don't want to consider others opinions... don't start / take part in the discussion.

God bless us all as we seek new light and grow closer to Him.
I agree. I give seminars on hiphop and the truth behind hiphop. It is always good to see what others are thinking with a question to start them off. I started this question because whether you believe it or not, this is becoming an important discussion in the adventist movement. My belief is that we are not to use this as an avenue to reach young people. I have been teaching youth for the past 12 years. I teach in the Montgomery county community. As you talk to these young people, they all are looking for the same thing; someone to help them with their decision in life.
You have to also consider Vincenzo, that even though a person can have their mind made up, you can still have a wonderful and thought provoking conversation. Before I start the seminar, that is a question that gets the audience to start thinking. We still have to make sure that we ourselves are not trying to draw young people to the Lord. That is still and has always been the Holy Spirit's job. This is why we have so many youth come into the Adventist church and then leave very quickly.
Post your sermon/seminar notes as a blog here on Adventist Online. I'd love to read it!
I'll tell you the truth Clark, I am not familiar with blogging. What I can tell you is that the meat of the seminars come from I start these at the beginning to the year in January and we are still going every 3rd Sabbath of each month. I give the information to the members and I just pray about who shows up. These are excellent to watch with a large crowd who is really inquiring about Hiphop. We hold discussions at the end. One thing I do tell the adults is that these are not seminars to bash the young people or people who are older, but a way to understand the music we listen to. I first came across his DVDs when I was camping during a wilderness survival training. I was so impressed that I just had to acquire more of the DVDs. They help me to gain more information and knowledge about how music and the hiphop lifestyle makes impressions upon our minds.
Hi Gregory, I'm glad there's someone here who is doing this.A few weeks ago when the music issue came up there was another hot topic that was attracting every ones attention and i had to remind our friends not to ignore this topic.What is our young people listening to.I have seen the video at my church and i know about exministies i just didnt know how to post it here when i made my comment.These would help our young people to make wise choices.
Thank you. For years in my church, I was denied the opportunity to start the series. By then, the problem got worse in the sanctuary with ipods, mp3 players and whatever else the young people could use. As Craig Lewis stated, we as a church our acting as if it is not a problem in the church already, but we know it is.
well gregory, i have seen some of his videos.. i like it... the exministries .com
I think it's great that you speak against using secular type music to attract the youth. I think it's a grave mistake that many Christian denominations are making and it's already creeping into some of our churches. You should listen to Ivor Myers speak on the subject. It might be able to help you with your seminars. I'll send you a link if you're interested.
I come from a catholic back ground where the Church of Rome compromised bringing in Idol worship to attract The idol worshipers .Moving Sabbath to Sunday to attract the Sun worshipers and now its the largest most powerful church in the world ,when Jesus returns is he going to be looking for his remnant church and find a hip hop concert.I hope not! I hope that his church will be easily identified by its amount of Faith not Funk.the road to hell is broad , I prefer the path to the wide road of good intentions,Peace, God bless Ill be praying

I agree....Jesus' ministry was definitely "out of the box", not what the "religious people or leaders" thought was appropriate, but reached the target audience.  Just as the Book of Revelation teaches us that those who will be in 144,000 will sing a song that the angels cannot sing (for they have never sinned), people need to realize that not every aspect of ministry is for them!   Spreading the Gospel through this means does reach it's intended targeted audience.  


Well celebrity church is already accepted in some SDA area, why not? Only problem if it is not present in a particular local church, then the congregation will be split into two kind of worship..

Don't lord it over the people assigned to your care, but lead them by your good example. 1 Peter 5:3 (NLT)


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