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sorry about your sister , but you have a point there its not only about the one in the casket its also about the family and loved ones as well. and if they are adventist then there non adventist family should be able to get an adventist funeral.and also it depends on the individual because i saw a funeral once where the aunt was adventist and her nephew was a dance hall DJ . someone kill him and his aunt keep the funeral in her church. well on the day of the funeral a whole lot of his dance hall friends came and they turn the church into one dance hall with some loud outrageous they nearly broke down the church. not to mention the half naked dress that some of them wore and the smoking and drinking that they did. .I don't think that God was too please with that.
We should mount an aggressive campaign to target non SDA corpses for burial. -The objective- To have a captive audience of their friends and relatives who wouldn't usually accept an invitation to attend any of our services.
Funerals are principally for the surviving friends and relatives of the dearly departed.A lot of emotional intelligence must be applied to the planning and execution of the proceedings. We must, however, ensure that we capitalize on the 'one time only' opportunity to provide an invitation to those in attendance to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord.
Every SDA minister should have e few GOOD funeral sermons. People are particularly vulnerable at the passing of their loved ones. The best panacea for this inevitable human tragedy is Jesus and His love. We should be prepared to apply a copious dose to all in attendance.
Never give control of your facilities to the family/friends of the diceased.We provide a service not a forum for mayhem and/or bacchanal.
If we missed the opportunity to evangelize the now-dead, let's seize the opportunity to bring the gospel to their survivors who we may never see again, except in a casket. CARPE' DIEM
ok I love your answer thanks
I agree that the ones who we are reaching out to is the living family members! We have had several of these opportunities in our church and they have been a blessing to the non-S.D.A. family members. I think every situation is different and It must be considered with prayer. We shouldn't allow the situation to get out of hand like the one described in this discussion. That doesn't edify the family or glorify God. God is in the business of winning souls. Lets look for those opportunities.
For our own survival .... we must bury people even if they are not SDAs ... yes. To not bury them would cause disease to be spread. We are a people of the Health Message. And it is not healthy to allow dead bodies to not be buried ... even if they are not SDA. I am sure EGW would want us to bury people. And BTW .... some do not attend church for a reason. There is no commandment that requires one to go to church.
4 Him, 4 HIm, 4Him!!!!!!!! You've a lot of unproven theories. Anyway freedom of speech ;D
Joseph ... Joseph .... If you have some kind of theory .... let's hear it. Bring it on. I can't criticize your theories if you don't tell us what they are.
Neo-phariseeism knows no limit, even to the dead. tsk, tsk.
Sad but true. Yes, it is truly amazing that this kind of thought can exist in the church I love.


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